1. kevind says

    i wish these white middle aged has-beens could feel what its like to be hated because of their bags under the eyes, I mean who they are as a gay person. I think we need a Martin Luther King for the gay community, someone that will speak out with a loud voice for LGBT folks. The movement has been very silent and needs a charismatic voice

  2. redball says

    1) Who? HAHAHAH
    2) Who still watches SNL?
    3) From what I recall, SNL seemed to have lots of progressive comics, often doing skits that demonstrated their supreme ease w/ gay-related topics and humor. WHAT HAPPENED?

  3. says

    Victoria Jackson & Dennis Miller never were particularly funny. Now they’re just sad.

    I guess they figured if they pandered to rightwingers, that audience would overlook their lack of wit.

    Makes sense… if there’s anything Republicans & Teabaggers are, it’s loyal to those of like mind… right or wrong.

  4. Marc says

    Yes, they really shoved that gay kiss down your throat, Victoria. They banned all other forms of activity so you had to watch TV. They cancelled all other shows so you had to watch “Glee”. And they did that “Clockwork Orange” thing to keep your eyes open so you just had to watch that grossness. Time to watch a good old heterosexual sex tape from Rick Santorum to clear your memory of two boys kissing.

  5. Randall Smith says

    Damn. I used to LOVE Victoria Jackson. Had no idea she was such an idiot. Very sad…But I’ve always known Dennis Miller was an idiot.

  6. Bender says

    Poor Victoria. Another pitiful shot at trying to be a celebrity, just like Sarah Palin…both are idiots.

  7. Pedro says

    ¡Qué puta loca! What a sad looking wench! How old is this lady anyway? I have to admit that I freaking laughed!!!! Senior Citizens shouldn’t be allowed near recording devises.

  8. princely54 says

    I can’t imagine anyone has shoved anything down her throat in years…other than bear claws or jelly filled.

    ‘One way tolerance’ is an interesting misnomer; am I supposed to tolerate people that ACTIVELY go about wanting to exterminate me?

  9. Mike says

    Washed up, has been, COW! As I recall, her skits on SNL were rarely “Christian”. No wonder she hasn’t worked since those days. Her website is disturbing!

  10. ichabod says

    Sickening? Really Miss Jackson, you make it all too easy to return the “compliment”.

  11. brian says

    Victoria Jackson is probably one of these women who is jealous of male-male intimacy. There’s a lot of them around. They never seem to get upset over girl-girl kissing, only the guy-guy.

    Victoria, honey, I realize that guys kissing guys means fewer guys for you, honey. Nevertheless, don’t give up. Try Kermit the frog.

  12. Steve says

    Victoria Jackson was never funny. She was a one-trick pony who thought an adult with a baby voice was comedy gold – which it wasn’t. She’s not a has-been, she is a never-was.

  13. jeff says

    some over weight, bleach bottle blonde, has been….why do we care what she likes or thinks?

  14. Justin L Werner says

    I’m sorry Victoria. Did you say something? Anything? All I seemed to hear was this annoying, high-pitched squeak… you know, like a has-been comic trying to get media play.

  15. Danny says

    uh…is that her house? like herself it looks like classic 1970s east village thrift shop leftovers.

  16. Paul R says

    I honestly wonder if anyone takes her or her views seriously, even the extremist Christians she reflects. She’s just a sad joke who merits zero attention from us or anyone else.

  17. Gregoire says

    Dont worry folks — the Teabaggers get Victoria, the gays gets RELEVANT comediennes as supporters.

  18. alex Parrish says

    Oh Dear! It appears that the years have not been kind to Miss Piggy; she has not aged well.

    Why, oh why do you enable these mentally-challenged people space on your site or in the news? They do not deserve to be taken seriously.

  19. EO says

    she is humorless and vile. and by the way, she is @hoidoiter on twitter, if anyone wants to send her messages of peace & love.

  20. Scott says

    Maybe she is a bimbo

    (that was one of her bits – singing a song “I am not a bimbo”)

  21. John says

    Dennis Miller and Victoria Jackson are not alike at all. Miller leans right on fiscal and defense matters, true, but not on social issues. He supported the ending of DADT, supports ENDA & repealing DOMA, and is even pro-choice.

