1. The_Fixer says

    This man is a demagogue. On one program, he states that no one remembers Obama in his early years and gives that as reason to be suspect of his birthplace. In this rant, he disputes that the governor of Hawaii remembers Obama being born. So on the one hand he wants people to remember, on the other they’re lying if they do remember him.

    This load of crap is designed to put him in the news. If it doesn’t get him elected to the office of President, it feeds his oversized ego and gets him the publicity he so desperately craves.

    Freakin’ Jackass.

  2. dc20008 says

    Donald Trump is simply looking for attention. It is what he ALWAYS does.

    He will never run for President. He would have to make public his tax returns, which he would never do because then everyone would know is only worth $300 million–and NOT NOT NOT a billionaire.

  3. Beau says

    Mr. Combover needs something to keep him in the public eye. His show is steadily declining in the ratings, yet he got another season. It wouldn’t surprise me if the moron pays the network to keep him on. Donald is a businessman, period, he has no clue of what social values are until they represent dollars in his head. Donald is strictly one-note, and it’s flat.

  4. Mac McNeill says

    The law prohibits any one other than the person named on the birth certificate to have access to that birth certificate. That is why the Governor himself could not release it. I went through the same thing with the State of Tennessee to get my birth certificate. I wanted a cousin living there to pick it up for me and they would not permit it. All of this came about because of 9/11.

  5. walter says

    trump has to see his name lights to keep going. he is a great candidate for president married 3 times filed for bankruptcy and is generally a real sleaze, which makes him very qualified to be the republican candidate. most of the front running repuks have almost the same qualities. bachmann palin newt donald romney and the huckster all have the same thing in common money grubbing no personal values but them for everyone else hypocrits. they all preach family values but are all lacking of the same.

  6. rodca says

    Homophobe last night, racist today. Great combo for America all hate wrapped uo into on package!

    Last night he kept referring to a gay themed commercial (which won) as racey in the boardroom critique. View the winning commercial here (be careful its racey LOL)

  7. ratbastard says

    Trump is Trump. Everybody knows what he is.

    Question: Why doesn’t the president give out his original, official birth certificate? I can get mine. What’s the problem?

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