1. B says

    Todd: yeah, if only homos would better conform to heterosexual norms, everyone could join in their dead-end institutions!

    Canada already has same-sex marriage, anyway, so normativity wouldn’t get these people anywhere.

  2. jayjay says

    @Todd, Ironically gay ppl have been marrying for quite a few years in Canada:P I do see your point as well but cheer up, most str8 guys I think do understand that it’s a joke..guys who watches hockey r smarter loll 😉

  3. Henry Holland says

    I saw this last night (I’m a Kings fan) and I had to rewind my DVR a bit to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

    The Canucks have a great team this year, I’m picking them to win the Stanley Cup. The long-suffering fans in Vancouver deserve it.

  4. tim says

    nothing like a little levity in a bs world of dividing straight and gay.

    think about the venue…it’s one where men dominate…in the most typical butch fashion…and of late one of the most vitriolic in treating gays badly (remember all the gay taunts this past year?).

    i know that they won over folk with a sense of humor…the ones you want anyhow. screw whoever at the game might have gotten on their homophobe…this life is too short to suffer their ignorance

  5. Xtab says

    Notice the reason given for their removal was that “homo” is derogatory. Goes to show that policing of offensive words and speech necessarily involves silencing the very people the policing is supposed to protect.

  6. hank says

    I hope this is just a sick April Fools joke. The damage that this disgusting display does to gay people is immeasurable, especially in the realm of sports, where players are struggling to be accepted as equals. These two degenerates are showing not only a lack of respect for themselves with their minstrel show antics, they are disrespecting all of those in attendance including the coaches and players.

  7. nic says

    in the straight world, their calling themselves by female names diminishes themselves and their cause. i find this disgusting. these she-males do NOT represent me.

  8. Good lord says

    Yay! Who cares. Is everyone gay somehow reflective of you?? Id hate to see what you do in the bedroom marys. It could push our movement back a few decades. Pft.

  9. Strepsi says

    @ TODD, HANK and NIC: It is called having fun! Putting on a wig and wearing pink t-shirts is hardly a violent act, and frankly the fact you use the words “degenerates” and “she-males” makes me think you are straight anti-gay trolls…

    Are you actually suggesting that wearing a wig and painting the face may upset the delicate sensibility and dignity of sports fans? Who are known for… painting their faces and wearing wigs?

    I’d sure hate for 2 men in clown drag to damage the dignity of the shirtless, face-painted, torso-painted, beer-helmet wearing dignitaries! Lighten. The hell. Up.

  10. D.R.H. says

    Todd and Hank, WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE??? You’re worse than the WBC. Pull your panties out of your clenched up a-holes and take a deep breath. Vancouver is one of the most liberal cities in the most liberal country in North America. They have a naked bike ride through the city once a year. I think it’s a pretty safe bet that two silly Canuck fans wearing some cheesy wigs and expressing their love for the game isn’t going to cause the repeal of every civil rights law on the books.
    Degenerates? Showing a lack of respect? What century are you from? They’re having fun and the gays of Vancouver are crazy for their Canucks. It’s people like you who set us back… to the Dark Ages.

  11. Marc says

    ….but there are rules for the arena.
    Their attire did not follow the rules.

    Why is that so hard to understand guys and gals?

    I don’t find the shirts either amusing or not amusing; I’d probably dig the wigs, but the shirt is ugh.

    They KNEW it would/could/might cause a problem as they had “homo” taped over until the 3rd period.
    So there you go!

  12. Nanny McBone says

    @Todd: Perhaps you should be taking a look at why you feel women are subhuman. Go ahead! Do some deep soul searching and I think it’ll begin to dawn on you what your internalized homophobia is about.

    Go ahead, I’ll wait…

  13. Rick says

    @Todd and Hank:

    You guys are absolutely correct. Some gay men just cannot get it through their thick heads that reinforcing stereotypes about us as sissies and quasi-women are the biggest barrier to our acceptance and that society will NEVER accept, nor should it, the degradation of masculinity that some of them seem to want, for whatever bizarre reason. Never.

    The people attacking you probably think we gain something by having two stereotypical effeminate gay men on “Modern Family”….when it is really just the contemporary equivalent of “Amos and Andy” in which white people were laughing AT the “step-‘n-fetch-it” black characters, not laughing WITH them.

    That might have been OK 30 years ago when just having gay characters of any sort on TV would have been a breakthrough, but now, all it does is hold us back…

  14. Rovex says

    Seems some censoring is being done on this site yet again… Oh well, ill just keep reposting then.

    Rick, i agree with you. Gay does not equal fem and im getting really sick of being homophobic when i dont identify with fem types. Frankly its this attitude from the fems that is making the dislike for them even worse.

  15. Brian in Texas says

    Those guys are allowed to have whatever “fun” they want to, but they are in fact reinforcing the “all gays like to dress in drag” stereotype. It’s just not a good look. They look foolish.

  16. jeff in la says

    These guys are REAL gay people. Just as the characters on Modern Family represent the characteristics of REAL gay people. Why should they be asked to sacrifice who the are. There are plenty of other shows (Brothers and Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy…) who portray gays in a way that may make you feel less uncomfortable. Your views don’t make you a self-hating gay or a homophobe, they just make you an arrogant, judgmental, intolerant prick.

