UK Teen Killed Himself After Kids Spread Rumors He Was Gay

A 15-year-old teen committed suicide by jumping from the roof of a building last year after classmates spread rumors that he was gay, a UK inquest heard this week:

Crouch Dominic appeared to be happy after returning from [an art class] trip, the inquest in Cheltenham heard. However, on he Tuesday after the expedition the 'carefree' rugby-loving schoolboy left the school at lunchtime and went to a locked block of flats nearby called Withyholt Court.

He managed to gain access to the roof and threw himself off.

Paul Harvey, the school's current headmaster, told the inquest a helper on the trip, Lucy Evans, had reported after Dominic's death that the Year 10 children had been playing 'spin the bottle' on the trip and that it was said Dominic had kissed a boy.

This led to gossip that he might be homosexual.

Said Roger Crouch, Dominic's father: "Dominic was clearly upset about rumours that he believed were being spread about him. We need to realise that what may be a laugh to some young people are deeply upsetting to another."