1. JDB says

    I wonder if this brutal murder isn’t getting the same level of coverage as Matthew Shepard’s because she’s black or because she’s transgender…

  2. WayneMPLS says

    I think it is sad even in death they cannot use the correct pronoun for Ms. Marcal Tye. What a vicious crime. My heart just sunk as I read these lines. I can’t imagine what she went through being shot and then dragged by a car. Just plain SICK!

  3. says

    Why did the news report on the fact that they got a good tire imprint? Wouldn’t that just let the driver of the car just burn their tires? Such a random detail to disclose to the public…

  4. Randy says

    This station needs to get the pronouns right. They tell us that this person was known to be transgender, presenting herself as female. Therefore, the female pronoun should have been used, out of respect not just for her, but all transgender viewers.

  5. Leroy laflamme says

    The past tense of drag is dragged, not drug. Drug is a thing you’re supposed to say no to. Just as the past tense of hang is hanged (when it involves a noose), not hung. Hung is a thing you say yes to.

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