1. Robert in SF says

    It’s that last statement from Maggie about ~”I don’t think it’s just about marriage for gays…they are trying to lay a foundation for other things!” that shows her real hand here. Hers and most of the others who oppose equal rights for gays/lesbians for marriage rights.

    They *are* motivated by animosity towards us, and they can’t deny it when they admit that our marriages don’t affect theirs (or effect them either!), and that they think this is only a stepping stone to further suppression of the straights and their lifestyles and even religion and the foundation of America, Christianism….

    Someone needs to collect all these statements in video form and show them for the hypocrites and bigots that they are.

  2. Almonst says

    I wish that Maggie Gallagher would focus less of her time on the “gay agenda” and moreso on something she can directly relate to, like the epidemic of obesity in America.

  3. Talisman says

    These arguments are so easy to debunk, even without ever mentioning marriage equality, because, if marriage is solely about procreation:

    1) Every person must undergo extensive fertility testing (at their own expense, of course) before they can get married.

    2) Every couple must have a child within a specific period of time. If you want to wait awhile, forget it; if you’re just slow to kindle, forget it…the marriage will be resolved to protect its sanctity.

    3) Every widow or widower must immediately remarry, or the child shoulld be removed from the home.

    4) If you get pregnant out-of-wedlock, you must marry before the baby is born, or the child will be removed.

    Of course, those poor single-parent children won’t langish in orphanages or foster homes, because there will be plenty of childless couples waiting in line to adopt…oh, wait, under Maggie’s system, there *won’t* be any childless couples…

    It’s telling that Maggie herself couldn’t argue a coherent point…

  4. John Freeman says

    What a sad bunch of losers. Why do they see gay marriage as an attack on straight marriage? No one wants to deny them their right to marry.

  5. AllBeefPatty says

    Hmm. So they think that homosexuality is a defect?

    Question: Have they looked in the mirror?

  6. says

    If they want to make marriage about Responsible Procreation, then pass legislation that demands fertility tests for all couples before marriage licenses are granted.

  7. DannyI says

    Has anyone found or been able to listen to this as an mp3? I’d like to hear the whole thing on my commute, but I’ve been unable to download the weird wvx format it’s in.