1. Bryan says

    I can’t remember who famously quipped that Andy Warhol was a man with a heart the texture and temperature of a dirty rag soaked in ethyl chloride, but it would make a perfect inscription.

  2. Hank says

    He was brilliant in his observations and his ability to turn very simple art – halftones, snapshots and silkscreens – into a multi-million dollar pop art empire. He was no great painter or photographer, but he was genius at knowing which buttons to push and when and how to push them. (But I would never pay those insane prices for his art, not that I could. It’s great pop art but those prices are crazy.)

  3. Derek Pearce says

    He was an excellent colourist, the best since Matisse for sure. I read his Diaries in Grade 10 and they sure made me feel connected to a wider world than I lived in. It’s about time New York had a proper commemoration of him. “Oh, gee.” That’s what he’d say if he could see it himself.

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