Italian MP Paola Concia and Her Partner Harassed in Public: ‘They Should Have Sent You to the Ovens’

An Italian lesbian MP and her partner were harassed in Rome as they walked through an upscale shopping district, ADN Kronos International reports:

Concia "A man of around 35 years old started shouting: 'F**king lesbians, they should have sent you to the ovens'!" Paola Concia told Adnkronos.

Concia said that of all the many passers-by on the via Campo Marzio near the Italian parliament, only one woman and a conservative politician, Antonino Lo Presti, came to her and her partner's defence. Some people even took the 'homophobic' man's side, she said, adding that it was not the first time she had been publicly insulted.

"But this time it was more violently aggressive – I could sense this man's contempt. Why should I accept such insults?" said Concia, who introduced an anti-homophobia bill in the Italian parliament that failed to become law.

Italian gay rights group Arcigay and an array of politicians from across all parties condemned the incident, the news service reports.


  1. Francis says

    Italy is very socially conservative and pretty much backwards, which we saw when everyone cheered when Berlusconi said it’s better to be a pedophile than gay. And what we’ve seen when it comes to how they treat women, and their racism and homophobia. So this incident is not a surprise, sadly. Hopefully Italy can start progressing in a positive direction soon.

  2. ratbastard says

    Note: A CONSERVATIVE politician came to their defense.

    I suppose a lot of gays are now going to boycott Italy and Rome? Cause you know this kind of stuff only happens in [fill in the blank], not in ‘Progressive’ places like Rome!

  3. Diogenes says

    Rome is anything but liberal. I felt very uncomfortable walking around there. Gay scene can only be described as odd and elusive.

  4. Mel Smith says

    RatBastard, I am interesting in knowing your opinion on this rapid example of homophobia occuring in Italy, a white non-minority country. As a gay black man, the homophobic pigs in my community makes me sick to my stomach. But, most of the black homophobes lack real power. I call the homophobic people in my community “powerless pigs.” Black people follow white heterosexual homophobes. Donald Trump for example is respected by a lot of black homophobic people, and black people in general. He recently said he is against gay partnerships.

    Trump doesn’t even think we deserve a response from him. Here’s another example: CEPAC, the conservative group I think, invited Donald Trump to speak at their forum. How many marriages has this man had, and they gave him a standing ovation??? And at the same time, gay conservatives barely even received an invite. In their eyes, it’s better to be anything except gay.

    ALL HOMOPHOBIC PEOPLE ARE OUR ENENMIES. But the worst homophobe is those who have the most power, and YOU KNOW it ain’t minority folks. Visit the average black Christian family home, and they would probably be watching a white homophobic evangelist on television. Yes, they have brains, but you see how people can become influenced by others and brainwashed with homophobia.

    So keep in mind that our enemies are anyone who would look down on us, regardless of their color, ethnicity, social background, etc. But as a black gay man, the white homophobes scare me more than the black ones. Or maybe I should say homophobes in powerful positions, regardless of color, scare me more than anything.

  5. Rowan says

    Rat, stop being facetious you know you are talking out of your arse.

    Who said Rome was a progressive country? And the woman was a frigging conservative MP,how dare SHE as a fellow woman and official stand by as her colleague is being belittle? Even I think if push came to shove even your evil witch Sarah Palin would not stand by and let a fellow female colleague be ABUSED publicly in the street because she is a Democrat. You nitwit.

    Now, guys, there something called Google. It’s your friend. It has ton of information about countries and how progressive they are.

    Ahem. Italy NO. Not even Milan. Rome-NO. Very, very conservative and terribly backwards for a Western country. Just look at images of Naples and how they have still elected Burlusconi.

    Blame the church? I do. It rules that place that is beautiful but breaking apart because it is so corrupt. You’d think it was eastern Europe.

    If you are searching for liberal cities, try smaller ones and it’s all based n ratio. I’m not site what Rat is drinking this fine day but there is no such thing as an 100% liberal city because ahem, we live in a capitalistic world that has no way of changing or stopping. So in that itself, the progressive fully for any frigging area in the world is redundant because capitalism and capitalists are just round the corner.

    Furthermore, judeo Christianity is biggest force, along with Islam to have conquered pretty much every land in the world. Which means that these areas have been designed on a conservative fabric, in particular Christianity which was always the most conservative religion. Islam, well you saw how the Taliban has ruined all the ancient artifacts, plus buildings they deemed to raunchy and progressive.

