1. Seven says

    When was that photo taken? I can’t imagine that he has been on a Manhattan beach this year.

  2. DTK says

    you have to love this site…a volcano erupts in Japan, a second explosion at the nuclear plant and in between Zac Efron’s new tatoo…I love this site…LOL

  3. Matt26 says

    Sth I thought I never write: Zac is a very good looking guy.
    @DTK This planet is so full of everything…

  4. will says

    Really. This site takes Hugh Grant to task for using the word “queen” and the Vanity Fair writer for using the word “fag” in an article about “Glee” — these are all deemed homophobic — yet we can sit around and treat Zac Efron like a piece of meat?

  5. ChicagoR says

    In the pic where he is hanging by his arms, he appears to be having a difficult time keeping his legs down.

  6. Jerry says

    I don’t get the connection WILL? Zac is deemed indisputably hot by 90% of gay men. How is that related to homophobia?

  7. john says

    If by chance Zac Efron you read this or a good friend of yours comes across this post…please please make that the last tattoo you ever consider disfiguring yourself with.Seriously.

  8. ratbastard says

    @SEVEN: Manhattan Beach is in California

    Posted by: Tommy Lakes | Mar 14, 2011 1:25:45 PM



  9. Justin says

    all I can say is I am really hungover today and this seriously made my day better. Zac is a piece of ass.

  10. jaragon says

    He might be single in public – but hard to believe he doesn’t have some lucky boyfriend in the closet.

  11. reality 101 says

    Zac Efron was born with good looks and talent – and WORKED very hard to become a muscled tattooed HUNK of meat.

    What are we women now complaining that we ogle each other ?

    — most men understand that we work out for each other because we are visual

    — yes immature men raise looks above other attributes foolishly — but some of us know how to keep fantasy (Hollywood Stars and Porn Stars) and reality in perspective.