1. craig says

    The thing felt so contrived. He should have kissed him and then tell him how he feels.

  2. Mark says

    Nice to see kids express outwardly what I was feeling inwardly! Something about this kiss was progressive. Finally, the gay guy got to have a real kiss, and the show moved on with the plot. Wow.

  3. says

    So cute. It’s good to see a video like this and get some perspective. If you stuck to only reading the comment sections on these Glee posts you’d think we’re a group of nothing but sour queens.

  4. Phil says

    The Glee screen writers have done a very nice job of creating an engaging storyline. When Chris Colfer’s smile is wide, he does look more comic than romantic. (To that extent, the critics have a point.) But when he doesn’t smile really wide, he’s very fetching by any standard. I don’t think critics are always honest when they assess Colfer’s looks.

  5. Yuki says

    Cute, but I honestly don’t like Blaine and Kurt together romantically. They just don’t strike me as a couple; I wish they would have used someone else.

  6. NaughtyLola says

    Hahaha, hooray! Romantic fans are romantic!

    Everyone should get wild applause when they smooch, smooching is awesome.

  7. the milkman says

    Hey Smell… the same could be said for lots of people. There’s always one person in a relationship who “could do better”, but the people who care about doing better are usually the ones who end up alone.

  8. Kenton says

    @Jim I was thinking the same thing. That mirror is way too small and that end table needs to go.

  9. George F says

    This kiss feels forced…it does not hold a candle to the kiss between Kurt and Karofsky : that was a powerful Glee moment!

  10. says

    It’s amazing to see this. I can remember watching tv as a child hoping to see a gay character that wasn’t written as negative.

    My heart swells that kids now can have positive role models on television and the debates they have are on whether this is the right guy or the right moment as opposed to how negative and self destructive the characters is.

    Cheers to Glee and cheers to equality!

  11. loverman says

    Exactly right, Secret Identity.

    The important point here is the _reaction_ of those viewers to the kiss. It obviously meant so much to them, which is both poignant (because it shouldn’t have to mean that much) and heartwarming (because it does).

    I also agree that it’s fantastic that folks even debate whether Kurt and Blaine are right for one another. That conversation alone is indicative of how far gay rights have come in such a (relatively) short period of time.

  12. says

    AWWWW. I unfortunately had to watch the episode online on half the screen while writing a paper so I didn’t get into the scene and thought they could have lingered on the scene a bit more… watching these kids react like this made the scene and glee sooooooooooooooooooooo much more exciting to watch!!!

  13. Rich says

    I found the scene where they buried the canary and reached for each other’s hand more poignant. Chacun à son gout.

  14. Brad says

    Aren’t these kids supposed to be in high school? Doesn’t this pretty much fit the definition of child pornography?

  15. Boston Bear says

    So….did they know about the pending kiss and set up a camera to catch their anticipated reaction, or do they always record themselves watching Glee?

  16. Rob says

    My God, the snarky comments on here are amazing! If you can’t celebrate what these young kids saw on AMERICAN TELEVISION as well as they way they memorialized their reactions on video to “the kiss”, then you have no feelings whatsoever. “Jaded” doesn’t begin to describe some posters.

  17. NaughtyLola says

    @Boston Bear, they must have known something was coming, yeah? Is this the same gang who recorded themselves watching the Kurt/Karofsky assault-in-the-locker-room episode? There was another similar video of a livingroom full of kids totally spazzing out over that as well.

  18. NaughtyLola says

    @Jim and Kenton, broke-ass college students / recent grads? Really thoughtful comments there, guys.

  19. Brian in Texas says


    Are you serious?? Kissing does not equal pornography! Based on your posts in this thread you sound like a very cynical and sad person.

  20. Rich says

    I loved that Blaine kissed Kurt… but I cried when these kids cheered. THAT is touching! Watching their anticipation as they saw it unfold was more exciting than watching it myself the first time.

  21. NaughtyLola says

    Their reaction to the *second* kiss was hilarious. The first kiss was touching and romantic and *such* a relief (was getting really tired of the no-love-for-the-gay-kid theme) and a really long time coming.

    The *second* kiss was just the K&B attacking each other like ordinary horny teenagers, which was even more fun to see played out on national TV since its so, well, ordinary.

  22. Bob says

    I think it’s somehow sad that anyone is that involved in a television show for any reason…..

  23. Ish says

    @ Brad, why is it child pornography to see a kiss between to male characters? You must be kidding me with this.

  24. Rob says


    It’s anything but sad when young people like those in the video celebrating the long-awaited gay Glee kiss feel so free to express themselves. It’s such a nice counter balance to so much of the sad cynicism that appears in these gay blogs’ comment sections. And, as shown in poll after poll, it’s going to be the younger people of this country who are going to support and help install civil rights laws for their fellow GLBT citizens of all ages.

  25. Pinky says

    I think Glee is a dumb show and never watch it.

    But so what.

    The real point here is that young kids — boys and girls — can see something on TV that mirrors their own feelings and validates those feelings. Nobody was gay kissing on TV when I grew up. This is progress.

  26. Grover Underwood says

    I was impressed with the kiss; they looked like they were really getting into it

  27. Hollywood, CA says

    I SCREAMED when they kissed! Amazeballs! Love love love it! Haters, please keep your acid dipped comments coming you miserable losers. It makes it all that much better.


  28. Ty says

    So cute! I agree that if Blaine were to go for the random hot guy at Gap he would be disappointed. Kurt is more marriage material.
    Now that we are slowly getting marriage rights we need to think of these things….

  29. Phil says

    @ Brad:

    The straight teen couples on this show kiss all the time. Why are you only making the absurd child pornography claim about the boy-boy kiss? Sounds like a classic fundamentalist-Christian double standard.

  30. richard s says

    I don’t buy them as a couple, no chemistry between the two characters as far as I can see.The Kurt character is a little too prissy they need to let him loosen up a bit, I guess he comes off a little to preachy and didactic (LOL)for my tastes.

  31. Daves says

    Did I miss the coverage of last weeks episode where Santana came to terms with her feelings & told Brittany she’s in love with her? I was way more moved by that scene and the performance of Landslide than any development with Kurt. Where’s the love for the girl on girl love?

  32. Andy says

    This was basically me during the scene. Though part of me wanted Kurt to leave him hanging because the Blaine character has been a complete screw-up in the past few episodes.

  33. Thomasina says

    @Brad: By your idiotic definition, there has been a whole hell of a lot of child pornography on network television over the years. Here are some “child pornography” TV scenes that are exactly equivalent to this scene in Glee:

    Those are all scenes from teen programs showing high school students kissing, just like Kurt and Blaine. Except that those other couples are all opposite-sex–so that’s fine with you, right?