1. Justin L Werner says

    He should just apologize, pay his fine, take his lumps and then STFU!!! If a white player had used the N-word in a similar setting, he’d be gone. Period.
    He should be thankful he’s still getting paid obscene amounts of money to bounce a little ball around instead of having to do something actually *meaningful*.

  2. Go Galt. Please. says

    If his apology is sincere, why is he fighting the fine?
    The more he explains, the worse it gets for him. This has gone from a simple ‘language malfunction’ on live tv to a public trial over Kobe’s character, past and present.

  3. Jason says

    I think he should pay the fine, then double it with a contribution to the Trevor project, and speak up. I’ve overhead a number of straight guys talking about this and debating if this was as bad as using the N-word. It os good that he comments have become a point of discussion – some folks will learn from this.

  4. Tom says

    while the school yard avenger thing seems a little iffy to me, I don’t think him using the word necessarily means he’s homophobic or anything. I mean I got into a fight with my hag once in HS and she used the f word on me…but she’s like one of the gay friendliest people ever and Perez used it once when he got angry (he’s stupid but that’s another story) Point is that people say really ugly things when they’re angry.

    Regardless of what Kobe really feels lets just hope he learns from this and does his best to correct his wrongs and raise more social awareness and all that good stuff.

  5. Sarina says

    While I deplore the use of the word, context must be used. I doubt his intention was homophobic. There are far worse cases of homophobia, which do not receive this kind of coverage.

  6. Russell says

    OK, Kobe, you’ve got the profile and the money, be an avenger (maybe better, a protector) now. Like Jason said, if you’re getting all introspective, do something good in response. Anything good you do will be noticed & maybe replicated by a lot of others.

  7. GregV says

    Kobe: Don’t fight the fine. Is that really a battle you want to win, when it would weaken the notion that slurs are not acceptable?
    Instead, prove your sincerity by becoming an Athlete Ally. It would be a huge boost to the Athlete Ally campaign to have you come on board and give them moral support, and perhaps a financial boost as well.

  8. says

    He had to go online and do “research” to figure out that calling someone a faggot wasn’t ok? Really?

    If he’s genuinely sorry, he would pay the fine. It’s a tiny fraction of his huge salary. It’s not my delicate feelings that are the issue. People hear him using language like that, and the next day there’s another kid in the news beaten nearly to death by heteros that think it’s ok, because “celebrities” think the same way they do.

    If the role models come out against homobphobia, homophobia has fewer supporters and fewer people will look the other way when it happens.

  9. Jack says

    I didn’t believe his first apology, but this one I do. When somebody admits they were wrong and pledges to make amends for it, I think you have to give that person a chance.

  10. Randy says

    I think what Kobe said about his past, and about suddenly “discovering” that f-g is a hateful slur, is probably a load of BS.

    But I’m hopeful his plans to continue to speak out on this issue are honest. All considered, this is how I would expect a sports celeb to react (so far).

    Let’s see what happens.

  11. deanybeany says

    GOD, just give it up already. I’m no fan of the Lakers, or Kobe, but he apologized and has recognized it’s not language to be used. Stop with all these persistent nagging over it. It’s done.

  12. Rob says

    Well he didn’t actually apologize at all he just said the stupid “i didn’t mean to offend anyone” bs. the fact that he would use that terminology shows he’s an idiot. that he would now make up some obviously fake story just makes him look brain dead stupid. dribbling that ball must take up all his brainpower

  13. Paul R says

    “Yellow”? I don’t know many Asians who embrace that terminology.

    That said, let this story die. As others have said, issuing an apology and paying the fine is enough on this unless he honestly intends to become a major supporter of LGBT rights and anti-bullying campaigns. That would be great, but I suspect it won’t happen if he didn’t even know it was a problem—despite claiming to know kids who were bullied in high school. Doesn’t quite add up.

  14. Jeff says

    To everyone who is talking about the fine, and why not pay up. It is typical protocol for it being appealed. In a interview he said its not about the money (which I do believe) it about being perceived as a anti-gay person. As a Laker and Kobe fan and as a gay man I really do feel like he is being sincere with the whole thing. Sad about the lost today :( lol

  15. Sean says

    There is no way this is true. If he had gay friends whom he physically protected and avenged, how he could not know how hurtful the word “faggot” still was? How could a man who supposedly had gay friends only learn of the still resonant meanings of the word “faggot” after recently conducting on-line research. This reads like a bad joke or the PR release of a 11-year old.

