1. Tyler says

    Dear, BEE.

    The comment is neither witty nor insightful, but vile.


    A fan of American Psycho and nothing after it.

  2. Larry says

    This is the kind of thing I would expect from Jerry Falwell back in the day. The fact that it came from Ellis is disgusting.
    The Chris Colfer performance that brought on this comment was brilliant! He is still just a kid (only 20) and one of the bravest out performers I can think of.

  3. says

    Someone’s trying hard to stay relevant. The media encourages people to make a$$es of themselves by saying things like this by rewarding them with face time.

  4. ryan says

    He’s a little retro blast of the Reagan era preserved in formaldehyde, bless him. The attention seeking tool.

  5. gaylib says

    WTF?? Is it 1990 again? Why does it seem like everyday we are taking yet another giant step backwards? The fact that ANYONE thinks this is acceptable is just further proof that our civil rights struggle is flailing badly.

  6. Paul R says

    He’s gay, isn’t he? Didn’t he deny it for years, then admit the obvious? It doesn’t really matter; sexual orientation doesn’t mean one is or is not an idiot.

    Anyway, he’s never seemed like anything more than the empty cokeheads that litter his trashy work.

  7. David Phillips says

    Desperate plea for attention. He ought to be on tour with Charlie Sheen. If he wants to meet up, I’ll show him what 28.5 years of HIV looks like while he licks these solid 23″ calves!

  8. BartB says

    That’s funny, when I read his badly written novels I felt like I stepped into a boring pile of dog crap written by a guy who hates women because he has a very, very tiny penis.

  9. Rob says

    Mr. Ellis certainly is writing like he HAS come down with…something…affecting his need for attention! Ugh-ly moves, American Psycho.

  10. Mikey Mugglesworth says

    Proving he’s LESS THAN ZERO Ellis is obviously auditioning for Becks old job. Someone should remind him that Michael Savage, nee Michael Weiner, sucked cock too.

  11. brian says

    What on earth is Ellis getting at? He’s either on a bender or he’s blowing farts out of his mouth.

  12. crispy says

    What does that even mean? I don’t get it. Is he saying that only fem, Broadway queens get HIV? Because that would be the most moronic thing I’ve ever heard ever.

    Seriously, Twitter is the worst thing to happen to famous people.

    (And if you don’t know who Bret Easton Ellis is, it’s probably because you watch terrible TV shows like Glee)

  13. Danny says

    He’s a homophobe left over from an era that should be allowed to die. I knew he had something bad wrong with him when I read his novel GLAMORAMA in which he pretends that everybody in the fashion/modeling business is straight. In that entire book that depicts at least in passing countless real-life gay people, the only two gay characters are the two most sick, depraved people in the story.

    He reminds me of how Woody Allen ignores the countless numbers of gay people in the entertainment industry–just pretends that we aren’t there!

    What is wrong with these sick f**ks?

  14. says

    rolph and jim i googled him and he wrote

    Less than Zero, American Psycho, & The Rules of Atraction

  15. steven elliot says

    this comment reads exactly like something vapid one of his ‘less than zero’ characters would utter. a spoiled, drug-taking, rich, bourgeois, prep school brat’s remark

  16. says

    He’s always been so self-loathing, especially about gay stuff. It’s in his books, it’s in his life. I feel sorry for him.

  17. says

    Normally, I’d applaud anyone “famous” with the guts to say anything negative about Glee (because it seems to earn the wrath of Ryan Murphy, and because I hate it), but this is insane.

  18. Matt Connolly says

    A floundering, once-relevant writer takes to the internet to cook up some headline-grabbing “commentary.” Oh, Brett, you’re an original!

  19. says

    I’m sure this is just a scramble for some sort of press as his last novel died a fate worse than bad press- total indifference.

  20. Jeremy says

    He’s basically the James Frey of his generation. Anyone putting on literary elitist airs and exclaiming about the frightful ignorance of those who don’t know about a marginal American author are more than likely just bitter.

    He isn’t someone talented or influential enough to even bother being remembered from one generation to the next, so it can’t be expected that everyone will have immersed themselves in the literature and culture of the 80s enough to be familiar with him.

    American Psycho is hardly great American literature.

  21. jake says

    This is peculiar. Coming as it does from the F. Scott Fitzgerald of our time. Brilliant novelist.

