1. Josh says

    Very inspiring story! I hope this will give other professional sportspeople the courage to be open as well.

    But as a gay man, my strongest response is that HE IS HOT! I will play with his balls all day, and practise dribbling whenever needed. There, I’ve said it.

  2. Alex says

    I guess it helps that his current coach is his FATHER.

    And agree with Josh – the guy is hot! And so was his father – do an image search on “Glenn Hysen” – seriously hot in the 80s.

  3. Ripped says

    I would love a 3-some with him and his father. Eeeeuuugh, I meant to say him and his father from the 80s. That’s definitely less eeeuuugh.

  4. Sonny says

    Gentlemen! Let’s focus on the newsworthiness of the story, rather than his delicious bad-boyish looks, and his magnificently tanned, bulging bicep…

    OK, I need a shirtless pic NOW!


  5. says

    I hope the soccer community does a better job this time around compared to what they did to Justin Fashanu in the 80’s and 90’s. I’m proud of Anton, but all eyes should be on European soccer now.

  6. Jimjam says

    I’m sure Anton is pleased to be the no. 1 gay sex symbol in the world right now, so I will join the other guys on here to also appreciate his hotness.

    (And yeah, good move on coming out)

  7. gregg says

    I’m really happy all these european sports figures are coming out.
    I hope this is just the start of an avalanche. What about the U.S.?
    Why aren’t our footballers bouncing out of the closet?

  8. scotsguy says

    why does being gay involve being ‘fit’, he’s a master footballer? nah, just a young guy that already has too much money & on the back of other outing’s think’s now is the time to make money

  9. Randy says

    The thing is, it still is a big deal. Once we can all name 3 current out athletes in all of the sports, then it won’t be a big deal any more. I don’t think I can name 3 currently out pro athletes in ANY single sport

  10. Rowan says

    Put a sock in it SCOTS2GUY as the Brits like to say.

    As above said, it does help his Dad is coach, so I have a feeling everyone already knew. Just like poor Brandon was able to come out in hockey R.I.P.

    Not sure what glamorous world Scots2guy lives but the football terraces are MURDER. Sweden can be a nasty place but this guy has a cool head on his shoulders and it helps his Dad has respect.

    Wouldn’t want to be him!

  11. ratbastard says

    That’s nice. Sorry to be cynical, but the fact he’s very well connected through his dad, obviously privileged, etc., is a big part of the story. Nothing ‘Typical’ about Anton. I’m not sure if his story translates well to the average gay, bi or str8 guy of any age or nationality.

    Anton really lucked out in life, regardless of his sexuality.

  12. Rowan says

    Lol, Arch, you remember BROS??

    He looks nothing like the twins nor Craig. At all.

    Rat, of course he wouldn’t have come out if it wasn’t for the fact that his whole family in football and his Dad was so respected. There is no doubt about it.

    What I like about this is his attitude, which is full of ‘take me as I am’ instead of all the ‘I wanted to be like everyone else, hated myself, thought I was the worst thing, prayed the gay away etc etc’. Yeah his young but Chris Colfer gave the same spiel and so did the cricketer who is only 24.

    So you know + 10 for this kid who seems very secure in himself.

    And lastly, not sure how many football games you have been to in Europe but flipping eck, the supporters are monsters. Utter scum. Urgh really really aggressive, offensive and violent. So again + 10.

    The bottom line is you can argue Chris Hughes past Facebook guy is lucky because he went to Harvard, is blue eyed, blonde and really bright, so the fact that he’s a big gay activist means nothing because he is privileged. Well no because it’s not how you get there but the impact you make.

    Justin Fashanu came out in 1990. Was he a pioneer, damn straight. Did he have an impact? Only really negatively because of the amount of people who disowned him, then he committed suicide.

    To a lot of people before he came out he was a n*gga. He used to get bananas thrown at him all the blaming time and those monkey noises. Young gay kids just saw the negatives, especially because if the colour of his skin, it was construed as ‘someone not like me’.

    But this kid? Well to a lot of gay kids playing football, they will see, this guy is just like me. First off. They won’t go into deeply analytically about whether he is privileged or not.

    People slag off affirmative action but it works. As human beings, the first thing we notice is how someone physically looks and in that breadth, we make seconds of a decision of who that person is.

  13. Rick S. says

    “Sorry to be cynical…” No you are not, aptly-named Ratbastard. You and your alter-ego, Tank, relish finding a negative angle on any good news story. Somehow, you have convinced yourself that you are special, smart, and different from the rest of us (you are correct in the latter). I suspect nobody ever invites you to social outings because you probably whine about the wine and just about everything else.

  14. yadda yadda says

    hahaha.. Rick, I second the motion.. Whenever Ratbastard has a say, Tank is nowhere to be found? did they ever battle it out on these forums? don’t think so..

    oh yeah Ratbastard, him playing in a professional sports league is not a privilege. He, like everyone else in sports, worked hard to achieve that status regardless of how good his father was.

  15. Linda says

    This is fantastic! Regardless of how many positives he has had in his life and what his background is, football matches are steeped in brutal and relentless homophobia. The whole structure from FIFA down is still overwhelmingly run by straight white men in their late forties and older. The old boys’ club still dictates the attitude right down to the game’s marrow. It will still be a hardship that takes a lot of bravery to face day in and day out in a situatuion already fraught with tension and pressure. This kind of progress is going to have to start out in exactly this way – with a brave (and slightly naive?) kid from a footballing family in a highly progressive country who doesn’t have any endorsements to lose. Good for him and good for everyone!

  16. J says

    Another self important homo with the “I’m saving the world mission”.

    I also find it dissapointing that people here are praising his looks so much.It seems that’s the only value a person has.

  17. Rowan says

    J, out down your pipe. Gareth Thomas and Steve Davies are the ones with the ‘I want to help thing’ this guy? He’s just a very cute guy-these pictures are too brass that is out.

    When did he say he was special or different?

    How in the world gay people can complain about someone coming out that may help people? Well, wow. Queerty commenters have serious competition.

  18. says

    Anton has been a member of RealJock for quite some time, though I didn’t know who he was, I could tell from his posts that he must have played pro football (soccer). There are more pics of him on his profile (I posted the URL as part of my details). He’s also in the lead to be the site’s Man of the Day today. If he doesn’t win today, I don’t know what one would have to do to win.

    Great job, Anton. And thank you!

  19. ratbastard says

    @Rick S+Yadda whatevah:

    Au contraire you 2 clowns; I’m very low maintenance, gracious to a fault, and certainly don’t ‘Whine’. No doubt you 2 are the type of phony b*tches I try my best to avoid.

    And I stand by my Anton post 100%.

  20. Paul Smith says

    Congratulations and good luck Anton. If only there was more players with a backbone like yourself to be proud of your sexuality. I hope everything goes well for you after this courageous decision. Paul Smith x

  21. jay says

    he’s not a big enough name for this to matter much…

    2nd division in some random swedish team. injuries that are pretty much career ending. if it weren’t for coming out no-one would know who he is.

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