1. wbnyc says

    it’s incredibly refreshing to see men and women of all ages, shapes, and ethnicities at the same club having a complete blast. would never happen here in NYC where all the clubs and bars are so EXHAUSTINGLY and mysteriously segregated. almost worth a trip to manchester!

  2. Drew says

    I know how pretentious and nearly selfish it sounded when Lady Gaga said this was the gay anthem, but I now find myself singing it out-of-the-blue every so often. I suppose no movement has a permanent anthem, but for me, right now, this one will suffice.

  3. John B says

    Anything positive beats negative when it comes to attitude. This isn’t perfect, but it is kind of “from the streets.” Though, it is packaged and wants to be “liked” a lot. So, on whom is the trick being played? Lip synching has been better elsewhere. Though, you know GAGA is so N-O-W, of course, we see it here. What does one expect pulitzer gay news? It is a digital peep show with a heart.

  4. Tim says

    I’m a 16 year old guy…don’t have too many friends, some days it’s rough and to be totally real…Lady Gaga and this song DO make me feel better about myself. you guys not in high school don’t get it. to be out in high school wasn’t cool at all, and still isn’t cool, but my freshmen year of high school I had NO friends…this year, there’s a whole group of kids who are gaga crazed and we all became friends at school- even did a gaga inspired school pride day. I would not have really become friends if not for our common like of her music and some of them would probably not be cool with my being gay freshmen year, but they do look up to her and she’s told them that being gay is okay and almost cool to have gay people around you and I’ve gotten a lot of more acceptance for it. some of you guys can bash her, but for those who are OUT and in school, she has been an inspiration and has made it okay to be gay and be friends with gay people. I don’t get the haters for her. I swer her songs some days took my mind off serious crap like bullying and feeling alone.

  5. IonMusic says

    You can tell a lot about both the soul and spirit of a poster based on how they take a perfectly POSITIVE story like this and turn it in to a negative, nelly, bitter, jaded, queeny, bitchy, vile cry for attention.

    Good for these kids for enjoying their night, dancing, laughing, enjoying a positive song in a setting where diversity is clearly respected. God forbid we don’t get another story of a gay kid killing themselves, that’s what you negative nellies spreading your venom in this story probably were hoping for. Join a gym, a non profit, write a senator or two and redirect your anger issues toward something that makes a difference. You’re behind a computer screen, sitting on your butt bashing a video of teen kids enjoying themselves. That is the epitome of bitter.

  6. Dynex says

    Cute video! Thanks for sharing Andy.

    I went from being lukewarm about “Born this way” to seriously loving it and actually finding it to be one of Lady Gaga’s best songs. It’s catchy, pliable beats, and it lifts my mood, and as someone who doesn’t need to over think everything and would much rather simply enjoy life, that song does allow you to enjoy life. Sets the tone for both my drive to work early in the morning and the drive out on a night on the town with friends. I really appreciate Ga Ga for being a suppoerter and ally.

  7. S says

    Manchester isn’t the name of the gay village, the gay village is in Manchester – a big city here in England.

    This is probably Canal Street? But this hasn’t got a patch on London. If you ever go to London, you must, must go to places like Heaven, Popstarz, and the Shoreditch district. The best gay nights in the world.

  8. Paul Mc says

    Who hasn’t danced their heads off in a club to a song that seemed to join the crowd into one giant chorus of afirmation?

    Down the years….
    I Am What I Am
    Express Yourself
    Your Disco Needs You
    Born This Way
    …. and many more.

    This collab captures a little bit of that feeling and I, for one, am very proud of the all the LBGT kids out there partying and doing their thing and getting the most massive buzz out of singing the lines they want the world to hear!!!

  9. Tonic says

    It’s wonderful seeing real people instead of the usual zombie-clones. How great that this song is uniting so many people and providing an anthem of pride and acceptance.

  10. Juan says

    As someone who just recently came out of the closet at age 24, I can honestly say that this song gives me strength and empowerment. When I came out, I was rejected by my family. They told me that I was not normal and no longer part of the family. When I listen to this song, it makes feel like there is nothing wrong with me. I can’t thank Lady Gaga enough for this beautiful song. This woman is my angel, there are no other words that I can use to describe her. Call me delusional or whatever, but as long as she stands in our corner, I will forever support and admire her. I finally feel comfortable with who I am.

  11. gregg says

    Juan and Tim, thank you for your comments. It’s really great to be able to get up and sing and dance who you are in the face of all the crap that gets slung in our faces. You go GaGa.

  12. Craig Mingus says

    I’m so tiring of the negative hateful comments about Lady GaGa. Why is it that the Gays want equality and acceptance and a stop to all the hatred, yet can turn on a dime to pay-forward vicious hatred towards others and deem it alright? It’s OK to not like something but it’s not OK to hate something because as we all have seen, the end result with hate is never any good.

    And @Tim You are the voice of a generation where Lady GaGa is having a very strong and powerful positive influence. It’s good to see that eventually things will get better! Stay strong Tim.

  13. says

    Hi its Jonathan here. I filmed the ‘Born This Way’ video in Manchester. I really enjoyed reading all the comments. The ‘I Love The Village’ YouTube channel is one of several I do, and creating a viral like this is a great way of celebrating the song whilst getting recognition for the channel.

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