  22. dot says

    Ellis likes his gay characters – heck, ALL of his characters – to affect the same world weary attitude he holds. I think his problem is not that Glee is “gay,” but that Kurt and the other characters on the show are not the sardonic sophisticates he admires. Kurt is gay AND happy and genuine. That’s going to kill someone like Ellis. It doesn’t fit within his world view. The fact that he is also self-hating is peripheral here, I think.

  23. Kathlene says

    Glee sucks, I wish he could have compared it to something other than HIV. Y u do dis to me BEE?

  24. mld says

    sorry, this tawdry comment doesn’t undo his past talent. im not on ‘that’ boat, but i do think the impulse posting of twitter users has made those celebrities, writers, politicians and basically everyone on it seem just that much dumber.

    its disrespectful, immature, and on the internet, its broadcast to everyone. i expect a hollow half hearted twitter apology will follow.

  25. just_a_guy says

    This nobody guy is JEALOUS of the boys on glee.

    And he’d rather a world where gays need to live in invisibility because he knows HOW to live in THAT world…and he doesn’t know how to hold his head up tall in the REAL worldm, poor guy. I pity Bret Easton Ellis.

    Sorry, but American Psycho is a relic, man. Get over it.

    Two guys in love simply has NOTHING to do with HIV. (Even if you are somehow convinced that it does, you sad man.)

    Reinvent yourself already Mr. Ellis.

  26. just_a_guy says

    Oh yeah, and Bret…to answer the question you asked, please call your psychologist. Make an appointment immediately, man. No really, do it NOW. You need help, dude. You can come back from all this, but you need HELP.

  27. Ty says

    Hating Glee is like hating baby penguins, and HIV dies when exposed to oxygen, so there is no puddle of it anywhere. Grow Up, please!

  28. nodnarb says

    @Jeremy: It’s clear you know nothing of Bret Easton Ellis, or, I’d gather, contemporary literature.

    Ellis, along with Michael Cunningham, is one of the most important gay authors of the post-Violet Quill era. He is not marginal. And his work, particularly the shifting first-person narrative and use of recurring characters, has been hugely influential on modern fiction.

    To suggest that he’s an unknown author or washed-up as so many pedestrians here have done is a poor attempt to belittle his comments about Glee. And in truth, he should be taken to task for such stupid remarks.

    At least it’s nice to see people here like Dot and Steven Elliot who at least know and appreciate his work attempt to explain his mindset, however flawed it may be.

  29. angerthunder says

    Hahaha..have to agree (but never woulve found such a gross way to say it.) Wow, what passiveaggressive & bitchy comments. The faster a drug is invented to cure the tv of this artificial & preachy, syrapy crap (that embarrases me as a queer), the better.

  30. Tell It Like It Is says

    He has always been self-loathing, right? That’s just him projecting his fears.

  31. Jeremy says

    No, I don’t know much about contemporary literature. Why waste my time reading through garbage hoping for a gem? I’ll wait for the years to winnow out the chaff.

    He’s not a Eudora Welty or a William Faulkner or even a Silvia Platt or even Hunter S. Thompson.

    In the larger scheme of things, yes, he is indeed marginal. Maybe in your narrow range of scholarship he stands out as a great thinker, but I can assure you he is not, and never will be, any kind of significant.

  32. nodnarb says

    Don’t take my word for it, Jeremy… one of Ellis’s biggest admirers is Roger Avary, who won the Academy Award for co-writing Pulp Fiction, arguably the most influential film of the last 15 years due to its non-linear structure and shifting narrative, key features of Ellis’s books.

    But I’m sure you’re right, he’s not significant at all.

    Keep being a sheep. I guess life is simpler when you wait for others to tell you how to think.

  33. JEFFINLA says

    Comparing Pulitzer-prized winning author Michael Cunningham, whose work has been adapted into Oscar Award winning films, to Brett Easton Ellis, who wrote a couple of successful books about, and enjoyed, by disaffected youth in the 80’s and were eventually turned into crappy movies, is beyond absurd. BEE can’t even keep a stable relationship with a publisher, and this is probably why.

    Thanks NODNARB for the lesson, but I remember.

  34. JEFFINLA says

    AND BEE didn’t invent non-linear structures and shifting narratives. Try reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstien.

  35. nodnarb says

    Michael Cunningham, the same Pulitzer Prize-winning author who wrote one of the most disappointing novels published in the last 20 years, Specimen Days, that one? Yeh, Ellis’s worst book is better than that piece of crap.

