African Study of ‘AIDS-Prevention’ Drug Truvada Halted

You may recall that last November came a report that Truvada, a retroviral drug combination in use for two years to treat people already infected with HIV, had been revealed to cut transmission of new infections in HIV-negative men by 44 percent.

Test results on African women are showing the drug is ineffective, the AP reports:

Truvada Women taking Truvada (true-VAH'-duh), made by Gilead Sciences Inc., are just as likely to get HIV as other women who have been given dummy pills, an interim analysis of the study found. Even if the study were to continue, it would not be able to determine whether the pills help prevent infection, since the results are even this far along, researchers said.

The finding is disappointing because another study last fall concluded that Truvada did help prevent infections in gay and bisexual men when given with condoms, counseling and other prevention services. Many AIDS experts view that as a breakthrough that might help slow the epidemic. 

Family Health International, a nonprofit involved in AIDS research, announced the new results on Monday. 

Drug Seen to Drastically Cut HIV Transmission in Gay Men Hailed as 'Major Advance' [tr]


  1. Bobeau says

    This is a big deal.

    The CDC is trying to de-fund the Community based AIDS organizations and give the money they have been using for HIV prevention to a drug company for a drug that does not work.

    The doctors at the CDC hate the community based organizations and jumped on the questionable study published last year to entirely overthrow years of HIV prevention research and impose a medical solution – even where one does not exist.

    The doctors that run the CDC have never adequately funded HIV prevention and now they want to wreck it.

  2. NVTodd says

    I think that people who lie to push ineffective drugs should be called out and strung up.

    The HIV isn’t funded enough mantra is old and an obvious lie.

  3. Bobeau says

    The CDC doesn’t even fund HIV testing in STD clinics…. and that’s just part of the shortfall in HIV prevention funding.

    I don’t know enough to comment on HIV funding generally, but HIV prevention programs are given pennies on the dollar.

  4. just_a_guy says

    Is this the drug that an opposition group had a banner to on the towleroad site that a bunch of us signed on to? DOes that mean we won?

  5. says

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  6. Ben says

    It’s been 30 years. We are long overdue for a solution! Please support re:solve AIDS and the Chronic Disease Fund.