CPAC Chair: GOProud Taunted Our Board Members

Gay conservative group GOProud was too aggressive for CPAC chairman Al Cardenas, he says in a new interview with Human Events:

Cardenas Reviewing the recent national CPAC, Cardenas addressed the controversy surrounding participation [with a booth in the exhibit hall] by the Republican gay group GOProud.  He feels “the problem is that GOProud didn’t help us any in being inclusive, because they used that platform to be quite aggressive [outside CPAC].  They started taunting some of our board members.”

“The ideal GOProud participation would have been, ‘You know what, guys?  This is an inclusive society.  We’re as interested in these fiscal issues as you are.  Fill your website with fiscal issues that you’re for and be a mainstream discusser of issues.  We just happen to have a different lifestyle.’  And if they’d done that, they would have laid the groundwork for things that would have been pretty good.’”

(via politico)


  1. frank says

    So pathetic. He’s laying the groundwork to expell them from the next convention. The GOP nationwide is purging itself of any and all moderate voices much like the catholic church – where will it all lead???

  2. Francis says

    “This is an inclusive society.”

    True meaning: This is an inclusive society—-as long as you are not gay.

    I guess they expected the conservative gays not to make a stink at their homophobia. It’s truly incredible the COMPLETE and utter lack of humanity these people have towards our community. To start whining because a couple of GOProud members “taunted” board members is the height of pettiness.

  3. Patrick says

    You know, I find the idea of a gay Republican group to be hypocritical. It seems to be a slap in the face to every gay group that has fought against the conservative establishment that constantly seeks to do us harm, deny us freedoms and basic rights, and claim that we are not of God but of the Devil and a plague upon society.

    That being said, I also find it interesting that the GOP and CPAC, who have been so adamant in standing against GOProud and other groups like it should make any comment such as this. It seems to me that they attempt to mask their hate and contempt for GOProud by claiming them nothing more than arrogant, disruptive and aggressive hooligans who damage the “inclusive” nature of the CPAC conference. Anyone who has been following this or any of GOProud’s related efforts would know this is simply double-talk… an “inclusive” conservative conference? Hardly…

    Seems to me that to Republicans and Conservatives, groups like GOProud not only represent a social group far beyond the scope of conservative morals, but a dangerous new way for gays to fight back: donning the mantle of a much maligned enemy to grease the gears of their political machine with diversity. Oh, Lordy, Lordy! Can’t be having none of that diversity!

  4. says

    Although I think GOProud is a ridiculous group, I am sure they were called many worse things by the Republicans at CPAC than any taunts they threw back. But I guess it is alright for KKKristian RepubliKKKans to call gay people names.

  5. RobH says

    I’m sure Christopher Barron will be all over the networks tonight to underscore that these statements are actually a conservative endorsement gays.

    If people want to join GOProud, more power to them. But if these people really believe that mainstream conservatism supports civil rights for gay Americans then they are living under a very large and very heavy rock.

  6. says

    “They started taunting some of our board members.”

    You mean they said you had tiny dicks? Or was it just by breathing they were “taunting” you?

    You’re right about what Barron will say about this.

    How many members does GOPround have anyway? Three?

    I’m sure it’s larger than the “Catholic league” but every bit as pathetic.

  7. Ted says

    I am OK with the guy’s comments as long as teh Republican party is only focused on fiscal issues. The problem is, the party that used to stand for keeping government out of our private lives now stands for intruding wherever possible. Witness the attempt to defund Planned Parenthood last week as a means to save us from the big looming deficit. So Mr. Cardenas, get out of our bedrooms and give us equal rights. Then we won’t have to ask for them any more and perhaps we can focus only on fiscal issues.

  8. Rowan says

    Hmm, GOproud has only stuck UP for these loons.

    This situation is all about that woman from NOM who was trying to get people to not attend CPAC because of GOproud. Barron called her a bigot and then apologized after the social conservatives went crazy. That’s it.

    He never called them any names in the name for sticking up for the gay community or anything. It was because that woman had systematically created a situation that freezes GOproud out.

    He even tried to reach to the witch.

  9. Chitown Kev says


    Again, you get it wrong.

    It was about conservative attorney Cleta Mitchell (who is not affiliated with NOM as far as I know) and Barron called her a “nasty bigot.:

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