Watch: Foster’s Beer Ad Raises Gay Red Flags


Foster's should probably rethink their ad campaign, because their latest advertisement has people wondering if the Australian beer company's endorsing homophobia.

The commercial in question, part of their "Good Call!" series, features a panicked man called the Foster's advice line on how to handle another male friend who wants sun screen advice. He's permitted to do so, say the beer-guzzling gurus, but only if he follows strict rules, like "no eye contact, eye contact, scented candles, power ballads, and do not apply if he’s wearing budgie smugglers," known here as a speedo.

When the friend in question appears, lo and behold, he's wearing "budgie smuggles" and told to change. Viewers on YouTube have wondered what message Foster's wants to sell, forcing the company to defend itself.

"The humor in our ad is derived from a particular set of circumstances where our character seeks advice from Brad & Dan – it plays on his perception of the awkwardness of the situation; and to the Aussie 'no worries' attitude to life," said a spokesman.

Though Foster's realizes a "small number" of people are offended, they're simply trying to provide a "funny and well meaning commercial." I'm not one to knee-jerk on commercials such as this, but I find very little funny or well meaning here.

Watch the commercial and tell me what you think, AFTER THE JUMP...