    Go on, give me another author. I’m happy to school you all day.

    PS: One Academy Award (for acting no less) does not equal films plural. Try again.

  36. nodnarb says

    “Bret Easton Ellis is a PIG.”

    Oh, never mind. It’s clear you have some sort of personal vendetta. When you’re capable of discussing one’s work without resorting to personal attacks (and frankly, I suspect he IS a pig, but that’s not relevant), then you’re welcome to sit at the adult table. Until then, you’ve already taken far more of my time you deserve.

  37. Jim Green says

    yeah, an unfortunate statement from BEE, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that Glee is a piece of crap.

  38. Jeremy says

    @NODNARB: First, the use of shifting first-person narrative and recurring characters can hardly be attributed to Ellis. The use of focalization in written literature has been going on since at least the Aeneid. Recurring characters can be traced to about 700 years earlier. Whether Robert Avary considers Ellis praiseworthy is irrelevant; every author has admirers. It is hardly sheep-like to trust the opinions of a learned authority on an issue you don’t care much about. Have you taken the time to make sure the earth’s core is indeed a spinning ball of magma? I have read nothing from any noteworthy source saying Ellis has been influential beyond a few contemporaries. Maybe you’ve just finished a class on contemporary literature and feel the need to demonstrate your ability to regurgitate what your teacher told you, or maybe you just finished reading Ellis’s wikipedia article. It’s hard to tell because you keep citing other people’s opinions and ideas to support your claim that Ellis a more than a minor author, without offering any of your own.

  39. fred says

    HA HA HA. Brett is funny. That TV show IS pretty bad. That poor kid that plays the gay has very limited career options because our culture is so homophobic.

    Let me break the code for you gays. BEE’s tweet was addressed to his followers. For the most part I would think they are fun, clever bitches. He was not tweeting to stupid bitches. Think dialogue for “The Woman” (1939 not 2008).

    KIDS, KIDS, KIDS all this trash talk about Brett makes me want to ask you one questions. “Did Andy Warhol attend your 21st birthday party?”

  40. f00 says

    Re: Reagan era throwback.
    It was just a shout-out to his coy financial backers who are fans of his. They still live in the Yorkville section of the Upper East side back when it was full of German sympathizers.

  41. CKNJ says

    I would not be surprised if NODNARB actually was found to be BEE writing under a pseudonym trying to make nice about himself… he is so crawled up BEE’s ass it’s laughable. You say others should think for themselves and not be sheep, NODNARB, yet you insist they think like you. Shame.

    BEE’s post was stupid, insensitive and crass at best. At worst, self-loathing homophobic poison!

  42. TomJ says

    Yes, he is gay. It’s not like I’m “outing” him or anything. But the guy is GAY. I first met him at “The Bar” on 2nd Ave. in the East Village. Then met someone he dated, who lived on Bleeker. Yes, I know this, he is gay.

  43. nothanks says

    1. Glee sucks.
    2. You people will support anything gay, no matter how bad it is, or how badly it damages the image of our community, even if there is a slight upshot of increased visibility.
    3. HIV is an entirely preventable disease in this day and age, but we’re still happy to bareback our way into years of expensive healthcare just to spend 3 minutes underneath some dude whose body is the product of roids and cocaine.
    4. Bret Easton Ellis is embarrassing, but he’s also kind of like the drunk aunt at the party; what she says is offensive, but sorry, ladies, it’s true.
    5. Therefore, all of this is hilarious and none of you have any sense of humor.

    Why don’t you form a steering committee to figure out how to deal with this very true but less-than-tactful comment from someone in our own community? Perhaps you could petition GLAAD to “condemn” his “tweet”? Why don’t we schedule a vigil to highlight how serious we are about Bret Easton Ellis’ completely true and dead-on opinion of a show that brings 50-something gays together to salivate over high schoolers singing and dancing, playing right into the stereotypes that the far-right uses to justify their attacks on us?

    Just a thought.

  44. Joel R. says

    Bret Easton Ellis posts on this site. EVERY single one of his comments in these comments section, with various screenames of course, can be found (almost verbatim) in recent tweets he’s made…this time attacking Matt Bomer for being gay. This man is truly a Hitler like character toward the LGBT people. His obsession with our community is both pathetic, laughable and disturbinng….but him coming on our blogs and posting with various made up screenames to defend himself is even MORE amusing…and pathetic. Much like his “work”