  17. Zach says

    Lord, what overreaction.

    I frequently clash with those who attempt to ascribe immutable characteristics – other than same-sex attraction – to gay people. The ‘Born This Way’s’ website – with its arbitrary conflation of sassiness and homosexuality – is tiresome in the extreme.

    But it also gets at what we’re fighting for. We’re not fighting to fit in with straight people, nor are we fighting to achieve equality while presupposing unbreakable distinctions – let’s call that the tyranny of Queer theory. We’re fighting for the right to make a choice to live our lives as we see fit, within the same framework of rights and freedoms that heterosexuals enjoy. And the inherent right – the right above all others – is to make a choice about how we individually present ourselves to the world, and to respect the choices of others.

    I share some of the disdain for how these two present themselves, but it’s their choice to make. And I suspect it will have little effect on how anyone already views gay people.

  18. D.R.H. says

    This is why I get censored on this site. My patience boils over because of the idiocy I see within our own ranks. The intolerance, internalized bigotry, homophobia we see from our own is enough to hold back any progress we could make never mind the hatred that comes from the right.
    The point is not to seek acceptance because we’re normal and fit neatly into societal norms. The point is not understanding because we’re butch and manly man men. The point is that EVERYONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO BE WHOMEVER THE F*CK THEY WANT TO BE so long as they are not hurting anyone else. That is what acceptance is. DIVERSITY, ACCEPTANCE, TOLERANCE. Have we forgotten those ideals or have we become so embittered by the hatred spewed at us that we’ve started believing in it ourselves?
    Society evolves when its people are free to express themselves creatively, emotionally and philosophically. Repressive attitudes, like several of the commenters above, stifle and cause us all to feel that if, perhaps, we somehow differ from the mainstream that we are fundamentally wrong. AND THAT IS WRONG. And the reason our movement has fought now for four decades, despite its flaws and deviations, is to say we have a right to live as we are regardless of who likes it or who does not. And when our own participate in the same intolerance and ignorance as the other side we lose everything.

  19. Xtab says

    First they came for the trans!
    And I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t trans.

    Then they came for the queens!
    And I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a queen.

    Then they came for the fems!
    And I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a fem.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

  20. Xtab says

    There’s a tendency within the gay community to believe that fems and trans people are holding us back, and that by getting rid of them or abandoning them, straight people will accept us. By making these little compromises — getting rid of the trans people first, then the drag queens, then the fems — we can get a little more in return.

    I think this is dangerously misguided. There are plenty of examples from history in other civil rights struggles where it was a terrible failure.

    For one, you’re doing the work of homophobes for them. You’re making their job easier. And second, do you think they’ll just stop with the trans and the fems? They hate gay people generally, and don’t care if you act “normal” (whatever that means) or resemble them at all. It’s still not going to convince them to let you marry, although they wouldn’t mind you decorating their houses or designing their clothes for them like a good house queer.

  21. ratbastard says


    Truthfully, I just don’t ‘Get’ trans-genders, or even cross-dressers. I’m not even sure in my own mind what the root cause of such inclinations are. Everyone has a right, as long as they aren’t hurting others and can care for themselves, the right to dress and act as they please, of course. Likewise, people have a perfect right to dislike others, even based on stuff like how they dress, act, etc. There are also great limitations in an open, ‘Democratic’ society to how much official government can protect such actions and people. That said, I will NEVER be entertained by drag queens, be particularly amused by them, or feel a connection beyond the human with them. It’s as alien to me as no doubt the vast majority of people, straight, gay, whatever. It is most definitely a vicious homosexual stereotype, used historically to mock and denigrate homosexuals, and I greatly resent it.

  22. Mitch says

    I won’t be going out in a skirt and boobs, full leather gear, or a white belt and white shoes even before Labor Day. But, oh, I love being a part of this wide ranging, diverse community. When I think of acceptance, I envision acceptance from those within this community and outside of it. There’s a certain sadness that comes with asking for acceptance ‘only for those who are just like me’ and throwing the rest under the bus. In fact, I think we owe much to those, especially in the early days of this struggle for equality, who made us visible by contradicting society’s norms.

  23. Danny says

    hatred of the feminine by gay men is as nauseating in gay men as it is in straight men. This means YOU, Hank, Nic and the rest of you homophobes.

  24. says

    They’re wearing silly drag but people wear all kinds of silly drag outfits to sports events. Sports arenas are home to people who like to play the idiot in public. Big deal. If anyone sees these guys and decides they’re reason enough to deny us rights, then they weren’t our allies to begin with. (And, as others have pointed out, Canada already has marriage equality and full gay civil rights, so it’s not like these clowns are setting back anything there.)

    As for the Modern Family criticism. Hello? It’s a situation comedy. All the characters are “stereotypes” of one kind or another–the gay guys are treated with no more or less dignity than the others. I’m not really sure how they’re offensive? (A happy, normal couple who happens to be gay and accepted by their happy, dysfunctional family.) Because they’re a bit feminine? News flash–so are many gay guys. The gay actor on the show is no more masculine in “real life”–to criticize him for his natural way of being is exposing nothing but internalized homophobia (again).

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