1. says

    Would’ve been funnier had they used someone who was more specifically identified as slutty. Pam Anderson? The real housewives of [insert location here]? Ben Roethlisberger? Warren Beatty? Although admittedly, those who remember Beatty as a man whore may not be driving much anymore…

  2. paul says

    Obviously this used car dealer doesn’t know who Tom Ford is (Or for that matter the majority of Canadians). This same story was on Jezebel last week except it was an anonymous woman. They picked this photo becuase he looks like a sleazy barfly/playboy type.

  3. Hue-Man says

    I don’t get any slutty vibes – only high performance machine that’s been lovingly maintained but looking for a new master. BTW, Strathroy, Ontario, is between Sarnia and London; it’s unlikely Tom Ford would ever have a reason to get off the freeway to visit!

  4. epic says

    yes us poor Canadian have no clue who the former creative director and designer for Gucci was, nor the awarding winning director of “A Single Man”, huh? let alone being one of the most identifiably sexy faces in recent history, shame on us…how banal. We know who Tom Ford is; your prejudices are noted.

  5. Bushsucks says

    Epic: as an american, I think the commentor bashing the GWN are simple minded trash…I LOVE this ad! And I think it’s damned funny. And I’m proud the Canadian Dry sense of humor is rocking away despite what the moronic dolts living below Canada say.

  6. Guille says

    There are Hobits living beneath Canada? Wow! How deep do you have to dig to reach them? More on point, most cars run better after they get a few miles on them.

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