1. Todd says

    Great idea guys, but it’s edited like a corporate training film from the ’80s. How about some production value, guys. Don’t tell me you couldn’t find a decent editor to work on something this important.

  2. Francis says

    One of the basic forms to profess your love for another person, and half of the country wants to deny that and take it away from men like this, who have been together 55 years, just because of their sexual orientation and the gender combination of the couple. Stories like this highlight how sick and pathetic anti-gays really are.

  3. johnny says

    I feel bad for these men, but they could have made sure this didn’t happen with a few easy steps years ago.

    If you know what the current laws require, then go to a lawyer and get your wills, life insurance, deeds, property, everything in order. It’s the only thing that protects you in this country with the way things stand currently.

    My partner and I have taken every possible step to insure that if either of us die, the other is taken care of financially and won’t lose the home. We live in Indiana and it’s the only way to survive in a red state. Sure, it cost us some money, but better safe than homeless and sorry.

    I hope and pray that someday it won’t require such drastic and expensive action, but for now, what other choice do we have?

  4. FAEN says

    DOMA is a slap in the face to every GLBT tax paying American citizen. As one half of a binational couple, the emotional, physical and financial toll of not being able to legally sponsor my partner is almost too much to take most days. How much longer are we to live as second class citizens? How many more of our families will be pushed into exile, live apart for years or live underground?

    Get rid of DOMA and/or pass the Uniting American Families Act!

  5. FAEN says

    Johnny said: I feel bad for these men, but they could have made sure this didn’t happen with a few easy steps years ago.
    You still don’t get it-they shouldn’t HAVE to go to a lawyer. Straight Americans don’t have to, why should we? We pay taxes don’t we?

  6. Dave says

    @Johnny: Uh… he didn’t lose the house because of estate taxes, which a lawyer can manager.

    He’s losing the house because of Social Security, which is not something that can be worked around, unless you’re independently wealthy and don’t rely on it.

    You and your partner have done everything you CAN do. The problem is, DOMA prevents you and your partner from doing what you MUST do.

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