  22. says

    Great. Now let’s check in with my Aunt Janice to see what she thinks, since no one’s heard from HER in 14 years either.

  23. HadenoughBS says

    More batshit nonsense from Victoria “Crazy as a Loon and Dumb as a Jackass” Jackson: a white middle-aged Christo-fascist has-been whose only stage now is working the Teahadist burlesque circuit and wingnuttery noise sites.

  24. says

    If it’s a mockery of Christianity she seeks, she need look no further than the closest mirror, or by glancing around at the company she keeps!

    Of course we all know that two men showing affection toward one another is “sickening”. The proper way for men to behave is by killing and maiming each other (see Libya, Afghanistan, Irag, etc.). WTF?

  25. John says

    That has-been (never-was)? Why give her more publicity? Let her disappear into the mire from which she crawled.

  26. PriceCut says

    Who the hell is this gigantic pig? I’ve never heard of her until her recent anti-American tea bag rants. Her desperate attempt to stay relevant I guess.

  27. Dave in Chicago says

    A former coworker once referred to an annoying person we worked with as “the painted cow”. Now I know what he must have been thinking of.

  28. Houndentenor says

    Dear Victoria, thanks for the free publicity for one of my favorite shows. There have been both boy-and-boy and girl-on-girl kisses recently. Please mention the girl-on-girl kiss as often as possible as that will surely pull in some conservative men who wouldn’t otherwise watch a musical comedy program. Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping Glee in the news.

  29. Jim Green says

    I never realized that her SNL character–on the verge of whacko–was so close to her real life persona. Bad make-up job, and very, very bad plastic surgery (eye job done in Honduras?). And she appears to be living in a double-wide. My guess is that she’s had trouble making an income recently. Once red neck trash, always red neck trash.

  30. PeteP says

    What truly amazes me is how conservatives love to rag on left-leaning celebrities like Sean Penn, George Clooney and Susan Sarandon while rallying behind people like Chuck Norris and this ditz. The difference, however, is that Penn, Clooney and Sarandon have devoted themselves to dealing with real issues in the world (Haiti and Darfur) while sad sacks like Victoria Jackson put on clown makeup and spew hatred and b.s.

  31. says

    There she goes again – making a mockery of human beings. Victoria Jackson is a vapid, idiotic c*nt. There, I said it ! She makes Sarah Palin look credible and sane. “one way tolerance” ??? No one’s forcing her stupid ass to watch the show – and that’s NOT how tolerance works. But of course, one would have to sit down, hold her hand and explain it to her like she’s a 4 year old. She should stick to eating ham sandwiches and painting her face to mimic a baby doll -and she should do it QUIETLY.

  32. Phil says

    A perfect example of the all-too-common interface between mental illness and bible-based Christianity. It’s an open question as to whether one or the other is a cause or an effect, or if the two just have a mutual affinity for each other.

  33. PartyDr says

    Who cares what Victoria Jackson thinks anyway? Are there people who turn to her for their moral guidance?

  34. Jay says

    Did anyone even watch the video?
    I don’t really like her but what she said about the muslims wanting to demolish the Statue is downright terrible! What are they thinking coming to a a non muslim area of the world and demand a change about something that is “a famous monument and something that makes America what it is. They should look at there own countries and sort the famine and the way people live there out before starting on a big powerful country”

  35. Tone says

    Why is this vile woman still on SNL? She isn’t funny and her viewpoints are as offensive as anything on FOX News.

  36. ron says

    She is definitely the least funny and talented comedian ever on SNL. Compared to Tina Fey or Amy Poehler, Jackson is boring. As she made her name playing a complete moron (obviously not a stretch), her views are irrelevant.

  37. Marvin says

    “Watch her perform a new song (this one’s anti-Muslim), AFTER THE JUMP.”

    Or, better yet, DON’T. Dont give her so much as the friggin’ time of day.

  38. Kareem Tabsch says

    For years Victoria Jackson lived in Miami Beach, before she decided to move to LA to restart her ‘career’. Perhaps the vibrant and successful gay community of South Beach scared her away….and I certainly hope it did.

  39. Tim says

    Jay, did you really just believe her or was that just sarcasm? Please say sarcasm….

