1. Rob West says

    Well it was never discussed in my schools either Grammar or High School, still turned out a well adjusted, happy Gay man.

  2. tommy says

    If there is no reason to mention gay in early schools because it has no relevance to reproduction then there is no reason to mention God or Jesus is schools either.

  3. Francis says

    So………is this legally viable? That is what I really want to know. Can they do this legally and not get sued and have this law abolished if it becomes law?

    In any case, again, this is another case of how our basic humanity as LGBT citizens are under attack in this country. People like Mr. Campfield are going to do everything in their power to demonize, closet and shame us, and any heterosexual who supports us. Got to be vigilant and strong in the face of these attacks.

  4. tooboot says

    His argument is built on the premise that acknowledging the existence of LGBT people is somehow a promotion. He is smug to say that people choose their sexual orientation and that LGBT people cannot reproduce, which he knows is just not true. This is unconstitutional because it denies free speech, which is probably why he has tried 6 times to push it through.

  5. jamal49 says

    Which is why I hate, HATE, the term “homosexuality”. It gives wing-nuts and bigots the upper-hand in any argument about our civil rights because of the “s-e-x” in the word. No one would every expect a discussion of LGBT people to incorporate the “s-e-x” word. We need to stop this identification of LGBT with sex first and anything else later. I am a sexual being but it is NOT the predominant factor in my life. Can’t speak for anyone else regarding this but I really get tired of my humanity being reduced to sex, sex, sex.

    BTW, that TN legislator is a typical, white, male, evangelical *sshole.

  6. Francis says

    This weird dude still gives me a major gay vibe. I don’t think he’s straight. I don’t like the assumption all homophobes are gay, but something about him raises my eye.

  7. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Notice how delighted he is when he says how upset the LGBT community is with him and his bill. That says a lot.

    I don’t know who the interviewer was, but I thought she did a great job.

  8. kodiak says

    How kind of him to open the closet door and assist our entry into it!
    What a great man!

  9. Doug Chgo says

    I think the interviewer did a sh*tty job. She didn’t do her homework well enough to call him out on his misguided premise that any mention of homosexuality would be sex education. That’s not the point of the California law, and that’s not the point of mentioning gay people in schools in TN or anywhere else. It’s history, it’s current events, it’s students’ lives. She lost a great opportunity to guide the interview and educate her viewers; she f#cked up.

  10. Keith40051 says

    WAY TO BE A GOOD BIGOT THERE CAMPFIELD..Im sure HITLER would be a prominent backer of your policies if still alive. Forgot your sheet at home? He’s probably a closeted self loathing homosexual too, mores the pity.

  11. Bryan says

    This terrible. Making it illegal to discuss LGBTQ people in Tennessee’s schools will force students to comb the internet for information about us when they should be studying math. As if kids today aren’t already sufficiently distracted…

  12. Pointed says

    Yeah, I am sure that will make all the gay kids straight now. Whew! Now we don’t have to deal with gay anymore since this bill will fix these broken kids. Idiots!

  13. Kit says

    Andy, I hope you’re following the Facebook debate that Del Shores is having with Campfield. Del has called him on spreading mis-information and is challenging Canpfield to debate him in Nashville. Campfield, it seems, is trying to weasle out of it.

  14. RJ says

    So… all those grade schoolers who casually throw around the phrase “that’s so gay” are all going to be suspended and disciplined?

    Honestly, do these anti-gay nutjobs ever think through the homophobic policies they advocate?