    So bearing both that in mind, can we pleae stop acting like children when it comes to an area that is supposed to be ‘liberal’ and gulp, has a hate crime. It’s stupid. And it still ain’t Texas, Arizona or the deep south or iowa or bits of California or Alaska etc etc etc

  6. TonyJ says

    I’ve visited much of Europe, but I won’t go to Italy. I specifically avoid countries that are proudly homophobic.

    There are nicer places and nicer people to see elsewhere.

    Go to Spain! Finland, England, Netherlands, Germany, and many other more socially grown-up countries instead.

  7. TonyJ says

    Mel Smith, I ignored your horrible, racist comments yesterday. But you promised to go to other websites instead, after blasting this one.

    I have to assume that you are like Ratbastard—a troll who says ignorant things to upset other people.

    I wish you would learn to speak with less hatred.

  8. ewe says

    No different than what John Galliano did in Paris. Can this homophobe be arrested for the same “hate crime” in Italy? If this guy does not get demonized then John Galliano is being subjected to homophobic treatment as well.

  9. ewe says

    We seem to be entering a time when more and more people are flippantly speaking about the holocaust like it’s some topic had over lunch.

  10. ratbastard says

    @Mel Smith,
    I ALWAYS criticize anti-gay activity, whoever says or does it. I strongly criticize the ‘Man’ who verbally attacked this women in this instance.

    My issue with black folks is the OBSCENE level of RANDOM violent crime young black males commit.

  11. ratbastard says

    LOL……..Rome has had COMMUNIST mayors! YES….it’s ‘Progressive’. And just currently does Italy have a righwing prime minister. It’s had VERY leftist leaders in the past and has VERY active social democrat and communist political parties, so please spare me.

  12. ratbastard says


    ‘Concia said that of all the many passers-by on the via Campo Marzio near the Italian parliament, only one woman and a [conservative politician, Antonino Lo Presti], came to her and her partner’s defence.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    Mel Smith is no racist. He’s criticized Black homophobes with just as much vehemence as he’s criticized white ones. He’s just disappointed in the level of racism he’s discovered among White Gays on the Internet. (Pay them no mind, Mel, they aint worth it.)

    You people (and I meant to say it that way) have created a new definition of racism. Racism involves believing that your race is superior to all others. That is very difficult frame of my for the vast majority of Black people to develop because of our history.

    Now, maybe you really mean to say “bigot” when you say “racist”. If that’s the case then I still say that from reading his comments for the last 6 years Mel is no bigot either. BUT I AM… now. I never knew I could hate so much. But Andy doesn’t allow profanity on his blog anymore, and so I shall say no more.

  14. mld says

    ignore the trolling of ratbastard, s/he doesn’t know the difference between political parties and social philosophies. are we to believe communist russia was a progressive ideology? conservative attitudes permeate italian life AND politics.
    signed, an italian.

  15. just_a_guy says

    i’m proud of this lady. and it looks like some italians aren’t beyond their embarrassing fascist past…the way most germans seem to have at least acknowledged that their country f’d up bigtime.

    i’m proud of this lady cuz my experience with italians and gay italy is that their biggest barrier to gay rights is that too many of em are not out. sorry, italian gay guys, but to get what u want for the future, u gotta come out already.

    @TonyJ: wtf. what’s ur problem. Let mel speak his mind. he’s got some good points.

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    “My issue with black folks is the OBSCENE level of RANDOM violent crime young black males commit.”

    Yep, Rat, Black folks in general are the issue, aren’t they? THe parents of Duval Patrick of Massachusetts ought to be ashamed of what they created. And thank God that First Lady aint raising a litte Barack Jr. Yep, no other issues involved except Black people’s inability to raise children.

    I hate to throw up in my office. Maybe I’ll make it to the men’s room.

  17. just_a_guy says

    y’know, the Catholic Papacy is the sole governing body in support of the Holocaust that still remains in power today.

    And their influence is strongest in Italy. Go figure that these comments turn up near the Pope’s Christianist turf.

  18. Derrick from Philly says

    Lord, the Italians can’t have their own topic without it being hijacked by some homo n-word, but I’m not going to let that stop me.

    Let ask you people who talk about “Black racism” or “Black racists”. How exactly do Black racists show or manifest their racism:

    “White guys can’t run as fast, jump as high or play basketball”

    “White people can’t dance…except for ballet”

    “White women don’t have ample sized booties like Black women.”

    “White people’s faces wrinkle faster than Blacks” (then stay out the damn sun, fool!)

    Can you think of any thing else that Black people believe that would support the idea that Blacks are racially superior to Whites? Oh, yes, the above racist beliefs by Blacks are really dangerous aren’t they?

    Why, the above Black racist beliefs could damage White people for generations to come.

