1. says

    Wahoo! I have a downtown (SF) corner full-windowed office. Hunky guys often stand for long periods waiting for a bus and the foot traffic is constant! I’m assuming this means I can sit there with one of these cameras and scope out all the hot guys! Yeah, I was one of those little kids who sent off for those so-called X-Ray glasses that NEVER worked! LOL!

  2. Dave in Chicago says

    I don’t think it’s necessarily all conservatives who disagree with the TSA’s strip search machines. I’m rather liberal and think that the machines are an affront to the Fourth Amendment as well as basic dignity. The idea that I have to be strip searched as a condition of travel is just too much. Also, there are real concerns about the health effects of these machines. The government does not release any information on the machines’ technical specs, so no peer review of the “it’s not harmful” conclusion is possible. A group of concerned scientists from UCSF wrote a letter to the White House last April:

    I trust them more than I’d trust the TSA.

  3. KJ says

    Thanks, Dave. I was a bit surprised to “learn” that only conservatives were concerned about full-body scanning. Though I’d like to learn more about the health concerns, to date, I’ve just gotten zapped. However, I have many most definitely not conservative friends who will not.

  4. Paul says

    I came here to comment about how strange it was to read that conservatives made up the anti-TSA crowd…pretty even split if I remember correctly.

    Strange post.

  5. Scot says

    If u don’t like the scanners then drive your dumb ass! if you want to die in a plane from a radical bomber, then keep protesting. i don’t understand what the big deal is.

  6. Dave in Chicago says

    @Scot – Driving is not an option when there are time constraints, or if I need to be in London tomorrow morning for work.

    As Benjamin Franklin said (paraphrased), those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither liberty nor security. The TSA has foiled exactly zero attacks in its nine years of existence. The only two things that have made air travel safer since 9/11 are the reinforcement of cockpit doors and passengers’ willingness to fight back: witness the would-be shoe- and underwear-bombers, both of whom were stopped by alert passengers.

    Americans need to stop being afraid of terrorists – that’s exactly what the terrorists want. They want us to change our lives out of fear of them. It is fundamentally impossible for the government to foil all terrorist attacks, but the fact that would-be terrorists have to date been idiots is helpful. But these disgusting incursions against liberty and common sense will not stop until people are willing to be unafraid, accept the minuscule risk that air terrorisms presents, and move on with their lives. The “anything for safety” mentality is, in my mind, the beginning of a slippery slope towards a police state. The TSA is a disgusting, un-American institution that should be disbanded. It has sucked billions of dollars up and not found one would-be terrorist – but it has no problem separating you from your “dangerous” bottle of water.

  7. PatrickPATRICK says

    This looks like it’s simply using an infrared back-light (which can penetrate certain materials, including some plastics) and a CCD camera to see it.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but it doesn’t seem very bleeding edge.

  8. Anonymous says

    Modern CMOS technology is approaching the ability to produce terahertz imaging systems at very low cost. You will very soon be able to produce a camera capable of “seeing through” clothing. This will raise all sorts of privacy issues.

  9. says

    FFS: Since when is opposition to the TSA tactics now just a conservative issue? In fact, many conservatives love the TSA and what it is doing. They defend it. Meanwhile the ACLU has been fighting the TSA tooth and nail. Really, dude, you need to actually research positions. You just spout off nonsense about views without checking the facts first, and you are getting things wrong.

  10. austin says

    Add my vote to liberals against TSA tactics. By the way, does anyone think terrorists could use another passenger plane as an attack platform? The planes have secure doors to the flight cabins and the passengers would rip the hijackers apart or die trying.

  11. Jason Young says

    The TSA should be abolished. It is a useless organization. The FAA should just copy the same regulations the Israelis use to protect their airports which are among the most heavily targeted in the world. They don’t do strip searches or molest their citizens when they travel and try to average the time of arrival at the airport to boarding the plane to 20-25 minutes with 45 minutes maximum. To my knowledge, they have never had a terrorist takeover of an airplane.

    Hell part of what allowed 9/11 to happen in the first place was bad FAA regulations. I mean they took over a plane with box cutters and that will never happen again. People who are willing to kill themselves in the process of killing others will find a way to do so. Americans need to stop being a bunch of wusses and realize they are more likely to die from hitting their head after falling on a wet floor at a retail store than dieing by terrorist attack. Life is risky and letting the government run roughshod over us by engaging in massive unconstitutional warrantless searches because they can’t create effective regulations, even by merely copying other country’s regulations, is ridiculous.

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