1. sparks says

    Last night had some of the best skits since Betty White was on SNL. Elton was a great sport.

    Only thing that bothers me is how they TOTALLY rely on cards/prompters. The early casts of SNL actually memorized lines… like, well, actors.

  2. Derek Pearce says

    The old west saloon one was the best, where at the end Jason Sudekis apologies to Andy Samberg for flirting with another guy and then they kiss. Totally LOLd!

  3. Roberto says

    It was very british… the humor was a mix of clever and silly…but he was great… love when the queen makes fun of Candle in the wind…. ahhahahahaha….lol

  4. johnny says

    It was a confusing mix, to be honest. Tom Hanks and Jake Gyllenhall were in cameos (Tom did two) and after a while you began to wonder who the host was. A couple of funny skits, but for the most part the rest was tepid at best.

    What was the deal with hardly using the women in the cast except the first intro bit? These are some very talented gals and they’re simply being ignored by the boy’s club. Odd.

    Last but not least: If I have to sit through another of Samburg’s idiotic digital shorts, I’m not going to watch SNL again. They’re a total waste of air time, not funny and just plain pathetic. I’m beginning to believe that he thinks if he’s on camera, he’s automatically funny. Sorry, Andy, not so.

  5. allan says

    Elton John is a whore with no principles, and I’m not just talking about the Rush Limbaugh affair. Elton is the Liberace of our age, and I say that even though it may be an insult to Liberace!

  6. Frank says

    Get over yourselves you bitter ass queens. I thought Elton Johns opening monologue was hilarious, as was most of the entire episode. I swear sometimes gay people act just like crabs in a bucket, only seeking to bring themselves up by draging others down. I think this episode goes to show how far gay people have come where an out gay person can host a show like Saturday night live and talk openly about homosexuality and have the audience laugh with him and not at him.

  7. says

    It was one of the three best episodes of the season. I also like Miley Cyrus (!) and Amy Poehler’s season opener. Elton John was clearly up to the task. And the guy doesn’t break on camera either!


  8. says

    It wasn’t great. But it never is. Because the writing sucks. But Elton has nothing to do with that.

    I was actually impressed with his timing and how quick he is on his feet (see how he acknowledged his hat falling off in the cowboy skit?). I don’t know if he’s acted in anything seriously, but if he showed up in a movie, I’d probably go see it.

  9. r says

    wondering what people think of Cameron and Mitchell on “Modern Family”?

    They live together in their home and have adopted a child, and they still refer to each other as “boyfriend”??

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