1. John says

    I’m not condoning his actions, but at least he *did* apologize. That alone is pretty rare in this type of person, I feel.

    The bigger issue is of course what he was doing touching himself around children.

  2. Bryan says

    Grant, dude… A public apology is a good traditional warm up exercise, and it’ll be cool to forgive you, just as soon as you make amends to those you’ve harmed.

  3. NaughtyLola says

    That still from the video makes him look like Phil Spector.

    And no, apologies are worthless. Didn’t it all begin with Jimmy Swaggart, weeping “I have si-yunned ay-gainst you!”

  4. brando says

    isn’t it wonderful how much clarity public humiliation grants you? suddenly he can see the error of his ways and realizes he’s been vicious and unfair and cruel towards gays. The only question remaining is “how the hell did masturbating in front of children make you realize that you’ve been too hard (no pun intended)on the gays?!?”

    I’m sure this make-shift apology has nothing to do with the fact that he was just caught being a raging pedophile and needs all the folks on his side that he can get…

  5. says

    yeah apologies like prayers are worthless

    hot air upon the wind and the wind does not care

    ACTIONS alone matter = don’t masturbate in front of children and donate a butt load of cash to pro-gay causes then all is forgiven

  6. X says

    Do more than apologize!! How can this guy be so crass?! How much damage has he done to gay kids in his community?! And then he publicly masturbates and expects an apology to suddenly balance out his own hypocrisy and all the harms he’s caused to gays over the years?!

    I’m so sick of hypocrisy like his, and I don’t want to ever hear anything else like this come up ever again!!! He is a representative of *so much* about America that has to just grow the F up!

  7. David in Boston says

    Maybe the criminal justice system (lots a luck) will help him to “apologize.” Considering Louisiana justice, perhaps not, but one can hope.

    I find it amazing that he has “apologized.” Probably another ruse to avoid a long sentence. I also find Brando’s comment, above, particularly to point.

  8. Randy says

    I’ll take the apology. It wasn’t even an “if” apology. There are other people in very similar situations who did not apologize, or continued to condemn us.

  9. bill miller says

    Peter Parker, I thought the same thing. He is obviously insane, but the composition of the photo really makes the mark!!

    To the tune of Jesus loves the little children: Heterosexual, male, and white, they are precious……

  10. wimsy says

    Okay he wasn’t beating off….he was just…well….playing with it….fondling…um…hands in his pants….in a public park…in front of….well…children.

    Gee, I wish I was his lawyer!

  11. says

    It looks to me like he’s ALREADY came skipping out of the closet, thinking that his homo hating past will be forgiven going into the lawn business. What other reason for this total 180 on gay people?

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