House Files Motion to Intervene in DOMA Lawsuit

Doma Filing


  1. Larry says

    So the economy is in shambles, but instead of creating jobs like they promised, Boehner and the House are using money to defend inequality.

    Seriously, why can’t this hypocrisy get any traction in the media, but Donald Trump can go on every news channel and make allegations not only about Obama’s citizenship, but now claim he didn’t write his first book, and no one challenges him?

    I find it hard to believe that HRC or some other group really can’t find a media outlet willing to pick this up, especially since it’s been polled that a majority of Americans don’t give a s–t about this and just care about the economy and jobs?

  2. jamal49 says

    About the only jobs this will create are for republicon, evangelical lawyers as they argue to keep institutionalized bigotry on the books. Not a very wise use of taxpayer dollars is it? But then, the GOP isn’t a very wise political party. Actually, it’s kind of a perverse fun watching the republicons slowly, but inexorably, hang themselves on the petard of their own hubris.

  3. BobN says

    This IS creating jobs. NOM and other equally “legitimate” organizations will be getting money to create “reports” based on their “research” to present in “expert” testimony at the various trials. Who knows how much money will funnel to these organizations… no doubt more than enough to pay for numerous trips to Europe with or without rent-boys to lug the baggage.

  4. Charlie says

    Well, I hope the media asks what the hourly billing rate is for this work. This is just a GOP scam to funnel government money to their side at a rate of $1,000 an hour.

    Of course, Clement and his firm could do this work pro bono.

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