1. Bryan says

    Really clever ideas, really bad execution.

    “Rat shame” is when someone else’s behavior makes you feel embarrassed about being a member of the same species.

  2. says

    This guy is hilarious. I don’t understand the hate but comedy is totally subjective. I also don’t get why “Black Swan” is considered so amazing. It was exactly what he calls it – being uncomfortable for an hour and 50 minutes. Or as I like to call it, Roman Polanski’s “Showgirls.”

  3. Urmensch says

    Bryan, I’m assuming this is some translation of ‘fremdscham’ though I’ve never known an English version of it.

  4. Derek Pearce says

    This guy is priceless. “Who cares, I’d sleep with Mila Kunis!,(maybe),(no)” made me laugh out loud!

  5. Randy says

    “This video is private.
    Sorry about that.”

    And yet it appears in the list if you search for in on YouTube. You just can’t view it.


  6. SteveATL says

    LOL that was a crack up. Surpsingly, both had great timming for comedy. Good talent.