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    There’s no such thing as too much muscle for Thor. It’s the fault of the costume dept for using materials that have low stretch limit. This guy has Jon Eric Hexum going on about him. I hope he’s got more brains than the late blond god.

  2. says

    I loved Jon Eric Hexum back in the day. Rawr!

    Yeah he may have had some good book learnin’, but honey… the way in which he shuffled off this mortal coil did not speak to an abundance of common sense. Bless his handsome little heart.

  3. joeblo says

    Ridiculous, look at his wrists they are tiny, he got juiced big time. Get a load of these guys when they reach fifty its stomach turning. Everything drops the giant tits turn to sagging mammaries and everything else just looks like its flab. Stretch marks and leather skin.

  4. Jonathan says

    Genetics do play a part in how big you can get but it’s rare to get to a certain size without help. There are certain body parts that just don’t grow into a certain shape without roids, like your rear delt, quads and lats. He actually looks like he did them and them tapered down in the pic above. Almost anybody in Hollywood who needs a body for a movie does them in varying degree of strength. They really are way more common than people know and very easy to get.

  5. Bryan says

    What is it people think is “wrong” with using steroids? You’d think gay men of all people would understand the complete futility of trying to control what people put in their bodies, as well as the “and it harm no one…” aspect of personal choice. You’d also think that we’d be suspicious of “reefer madness” style claims about substances, and just generally unwilling to buy into fear hype. (After all, we’re the ones scapegoated for much of our culture’s fear hype.)

    There is nothing in life that doesn’t involve some risk/benefit calculation and its up to the individual to decide what’s an acceptable ratio. Steroids are no more a moral issue than hair product. There is however, a moral issue that crops up whenever the subject is mentioned: envy.

    I’ve yet to meet a gay man who, given the choice, wouldn’t look like some variation on a cartoon superhero. Given control of our own bodies, who among us would opt for his “natural” appearance? If big pharma releases a pill that makes a guy’s penis grow to 10″ while chopping 10 year off the end of his life, Levi will be recutting the rise of all their jeans in a matter of months.

    As for the whole notion of authenticity in appearance, it’s an oxymoron. Appearances are by definition never authentic, and the desire to look attractive is as ineluctable a part of being a primate as is warm blood.

  6. GregV says

    @DaveInChicago: I don’t think anybody has ever gotten arms that big using genes and a few months of workout cram sessions. It requires steroids and/or the consumption/injection of hormones like testosterone and HGH.

  7. GregV says

    “You’d think gay men of all people would understand the complete futility of trying to control what people put in their bodies…”

    I wonder if you’re preaching to the choir or if you have any reason to think gay men tend to have supported the acts of congress that passed in 1990 (signed by Bush Sr.) and of 2004 (signed by Bush Jr.)

    Personally, it makes no sense at all to me that cigarettes (which have no positive health effects whatsoever and even harm non-smokers) are legally available everywhere while the use of androstendione (which was avaiable in health food stores before 2004 and which does have some benefits) can result in prison and fines.

  8. Grant says

    Bryan, there’s nothing “wrong” with using steroids (though I’ll pass on risking heart and liver damage, just look at the WWE wrestlers dying young because of such drug use). My only reason for asking was to see if I was doing something wrong at the gym. If a dude like this can naturally pump up like that in a few months, then the next question is how do I make the same progress?

    Since asking I talked to a buddy who is a trainer in WeHo and is informed on the subject for reasons I won’t cite. He says actors are always juicing. Hollywood demands it and there’s too much at stake not to.

    I think the Thor dude looks hot. Like I said, I’m not hating on him.

  9. says


    There seem, to me at least, more people here just wondering if he did steroids than outright condemning them. Some comments saying they don’t like the big, bulgy muscle-y type, too, but that’s not a “steroids are ebil” post, it’s a “steroids make you look kind of gross” post, which is different than condemnation.

  10. Rin says

    See…maybe I’m naive but he looks jacked but not roid big. Arnold as Conan looked roid big…

    Maybe he took that HGH? I saw this old dude on TV that looked like he was 35 and he’s the doctor in Vegas that prescribes HGH.

  11. bellestarrr says

    He is a real hottie and i would drop dead if he were GAY GAY GAY…Im a drag queen and I think he is just the hottest man..wish gay men were more like him instead of being so girly.

  12. bellestarrr says

    now boys dont get mad at old bellestarrr for saying ur supposed to be girly cause I like to guys want to come off as butch men..but????

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