Towleroad Guide to the Tube #860

BRIAN BROWN: The NOM executive director is cheered on by a crowd thrilled that they were able to remove pro-equality judges from the bench in Iowa.

JACOB BARNETT: 12-year-old reportedly has higher IQ than Einstein's.

MATT BARBER: Liberty Counsel wingnut says gay kids kill themselves because they know what they are is unnatural and immoral. Barber makes a career out of telling them that.

BORN THIS WAY: Lady Gaga performs with mariachi band at birthday party.

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  1. le_sacre says

    Just because I’m always annoyed by breathless pop-journalism over “IQ” stuff:

    First of all, Einstein never took an IQ test, or at least never publicly. Secondly, the quote makes it sound like the kid could outshine Einstein just because of his IQ, which is patently false (plenty of people who score brilliantly on IQ tests fail to accomplish anything historically noteworthy, and vice-versa). Thirdly, even if the upper ranges of the IQ scale could be measured robustly enough to estimate true percentiles of “intelligence” (they aren’t), a score of 170 wouldn’t rare enough to be *that* remarkable, since it would mean that the kid is among the approximately 10,000 smartest people worldwide. And lastly, most IQ tests are curved by age but for child prodigies there’s a good chance they’ll peak early, so his score at 12, again, doesn’t predict any great lifetime achievement. People just love stories about scores.

    All that said, the unique aptitudes observed in many autism-spectrum individuals is fascinating. Though of course, there are downsides.

  2. Michael says

    +1 Le_Sacre

    In many countries – possibly not the US – this is just high school calculus and not remarkable. I
    The kid may have some talents but this video does not demonstrate them.

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