    After watching this video, I have to wonder if she is just spoofing people that think this way or is she really thinking that a song like that can educate or inspire? Regardless, we need less of her in the world.

  40. jamal49 says

    Dennis Miller, a comedian? Who knew? Victoria Jackson. Oh yeah, I vaguely remember her from SNL some years ago. Usually when she came on, I used it as an opportunity to go to the bathroom or take doggy down for a walk. I do think that she is seriously off-keel mentally and a very embittered woman who hasn’t had much work since her SNL days. I don’t know because I never cared for her. I did some checking around the right-wing sites and saw very little of her mentioned. I mean, Ann Coulter is a much better stand-up comic than this sad, pathetic woman is. Ms. Jackson has issues. It’s obvious. I guess that’s what happens when you get religion and your life is still sh*t. Poor lady.

  41. walter says

    i don’t know everyone keeps calling her a has been until this post i never heard of her so more like a never was. beside the only snl that was worth watching was the one with betty white over than that stale.

  42. Steven says

    I recall her as a whiney little creep, but now she is a cow. I looked up her bio and she is divorced. I never understand how these bible thumping SOB are so blind to their own faults. The Bible does not allow for divorce so she is an adulteress. The sin is punished by stoning. But then so is mix fibers. The upside of the literal truth of the Bible would be that we could sell her into slavery. From the photos we can cross sex slave. YUCK.

  43. AngelaChanning says

    You know, there is a part of me that thinks Victoria Jackson is really on our side and is a plant to make the wingnuts look crazy. Maybe one day, we will find out it was some bizarre performance art stunt, sort of like Joaquin Phoenix. LOLs. Nah. Nevermind. LOL.

  44. PDX Guy says

    Let’s get Wanda Sykes on her. There would be nothing left of this empty-headed fake blonde nobody.

  45. bobbyjoe says

    Could everyone please stop comparing this woman to Miss Piggy?

    It’s really insulting to Miss Piggy.

  46. LesbianWarrior says

    Victoria who??? I watched SNL in college when they featured the original cast: Laraine Newman, John Belushi, Jane Curtin, Gilda Radner, Dan Aykroyd, Garrett Morris and Chevy Chase. (Gilda is rolling in her grave now.) Once that cast broke up, the show wasn’t all that funny anymore. And yes, it was a show with a progressive flair because back then it was hip to be tolerant. When SNL resorts to giving the spotlight idiots like this including whiney assed Dennis Miller, it is time for the tent to fold. People who are bigoted should not be tolerated. Just as SNL would be right to fire someone for making negative comments about, say, Clarence Thomas being married to a white woman, so they should show the same backbone when it comes to homophobes. No celebrity should not be able to tout bigotry as righteous indignation. If someone really craves ignorant, old, fat, stupid clowns – they always have Rush and Beck.

  47. Randy says

    Note to Victoria: It’s not dhimmitude if Muslims AND Christians are exempt. But it is special rights for religious nuts, and shouldn’t be allowed, so I’ll agree with you that far.

    But you’re a nut.

  48. jaragon says

    Jackson in a hasbeen ( and from that horrible performance it’s a miracle she was actually on SNL at all)

  49. Brian says

    Wow! I always though the whole “dumb blonde” thing was just an act… I guess there’s a reason no one’s heard from her in about 20 years…

  50. just a guy says

    yes she’s an idiot. and no, she’s not even funny.

    But maybe her schtick is more dangerous than maybe we’ve considered? The whole point of it seems to be, hey, this is what you really think, hate-based-fraction-of-America, and look how funny it is that only this dumb-ugly-bimbo will SAY it. So, she implicitly says, hey, hate-based-fraction-of-America, you should stand up and fight to ASSERT your hate now.

    It all seems to me to be dangerously close to a call to action for hate-based-U.S.-Christofaciast-fundamentalists to get fired up and DEMAND facsism that hates minorities. I mean, could THIS really be funny to ANYONE who doesn’t secretly BELIEVE all the hateful and uninformed things she says?!

    And she’s careful to not saying anything directly, only AS IF she’s in character, which she thinks gives her FULL reign to spew hate speech. Maybe I’m wrong, but might this be the closest public performance I’ve seen to actually calling “fire in the theatre!”??

