Anti-Gay Councilor Hammers Openly Lesbian Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Nominee Barbara Lenk

Anti-gay Massachusetts Councilor Charles O. Cipollini hammered lesbian nominee Barbara Lenk yesterday in her confirmation hearings for the state's Supreme Judicial Court, South Coast Today reports:

Cipollini Wednesday he said "I am tired of attempts by the court to redefine common words … especially those that we hold dear, like marriage."

"Will the definition of spaghetti be next?"

He wanted details of cases that involved Lenk as judge that dealt "homosexual and lesbian issues." He asked if she thought same-sex marriage was settled law.

Lenk said she believed the judicial decision regarding same-sex marriage in the state was settled law.

Before Cipollini's comments, Lenk, who has served as an Appeals Court judge for more than 15 years, told the nine-member council: "I believe that my decisions, along with the way I have conducted myself as a judge, reflect my commitment to the fair and equal treatment of all people under the law."

Added Lenk: "Every person who wears a judicial robe has had life experiences that leave their mark. Mine have been rich and varied, bridging many divides, and these experiences allow me to see things from many perspectives."

The Governor's Council is expected to vote on the nomination next week. Lenk would be the first openly gay member of the state's highest court.


  1. Rob says

    I totally agree with Chris that this ruddy pasta-faced homophobe is typical of his anti-gay ilk. Nothing at all new here. Sorry this judicial candidate and her family had to sit through his ranting BS.

  2. ratbastard says

    The Governor’s Council is a big joke here in Massachusetts. They’re all political hacks.

    The council dates from the late 1600s pre-revolution period when Massachusetts was a British Crown Colony. It should have been abolished a long time ago.

  3. ratbastard says

    I find the personal insults regarding this man’s physical appearance amusing. There are no ‘…ruddy, pasta faced’ gays? All gay men look like male Calvin Klein models … LOL?

    No wonder there’s so much insecurity among gay men regarding their physical appearance.

    And no….I don’t have a ‘,,,ruddy, pasta face’, and I’m not fat

  4. Gianpiero says

    I would be more interested in knowing why, after a solid state supreme court decision, seven years of marriage equality and tens of thousands of marriages, he thinks for a moment that marriage in Massachusetts would not be settled law? It’s disturbing to think that this man who obviously doesn’t understand the role and authority of the state supreme court gets to vote on its composition.

  5. fatandnotugly says

    Had to click on Chris’s Twitter link to confirm the obvious: it’s always the homely skinny guys who insult fat people. Being ugly makes scrawny queens bitter. Never fails.

    Maybe we could stop being insecure in our own looks long enough to stop pretending that being fat is worse than being evil?

  6. Justin N in OakLawn, Dallas, TX says

    Yes, Einstein. You’ve sure figured us out. “Spaghetti” is DEFINITELY next.

  7. Danny says

    call me a bigot if you like but I have the distinct perception that the vast majority of conservative a**h*les who gives us trouble are conspicuously well-fed.

  8. Kas says

    @ Fatandnotugly

    I’ve never clicked any of the links people provide here but you compelled me to look at Chris’. He is reasonably attractive (assuming that is his photograph) and therefore have to attribute your comment to some form of bitterness.

    There are a myriad of health benefits that come from being relatively thin and physically active. While the standards of physical beauty change from period to period and culture to culture I know that personally I have never found a fat person attractive in either physical form or personality.

    In truth the number of persons who are fat through no fault of their own is relatively low, though conditions certainly exist to cause such unfortunates to exist. In my mind a fat person is slothful, lazy, undisciplined, and unwilling to make an effort to better themselves.

    They place their own pleasures, whether it be the pleasure of food or slothful indulgence in inactivity, above their own health and above the welfare of their friends and family. It has been established that weight is a major contributor to heart disease and other often fatal ailments. To allow yourself to be at greater risk of these diseases hastens the day when your loved ones must be deprived of your presence.

    I cannot find a person who is fat sexually attractive because all I see is someone who doesn’t even care for themselves and I find it hard to believe that they would make a good partner. I see no reason I should be concerned with such a person’s self esteem to the degree that I should lie to preserve it. Obviously, they do not care enough about themselves to preserve their own lives what kind of self esteem could they realistically have?

  9. dieter says

    let us not forget that Mass. was also the state that brought us witch hunts. It would appear that nothing has changed.

  10. Rin says

    About this case: Logic is only the first step on the path to wisdom. Life experience makes you wise and empathic. I’d rather have a supreme court of all backgrounds, creeds, and types so that true justice is meted out wisely.

    About the fat thing: science is proving that overweight people have similar brains to drug addicts and are not like that of the general populace. So to a degree they are less responsible for their weight than we would like them to be, if that makes sense.

  11. ratbastard says



  12. Mike says

    since when are gay people banned from eating spaghetti? ugh those anti gay people hate us so much they would give up eating spaghetti when they find out we like it? is this the problem? Divorce has redefined traditional marriage already.

  13. redball says

    I’m a grad student in public health and I’d be really careful about assigning blame to all overweight and obese people for their weight issues. Sure, some may be struggling with overeating or too little exercise.

    But scientists have been discovering there is more to obesity than the simple “calories in minus calories expended” concept we’ve all learned. Individuals vary in their exposure to various obesity-causing chemicals in early life and in their sensitivity to such chemicals.

    Remember the news a few years ago about BPA in baby bottles, Nalgene bottles, and other plastic containers? We’ve been using plastics for decades and just **now** figured out that BPA is harming us. Just think how much we have yet to learn; we are currently exposed to hundreds if not thousands of chemicals in our daily environment. We have so much more to learn and I think humility rather than condemnation and stigmatization is the way to go here.

  14. LuckyBlueEyez says

    What is amazing is how this prick wants to try and dig up any favoritism shown to homosexual people when for years gays and lesbians have been openly discriminated against.