Target Loses Case Against Marriage Equality Petitioners

Grassroots activist group Canvass for a Cause has won a case against Target Corporation after the retailing giant tried to stop the group from petitioning outside its stores. Court documents suggested Target was worried that the volunteers were making it look like the corporation supports equality for gays and lesbians.

Cfac_target San Diego Gay & Lesbian News reports:

Superior Court Judge Jeffrey B. Barton released his ruling this afternoon, denying Target’s motion for an injunction to stop CFAC from petitioning customers.

During the hearing on March 25, CFAC contended that its right to free speech was being challenged by the lawsuit, while Target claimed the grass-roots group’s tactics were harming its business.

Tres Watson, executive director of CFAC, said he was thrilled with the ruling.

“This was not just a victory for the LGBT community,” Watson said, “but a victory for everybody who supports the fundamental American values to free speech.”

Watson said he expects Target will appeal the ruling.

Last month, Lady Gaga dissolved a deal with Target because of their anti-LGBT giving policies. Those policies came to light during last year's election cycle when the corporation made sizable donations to MN Forward, an a conservative  PAC which funded campaign commerials for anti-gay gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. 


  1. FernLaPlante says

    God forbid people think Target is for equal rights. What’s going on with this company? They used to be LGBT friendly and lately they have been LGBT haters.

  2. Joe in CT says

    Agree with the post above about Gaga — please lighten up on celebrating her every chance you get. It’s tiresome.

    On the other hand, please keep reminding us about the pathetic leadership of Target. They say one thing but show their true colors through their actions. Target lost my business and I applaud their poor financial performance. Though, I suspect it has more to do with poor leadership, in general, than the loss of business due to their anti-gay orientation. Bad judgement is self perpetuating and seldom rewarding.

  3. PDX Guy says

    Poor Matt, watching your TGT stock dropping ever lower.

    And Lady Gaga was just a side item here, why all the focus on that? Even the AP article mentions the incident as part of Target’s image problem. I am not a fan of her’s either but like what she did to Target.

  4. Ricky says

    I live in LA – and Canvas for a Cause can often be found in front of Starbucks or Pavilions on a nice day – with young pleasant kids asking if you have a moment – they only approach you as you are leaving – not going in – they are never rude – and they never pursue the issue if you say no or if you simply keep walking – ever.

    Target lies – Target lies about their political donations – and Target lies about their support for gays and lesbians. Target lies when they say they ban the Salvation Army from doing the same thing as Canvas for a Cause – but then neglect to say that they give the Salvation Army more than a million dollars a year – something no gay organization will ever see – Target lies – and they are run by liars who imagine themselves righteous and Christian – the worst kind of liars.

    Say what you will about Lady Gaga – but for any lone performer to publicly take on a 65 billion dollar a year corporation based on their actions towards gays and lesbians is one of the single bravest acts by any pubic figure in my memory – no performers take on corporate America anymore – if there is anyone else that has denounced Target’s actions – including those gay designers that have sold their crap through them – I have yet to see it.

    I stopped shopping at Target in August – and look forward to the day the current leadership is fired for cause – or the day I drive by a boarded-up abandoned Target.

  5. deedrdo says

    @joe: it’s an important distinction that, unlike Ricky Martin, Gaga dissolved her agreement with target because of their insistence to support politicians and organizations that actively advocate anti-LGBT laws. she is to be commended for it and i appreciate her support and for walking her talk.

  6. jasonjones says

    Over at Wicked Gay Blog there’s a video from Target targeting equality and acceptance. And saying “gay” out loud. I think they got the message.

    (Of course the message from the top of Target is that money is money no matter who you got it from.)

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