    She makes me ill. And if she’s popular among ANY real group, I don’t think I’m far off to suspect she about amounts to an agitator for fascism. (If America were to somehow be “charmed” by this ugly slime, I’m concerned that AMERICA would soon be too close to gone for good.)

    Next time I hear buzz about SNL, I’ll google to see whether she’ll be on–and I won’t watch if she is.

    U guys think I’m onto something here–or overreacting??

  51. just a guy says

    At the least, I agree with LW’s comment, which I quote here:

    “Just as SNL would be right to fire someone for making negative comments about, say, Clarence Thomas being married to a white woman, so they should show the same backbone when it comes to homophobes.”

    SNL should fire her. And, y’know, I’m ready to avoid SNL altogether until they get rid of her for good.

  52. Randy says

    I say consider the source! She’s a whack job anyway. She’s tyring to capture that second 15 minutes of fame, before crawling back into the slime that she evolved from.

  53. AngelaChanning says

    @Just A Guy: Take a deep breath, darlin. :-) I think it is always a concern when hateful people get attention or airtime on a major news outlet or one that pretends to be a news outlet. However, in Victoria Jackson’s case, she is not a sensation, a meme, or a coffee talk topic — and even if she were, it would be to mock her. What she says or does is not newsworthy. I empathize with your concerns but basically you give her more credit than she deserves.

    And am I missing something, but isn’t she a former SNL cast member? How can she be fired from SNL when she hasn’t been on in 18 years? LOL.

  54. mike says

    She’s a has been that never was. She was the least-talented SNL cast member. KevinD – why are you bringing race into this? Who cares if she’s white.

  55. just a guy says

    hahahahaha, luv u boys (and that includes the girls)

    AC – grrrl, yeah. well, she should be fired wherever she. fer real.

    Chris – hahahaha. wtf. who is AB? Didn’t see her comment, lol.

  56. just a guy says

    Oh, Anastasia Beaverhausen? THAT Anastasia Beaverhausen. Gotcha.

    U mean,”that dreary, predictable troll”?

  57. DSCinSEA says

    She does herself in just with this one final question: Hey, producers of “Glee” – what’s your agenda? One-way tolerance?”

    The question comes right back to you, former SNL cast member – your comment shows you have only one-way tolerance as well – Glee at least shows there ARE several types of relationships: gay, straight, bi-sexual – they are real…you want people to believe they only exist on a tv show – ridiculous!

  58. dan cobb says

    Victoria Jackson: Your religious beliefs are nothing more than a consequence of your socialization into a religious Christian family in a Christian community in Miami, FL.

    All people who fervently believe in the truths of their religions are lacking in mental capacity/strength. I love to expose their weak brains by asking such people the following question –which here I will pose to Ms. Jackson:

    Victoria, let’s say that 2 years after your birth to your Christian parents in Miami, Florida you were stolen away and raised by a religiously devout family of Moslems in Algeria.
    Well, had that happened, today you would be spouting the “Truths” of the Koran and you’d be wearing a burlap sack from head to toe. You see, personalities like yours -zealous and credulous (a lack critical thinking –and facile belief in things without evidence of their existence) are easily socialized to believe in religious dogmas. But sadly, for you, this is a sign of mental weakness and of an incapacity to understand the very reasons and sources of your beliefs! Understand that the only reason why you believe in Christianity is because you were socialized to believe in Christianity. The fact that you cannot see this means that you have a weak intellect and a weak capacity for insight and introspection: all of which means that you are as dumb as you look. And Ms. Jackson, you look really dumb.

  59. randy says

    Even a dizzy right-winger like Virginia can be tormented by stirrings of common sense: “King Obama is insidiously creeping into my very own personal life. I don’t have health insurance anymore because of lack of work. Last month, I was shocked to see a TV commercial about Obama Health Insurance. It strangely said that there was a 2,000 caller a day limit?! I called the number out of curiosity/research. The recording said that the 2,000 quota had been reached. After two days, this commercial disappeared, but yesterday I got an email from King Obama offering me Government health insurance. I felt sick to my stomach. I won’t even take unemployment checks, based on the principal of the thing. But…I did start thinking…what if I need … help…someday…I shuddered…NO! NO! Go Away!! I will not succumb to your sneaky attempts at turning me Communist!”

