1. Frank says

    Umm… When did Brit stop dancing? She just kinda walks… From left to right with and occasional hair whip.

  2. rand x says

    She looks as if she is walking through a rehearsal. Love the hysterical fans – doesn’t anyone notice she is pretty absent?

  3. Sam K says

    She burnt like 3 calories during the whole performance… She didn’t really move much. Cool performance though, the effects and all.

  4. Bryan says

    Let’s eat her. It’s the logical conclusion to a career desperately in need of a conclusion.

    We’ll feed her nothing but orange rind and thyme for a month before sacrificing her in a ceremony involving fireworks, glitter, and autotune. I’m thinking seared in a wood-fired oven, so that the skin is entirely crisped but the meet still slightly pink around the joint. We won’t need sides dishes – if we’re serving the brain, vegetables would be redundant.

  5. wonderer says

    I’d say how embarrassing for her. But I don’t think she cares. BTW, has she EVER sang live?

  6. reality 101 says

    That outfit is VERY bad for someone waddling around. If she had a sheer flowing skirt on it would at least give the impression of movement.

    Can’t sing live.
    Can’t dance anymore.

  7. Chadd says

    Can we just replace her with Heather Morris (Brittany from Glee)? Heather is an equally good singer and an infinitely better dancer.

  8. Tonic says

    They SO need to pull a DOCTOR WHO on her and replace her with someone who can further the Britney Spears Brand. She’s now just a zombie without an appetite.

  9. Hollywood, CA says

    Where do I begin…(sigh)… I am a huge Brit fan, so this is just p p p painful to watch. Few close-ups, because she’s not singing, which is status quo for her except she use to talk to the audience once in a while. She looks out of shape. She’s not hitting the dance moves like she use to, and she still seems a bit foggy to me. The mash-up of her videos beforehand only highlights how far she has gone down.

    If you’re not a singer, you have to give us a show! Her basic dance moves and rotted lip-synch are not going to cut it. A drag queen should not be able to outperform the original artist, and I would rather see Mimi Imfurst than Brit Brit.


  10. JZN says

    I understand that, according GMA, part of the reason this concert was held in S.F. was to benefit the local LGBT homeless shelter. So say what you will about the horrible performance, and it was, at least someone’s heart was in the right place…whomever it may have been.

  11. Tim says

    I think I’m more annoyed by the hosts being so incredibly “mom and dad” uncool and pretending they have any relevance to that performance.

    Bless poor Britney. I have learned not to expect much and she certainly delivers on that point. The singles are amazing via video, but she really shouldn’t promote anything herself anymore.

    Blackout was her best era – she was finally herself and had a bit of control (even if personally out of control). Everything since has just been more manufacture from her money hungry family and label.

  12. New York, NY says

    It sounds like she’s actually trying to sing over the backup vocals for the first few verses of Hold It Against Me and Till the World Ends. I’m surprised.

    But she really needs to stop trying to dance. She’s 29 and has given birth twice. She’s no longer capable of pulling off the moves she did as a 19-year-old, and that’s fine. Kesha is in the same dance pop genre but manages to make pretty good videos without any choreography. There are other ways to make a performance entertaining.

  13. bob says

    Can we just replace her with Heather Morris (Brittany from Glee)? Heather is an equally good singer and an infinitely better dancer.

    Posted by: Chadd | Mar 29, 2011 1:40:54 PM

    could not agree more. actually, i feel kinda sorry for her…

  14. nikko says

    What untalented garbage. That so many gays adore her is pathetic. Madonna and Gaga rightfully rule.

  15. Michael in Toronto says

    South Park said it best.

    I think this is tragic.

    Puts me in mind of a dancing bear.

  16. Matt says

    Look at all those cameraphones phones up in the air, capturing shitty quality videos while the entire shindig was going to be broadcast in HD on network television! RIDICULOUS!

  17. Ozzy says

    You guys suck! You guys are never gotta be happy with anything Britney does or other artist (unless they have “talent” BS). Screw you guys. I’m in embarrassed that we’re on same team

  18. Dave L says

    Yeah, god forbid we prefer to watch people with talent. Britney has never done a damn thing for gay people, so I absolutely fail to see why gays give a crap about her. She just saw that it helped Gaga and others and figured, why not try it? I’m way more embarrassed that so many gays like her.

    I also don’t see how it was a benefit for the LGBT shelter unless GMA made a donation. Tickets to the show were free.

  19. says

    @NEW YORK Saying she’s 29 with two kids is no excuse. Beyonce is her age, granted without kids, but her performance level isn’t even in the same galaxy. Madonna DOES have two kids and is in her 50s. That’s the weakest excuse I’ve seen in a long time.

  20. wonderer says

    I don’t understand why people consider her a gay icon. Someone explain please…..BTW, did’t she support Bush??

  21. Matt says

    I’m so sad by this. I try not to be too serious about brit stuff, but this is too much….
    It doesn’t even look like she wants to be there. What happened during her breakdown? She is a different person now. It almost seems like she is more popular now than she was before the breakdown…people just feel bad for her, and are very forgiving. How long will that last?

  22. says

    It’s a shame but she’s a “has been” already … low energy, no dancing, lip syncing , chunky and dull songs. GaGa has simply eaten her alive

  23. caelus says

    It’s too painful to watch, she is moving so slow, like a 60 years old grandma, I don’t think we will ever have a chance to watch her powerful choreography she did in “I’m A Slave For You” anymore, sad.

    She reminds me Anna Nicole Smith, I think she has already suffered some degree of brain damage from the drug abuse.

  24. kalub says

    You jaded old queens who think Britney showed no talent here, all I can say is bitter.This girl has been to hell and back with the media against her.She is liked by the gays because she is sweet, sexy and still very beautiful. Those dramatic comments … I’m sad, I’m embarrassed, how tragic…. There continues to be this bitterness in our gay community for what ever reason. So stop being that stereo type bitter, dramatic drag and show appreciation.It’s Britney you bitches!