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UT Administrator Fired for Saying Gays Violate God's Divine Order is Hired as HR Head for City in Michigan

Those of you who have been following this site for a while will remember Crystal Dixon. In 2008, I posted about the  then University of Toledo associate vice president of human resources, who was fired after writing an article in the Toledo Free Press in which she said gays "violate God's divine order," and later told reporters at her church that she had a divine mandate to write the column.

Dixon Said Dixon in the article, "As a Black woman ... I take great umbrage at the notion that those choosing the homosexual lifestyle are civil rights victims. I cannot wake up tomorrow and not be a Black woman. Daily thousands of homosexuals make a life decision to leave the gay lifestyle."

She concluded: "My final and most important point. There is a divine order. God created human kind male and female (Genesis 1:27). God created humans with an inalienable right to choose. There are consequences for each of our choices, including those who violate God's divine order."

Last I heard, Dixon was suing the university, though I'm not sure what the result was.

Anyway, Dixon has been hired to lead a human resources department for the County and City of Jackson, Michigan

Interim county Administrator Adam Brown said Dixon’s level of experience and professionalism put her “head and shoulders” above other candidates...City and county officials said Dixon was up front about her termination from the university. They said her level of professional experience was more important than her political views.

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  1. Why are HR departments female ghettos? Why isn't there a greater push for gender diversity in HR departments?

    And who was the tool who came up with the title 'Human Resources'?

    Posted by: ratbastard | Mar 30, 2011 8:14:13 AM

  2. MICHIGAN? It sounds more like Mississippi.

    Posted by: candideinnc | Mar 30, 2011 8:15:02 AM

  3. the only thing defying god's divine order is that hair.

    Posted by: EO | Mar 30, 2011 8:20:07 AM

  4. It should be noted that Jackson, Michigan is the birthplace of the republican party. There are elephant statues everywhere.

    Posted by: Brian | Mar 30, 2011 8:27:36 AM

  5. Yes, well, ain’t it the truth. I can tell you, brothers and sisters, that the experience and professionalism of Joseph Goebbels put him “head and shoulders” above other candidates of the day too, but it was the profound fuckwittery of his hate and bigotry that so dramatically advanced the cause of Hitler’s “Final Solution.”

    Posted by: Bad Humor Boy | Mar 30, 2011 8:31:18 AM

  6. "They said her level of professional experience was more important than her political views." How about her human rights views? You would think that someone with a documented history of advocating discrimination would be the LEAST qualified person to work in HR.

    Posted by: Terry | Mar 30, 2011 8:34:03 AM

  7. Um, I live in Jackson, and I haven't seen one elephant statue. We do however have a pretty cool hippo at the mall and a great Louise Nevelson.
    I wrote about her hiring here: http://jesushas2daddies.blogspot.com/2011/03/fml-jackson-style.html

    Do check out the comments on the newspaper's site, they are mostly against her and her hiring. I am really surprised by that. Usually when an LGBT issue comes up here in the paper, the comments are all anti-LGBT.

    Posted by: tom | Mar 30, 2011 8:38:01 AM

  8. Outrageous! Ironically, though, Most Human Resources departments are full of these kinds of people.

    Posted by: Jack M | Mar 30, 2011 8:40:28 AM

  9. The interim county administrator must be a hater or an idiot or both for hiring this Christo-fascist bigot to another HR position. Good luck to any GLBT person working (or hoping to work) for this county and who has to deal with this out-and-proud homophobe.

    Posted by: Rob | Mar 30, 2011 8:47:04 AM

  10. Why do some people continue to believe that being gay is a choice? Did they stop one day and say to themselves...'I think I will choose the heterosexual life style!'? I don't know, but I think that when I wake up tomorrow, I will still be gay!

    Posted by: Steven Robson | Mar 30, 2011 8:48:35 AM

  11. Why does HUMAN Resources so routinely take the HUMAN out of the equation?

    The one good thing: I've been to Jackson, Michigan several times - to me it was prison sans the iron bars (no offense @Tom above). Someone like her will thrive there.

    Posted by: Tonic | Mar 30, 2011 9:12:19 AM

  12. Remind me not to apply for a job there. I'm sure that interview would be righteous.

    Posted by: johnny | Mar 30, 2011 9:14:26 AM

  13. People who think being gay is a choice are gay or bisexual and are choosing not to act on it.

    People who use the argument that black people and other races cant wake up tomorrow and be white WISH THEY COULD; that is why I am different from them, my desire NOT to stop being what I am even if another way would be easier.

    Posted by: Matthew Rettenmund | Mar 30, 2011 9:46:44 AM

  14. let the twit get settled and comfy in her new job and than let the complaints fly and get her ass fired. People start filing complaints about her.

    Posted by: x man | Mar 30, 2011 9:48:08 AM

  15. Homegirl is hardly black.

    Posted by: tyn | Mar 30, 2011 9:50:16 AM

  16. In other news, the city has hired Joseph Goebbels as PR director as his level of professional experience was more important than his political views.

    Posted by: Michael | Mar 30, 2011 10:00:16 AM

  17. If she says just one thing, just one little ittsy bittsy thing out of line methinks that her bible bashing ass is going to be hit by quite the winter blizzard of law suits and one wonders why on God's earth they hired her -just to attract legal claims and piss off about 2-5% of their workforce ?

    The whole black v gay thing has the maskings of quite a nasty socal split, with Obama caught neatly in the middle.

    Posted by: arch | Mar 30, 2011 10:12:26 AM

  18. Consider this just another advertisement reminding people that Michigan legally prohibits gays from being responsible and law-abiding citizens.

    Posted by: Go Galt. Please. | Mar 30, 2011 10:20:16 AM


    She honestly thinks that people can change sexual identity at the drop of a hat, BECAUSE A SKY BABY TOLD HER SO.

    The above is not a political view, its a sign of instability and derangement.

    Posted by: Fenrox | Mar 30, 2011 10:24:44 AM

  20. Yeah and some Mormons disagree and believe if you stopped your sinful lifestyle and became sufficiently righteous you skin color would change. And many racists would say it's not your skin color that bothers them but that you "act black" and if you just gave up your black culturally identity and "acted white" they wouldn't have a problem with you.

    Posted by: John M | Mar 30, 2011 10:28:15 AM

  21. i don't know about the hiring of goebbels as pr director but be very careful when they hire himmler as chief of police.

    Posted by: walter | Mar 30, 2011 10:46:08 AM

  22. "And who was the tool who came up with the title 'Human Resources'?"

    A strategy planner at SGI (Soylent Green Inc)

    Posted by: BobN | Mar 30, 2011 12:16:06 PM

  23. Pray for this misguided, ignorant, arrogant and willfully bigoted woman.

    Posted by: TomJ | Mar 30, 2011 1:40:31 PM

  24. Isn't religion a choice?

    Posted by: Choices | Mar 30, 2011 2:08:29 PM

  25. Nothing but a pig with a chip on her shoulder seeking to do to others what was done to her ancestors.

    History tends to remember people exactly as they deserve to be, Ms. Dicks.

    Posted by: Bill | Mar 30, 2011 3:35:21 PM

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