  60. says

    Wow. I knew she had to be stupid, but I had no idea she was batshit crazy too.

    That voice was annoying enough way back when, but now it is just out of control.

    And I wouldn’t really call Victoria Jackson a comedienne. I haven’t seen her in anything since that X-Files episode about love and weather – and before that hadn’t seen her in so long that the role felt like charity.

    This is just a desperate attempt by an aging and unappealing failed actress to somehow remain relevant.

  61. Tony says

    What the Teabagger failed to divulge was that Victoria’s comments were made between donning feed bags.
    Who is/was she?

  62. Al says

    This dimwit has truly showcased her ignorance and bigotry. She need to fade back into the woodwork where she has been festering for the last 15 years. We didn’t like her much back then and even less now!

    Don’t go away mad… Just go AWAY!

  63. sarah says

    Victoria comes from the time of SNL when the women were too stupid to come up with any good material.

    Now you can see why.

  64. Brad Lane says

    So what? She’s a no-talent has-been who never had any act beyond her dizzy blonde bit on SNL. She’s a fat blimp now who looks like she should be floating over a stadium. If the cow doesn’t like the gays kissing on Glee — change the friggin’ channel! No one said you have to watch it.

    With Sarah Palin’s approval numbers dropping, Michele Bachmann threatening to run for President and looking like a fool every time she opens her mouth (I think she and Sarah took Geography from the same school), John Boehner being a bully but playing the crying game, and Glenn Beck caught outright lying, the Christian Reich is trying all angles and just looking more pathetic every day.

    I watched “Access Hollywood” the day after Kurt and Blaine’s kiss aired and the anchors were just gushing over it and how happy they were that it finally happened. They acted just like it was a straight couple people have been rooting to get together – the fact that it was two men had absolutely no bearing on their happiness for the couple and the show – it was just two characters finally getting together after a long tease. I thought their treatment of it was absolutely wonderful and inspiring. The more it becomes treated like an everyday thing (like the girl-on-girl thing has become over the years and frankly has become ho-hum), the more people will be accepting. With the poles showing more support for same-sex marriage, people like Victoria Jackson just look like idiots trying to get their name out there and falling flat on their faces.

    Anyone catch how Nancy Pelosi called John Boehner on his plan to hire private attorneys to defend DOMA, asking him how much money he planned to waste on that! Go Nancy, Go!

  65. David in Chicago says

    Get some tea-bags on those eyes Victoria! I always thought she was, and no offense meant here, retarded. I really did. I thought they had hired her as a mean joke. She’s always been an embarrassment to humans everywhere.

  66. David in Chicago says

    Not to perpetuate a stereo-type here, but you can tell she has no gay friends. Look at the furniture, and art work. Black pleather Value City chair, White pleather couch, dog statue and the ornate gold picture frame make for quite a interior. Plus she must have found the old fart playing the piano at a swap meet.

  67. lavaflow says

    Watching her makes me think of the story of Pinocchio when the wooden puppet child becomes a human. Except in this case, it’s the Ms. Piggy puppet becoming human but her biscuit nose hasn’t stopped growing, nor have her thighs or that gap between her ears.

  68. JOJO says

    And this lil vixen leaves out the fact that Glee also made fun of nuns, homeschooling wackjobs, gadabouts, Sarah Palin’s clothes palette and a zippy little ditty called Jesus is a Friend of Mine. God I love that show.

  69. LBMHOU says

    Ms. Jackson…no need to make fun of Christians…they are ridiculously funny all on their own. Only a ‘good Christian’ would try to banish another one of God’s creations (LGBT’s). Bet she has no clue that there are actually FIVE NATURAL sexes within the human race…of COURSE she has no clue…she would have to be educated to know about the FIVE sexes within humanity.

    By the way, SNL does MANY skits that Ms. Jackson would absolutely HATE because they reek of homosexuality!

    Considering her views, they are probably the reason why she is a BIG NOBODY these days. That’s OK. We don’t miss her moronic beliefs and no-talent comedy anyway.