1. ratbastard says

    And the point? The man is verifiably mentally ill. Just another unstable person who has threatened politicians, etc., He has nothing ‘Deep’ to say beyond the rantings his unstable mind can come up with.

  2. ratbastard says

    The reason I mention the man’s mental state is many ‘Progressives’ will automatically come to the defense of any psycho murderer on death row [for example; and ESPECIALLY if they fit a certain racial/ethnic profile] and plead they not be executed, be treated more kindly, because of their mental illness [or alleged mental illness], yet these same people 99% of the time will vilify and mock another mentally unstable, mentally ill individual who says or does things un-PC.

  3. says

    Hey ratbastard – knock off the “PC” bullshit. “politically correct” is simply another way of saying, “treat others the way you wish to be treated” This whole anti-PC nonsense is TIRED and lame.

  4. Jolly Rancher says

    Hey Gregory:

    People, Straight AND Gay, were getting married to each other LONG BEFORE there even was a Bible to quote from.

    And we’ll all be getting married LONG AFTER the bible and it’s followers have faded into historical obsolescence.

  5. CKNJ says

    What a disgusting freak of nature he is! Gregory: Take your bible and shove it up your ass… sideways… hopefully getting a paper cut from every page in your ass as it goes in! So he’ll ‘laugh like crazy’ if they lose their case? I wanna see how his head explodes when they WIN!

  6. ratbastard says


    LOL…….you can count on 1 effing hand the number of people, gay or str8 who respect political correctness. And it’s got little to do with treating everybody as ‘Equals’.

  7. ratbastard says

    Who on here thinks it’s a good idea to argue with someone who’s drunk? If you say it’s not a good idea, why would you argue with or dissect what a mentally ill person like Gregory says?

    I thought ‘Progressives’ were all about compassion for the less fortunate? Aren’t mentally ill people like Gregory less fortunate due to their mental illnesses and therefore worthy of compassion, not ridicule?

  8. says

    Railing against “Progressives” and their alleged PC ways, when it’s irrelevant to the subject at hand (a religious nut spouting anti-gay hate and making anti-gay threats), is just the right-wing version of PC. Simple-minded, predictable, dull and gratuitous liberal bashing. And, no, not much sympathy for those who engage in anti-gay harassment. Not sure why any self-respecting gay person would coddle our harassers, however fortunate or unfortunate they may be.

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