    Although, I guess first we’d have to enslave y’all for about 300 years for the feelings of Black superiority to really sink in. And we’d have to make sure y’all forget how to read and write for generations. And make sure after you’re free that the Yankee police officers whip your azzes every Friday night. That would be kind of difficult to accomplish. Nevermind.

  19. just_a_guy says

    of course…@MLD: Umm, did you forget that the Holocaust happened already? U say it like it’s just an expression. Never forget, my friend.

  20. nikko says

    As an Italian-Canadian, I am ashamed, horrified,and angry that this happened and few people cam to her aid. Overall, I have not been impressed with Italy’s culture in visiting years ago. Sexist indeed, although I haven’t seen any blatant homophobia while visiting.

  21. Francis says

    Italy is not progressive. The “feel” of Italy is that of repression and a lack of openness. Anyone who says anything differently has no idea what Italian culture is like. Italian-American culture isn’t overly progressive, and they aren’t completely inundated with religion 24/7 as in Italy, so yeah, no. That’s not to say there isn’t a LOT of homosexuality under the surface. There is, and everyone knows it. It’s kept under wraps. Most of the homophobia is due to sexism, which is a huge issue in Italy. Italian lesbians are actually condemned worse than gay men for these reasons. So let’s not even try to turn this into a black issue (and we know who I’m talking about), since that has NOTHING to do with this story and Italian culture, and smells like a diversion tactic. Homophobia, sexism, bigotry in general is bigotry, it’s wrong, and needs to be fought against.

  22. romeo says

    Homosexuality is rampant in Italy, but it’s very closeted. Italy is way behind the rest of Europe. Also, Italy has never been able to cut it’s ties with its fascist past. I spent some time in Trieste with some relatives several years ago, and was taken aback while walking downtown to see a long stream of grafitti on a wall, one word repeated over and over, “Duce! Duce! Duce!” Some Italians just never learn.

  23. Mel Smith says

    Tony, I’m far from being a racist. Excuse me, did you actually read all my comments, or have you made up your mind that I am the angry black man??? I don’t have a problem with someone correcting me when I’m wrong. You believe that my comments were racist, and some have corrected me. And I do apologize that my anger at homophobia came out the wrong way. Again, do you correct people of your ethnic or ‘racial’ group who make racist comments towards others of a different color?

    If you call me a ‘troll,’ so be it. I don’t have a problem discussing ‘race’ whenever I feel it’s appropriate.

    Read my writings on the other sites; Black homophoes hate my f@cking guts, and I have received death threats for defending the rights of gay and transgendered people. As a gay man, it is my duty to defend who I am.

    Now if you still have a problem with me after all I just typed, you can kiss my as$.

    If you respect my response, peace and best to you and everyone else. Respect me, I respect you. I can care less who you are, what you look like, or where you come from. Cool?

  24. Derrick from Philly says

    “homo n-word”

    That’s me, darlins. I don’t want anyone to think I was using a slur against anyone else.

    Enjoy the weekend, my fellow Christian homos!

  25. Mel Smith says

    Ratbastard, I feel the same way you feel whenever I visit the gym and a young white man scream “f@ggot,” “f@ggot,” “f@ggot,” towards his trainer during his workout over a month ago. Or when a young white guys says “that’s gay” at the gym! No respect for other gym members!!! And I get so upset when I see white teenagers cyberbullying over the internet. Oh, and I forget to mention the homophobic attitudes of my former co-workers at the community college I was once employed at. My white co-worker(she assumed I was heterosexual, and she even tried to come on to me once)was demeaning and making fun of a potential applicant to our school who was transgendered.

    So are you only upset about just the young black people who do stupid things, or all you upset by ALL the young people who do and say stupid things?

  26. Chitown Kev says

    Well, well, well…

    Personally, I try (but don’t always succeed) to stay with the confines of the subject matter if the thread.

    Mel Smith is no “black racist.” And…uh, I don;t see any conservative gay/gayfriendly politicians from Italy in the running to possibly becoming Italy’s next prime minister either.

    But Nichi Vendola is and he is very far from conservative.

  27. Lexxvs says

    Italians are –to the view of strangers of their culture- paradoxical. They can love you with all their heart. Or hate you to death. It’s their way; the average person can not handle the serenity of real cold thinking. That’s why they have that hypocrite of Berlusconi as prime minister, who just says what the brutish want to listen. And that’s why they could –possibly- have in the future an ex-communist gay like Nichi Vendola as prime minister, whose words usually are unashamed bullets of truth against the far right. They are like that, they go to both extremes.
    Due to their religion, Catholicism, hypocrisy runs in their veins. They are more uncomfortable with the public display of blatant homosexuality than with homosexuality itself, as they are very sexual people. Doors inside that is.
    Because of their way, you can not win them over with threats or insults. You just have to use empathy, as I told before, the heart is their weakness.
    If they were THAT conservative in first place, they wouldn’t have a lesbian as a MP, it happens that having the Vatican in the middle functions as an anchor that impedes the advances long ago seen on other Catholic countries.

  28. ratbastard says

    @Derrick from Philly,

    Seriously now…do you deny there’s a DEADLY serious violence and violent crime problem in the so-called black community, and it spills out to surrounding communities? Seriously, you deny black males [not you] especially young males, are the #1 source for violent crime especially gun related crime in our urban areas?

    I HAVE NEVER said ALL black people are ‘Bad’, violent, criminal, whatever. That’s stupid and irrational. Is there a real, genuine, bona-fide issue with extreme levels of violence and violent crime that especially afflicts the black community and involves especially young black males? Absolutely, and it’s been going on for DECADES, not a few years. And it’s destroyed not just specific neighborhoods but whole cities.

    And why single out Cadillac Deval? He was lucky enough to get a fine education at some excellent prep schools and colleges, and no question benefited from Affirmative Action. Why would you think I would believe there are no ‘Successful’ black people? That’s ignorant, Derrick.

    Problem is this: Many black folks can’t deal with anyone mentioning or discussing the VERY BAD violent crime problem in most black communities and among young black males and females as a group. It’s not a racist fantasy of mine Derrick, I wasn’t raised to ‘Hate’ anybody, and it’s not just an opinion I picked up from movies, TV shows, video games, or whatever. I don’t have a shred of so-called ‘White Guilt’ Derrick, and I grew up in a ‘Diverse’ environment, far from privileged. So maybe you’re frustrated by that.

    And though I shouldn’t lower myself by adding this disclaimer: I DO NOT HATE or DISRESPECT black people. I am FAR from racist [the true, accurate meaning of that word, not the way it’s often mis-used.]

  29. ratbastard says

    @Mel Smith,

    I don’t think young black males or females are particularly more anti-gay then whites in our society. My issue with the Black ‘Community’ is violence and crime. Do you deny there’s a huge problem with violence and violent crime among especially young black males and increasingly females? Do you deny that this isn’t a major concern among all people who live in ‘Urban’ environments?


    I DO NOT think all black people are bad, evil, dysfunctional, violent, etc.,

    I AM OF COURSE aware there are many ‘Normal’ black people, including so-called ‘Successful’.

    I DO NOT HATE or disrespect black people.

    I am frustrated by the experiences of living in urban environments and having to deal first and foremost not with ‘Homophobia’, or people saying mean things to me, but being jumped, beaten, stabbed, shot, robbed, killed because I was in the wrong place in the wrong time. And my biggest [legitimate] fear isn’t ‘Poor’ white dudes, Asians, not Hispanics…but black dudes. It’s not a ‘Learned’ attitude from the way I was raised, my religion [I’m not religious and wasn’t raised in an oppressive religious environment], from movies, TV, etc.,

  30. Mel Smith says

    Ratbastard, the only excuse I can possibly offer to why some young black men result to violence is because of a lack of jobs, poverty, etc. However, some people are bad apples period. I’m sorry that you were a victim of a crime by black youth. But if you were not, please don’t result to putting certain groups of people into boxes. Because usually stereotypes fall on an entire group of people. I don’t want anyone looking at me with suspicious in NYC or any other city. Not are black youth are violent.

    A few weeks ago, white teenagers attack a man in a anti-gay hate crime in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NYC. Google “Barie Shortell hate crime” Look at a picture of his damaged face.

    Barie Shortell, 29, was walking home from the subway late last month when he was attacked by a group of teens who shouted anti-gay slurs. “They said, ‘Oh, what the f–k, is that a guy or a girl?’ And then they attacked me,” Shortell said. “My head was slammed against a wall. … It was so violent that I was in shock.”

    The attackers broke his jaw and nose and other bones in his face – requiring 10 hours of surgery and five days in the hospital.” New York Daily News

    About 5 weeks ago, Anthony Callao was beaten to death by Hispanic teenagers in Queens NYC.

    So you don’t know of any crimes that other people have committed? You think only young black people committ crimes in the inner cities? Michael Sandy, a gay man, was attacked by white youth in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn, NYC. Matthew Shepard was killed by white youth. Last winter, reported about a hate crime in the white neighborhood of Caroll Gardens Brooklyn, NYC.

    8 Teenagers of the “Latin King Goonies” tortured teenagers in a home in the Bronx, NYC months ago.

    So that is why we have to be very careful about putting labels on people.