    Oh, while he comically defended and apologized for not playing that way about demeaning “faggots,” he slandered another group by calling them yellow. What Asians refer to themselves as Yellow? Come on. What an idiot? Yeah, try calling your imaginary Asian friends Yellow sometime, dick. I never liked the guy but I thought he was pretty intelligent but the guy is an offensive dunce.

  16. Rich says

    I’d like to brush this off with the obvious spot ad:

    Cheating on wife $4 million
    Calling referee “f*cking f*ggot” $100,000
    Being Kobe Bryant priceless

    But for some reason this has hit me harder emotionally than that. Not only did I think that Kobe was a better human being than that, I thought he wanted to be a better human being than that.

    I’m not sure that I believe in souls, but I weep for Kobe’s.

  17. r says

    please. anybody making that kind of money and who has received adulation based on his athletic skills is bound to be a narcissist.

    btw, why is the n-word worse than the f- word?

  18. Tim NC says

    Still no REAL apology. I’ve now read at least three versions of his apologies. And every time he still insists that the listeners are the ones who are getting it wrong by misinterpreting what he “meant”.

    He keeps saying he didn’t mean “fagg*t” as “gay man”. But, he has yet to explain what he did mean by the word “fagg*t”

    He’s now learned what that word still means to people…. Well Kobe, what the hell did you think it meant when you used it? I’m still waiting for you to explain what you did mean when you keep claiming what you didn’t mean.

  19. taodon says

    Let me see if I understand this… it’s okay to accept the single apology from Marinelli, despite everything he’s actually done, but we need to rake Kobe Bryant over the coals for not apologizing enough for one thing he’s said…

    Is that about right?

  20. Tim NC says

    Taddon…. Once Kobe issues a real apology that doesn’t contain the disclaimer that he didn’t mean what he said and the listeners misunderstood him, then I’ll be fine. But so far, he just keeps blaming those who were offended for misinterpreting his remark.

  21. Rowan says

    Tim NC, Maranelli NEVER apologized. And he said he still did not believe in the gay lifestyle.

    Kobe said a word that people use ALL the time to call anything that isn’t working. It isn’t happen when I was at school but I hear it a lot more. The only way that will ever change is if people stop seeing ‘gay’ as bad, wimpy, pathetic or odd.

    @Tom your hag called you a ‘fag’ which says it all why she is a fag hag. Fag hag are clinging, needy girls who know they can’t get all that worship they need from men so they leech it off gay men who are so desperate for approval, that tey will take anything.

    I doubt your hag gives two shits about true gay persecution, more like her best buddy in the world is gay and she like pride cause she can wear butterfly wings or something.


  22. taodon says

    I think you should know about the conversations this has started; real, frank, and positive conversations; in the sports community.

    I have to have ESPN on all the time at my place of work, and what they’re saying on there, BECAUSE of this incident, has been downright empowering.

    So, you may not be satisfied with the way that Bryant is apologizing, and I can somewhat see that, but I don’t think it’s fair to imply that his apologies haven’t produced positive results.

  23. Derrick from Philly says

    Bryan & others,

    Kobe’s apology shouldn’t be meant for all Gay people. There are many Gays who don’t like Black people, and who verbalize it. Why should they be apologized to?

  24. Hollywood, CA says

    Good for Kobe! He’s messed up, he’s done his own research to see how harmful the word can be, which is a lot mor ethan I can say for people who just get writers to write an apology and read it off a piece of paper. And, on top of that, he plans to do more. And when he does, let’s hope all the doubters will take notice.


  25. Toto says

    This “apology” is more proof of his ignorance and immaturity. Yeah Kobe, it really makes me feel swell to know that you met ignorance with violence, so in a way you paid for the right to use that word. Just like you paid to keep that chick’s mouth shut and paid for your wife’s forgiveness. Must have taken up most of your day being the school avenger considering the amount of superficial ignorance at the average high school.

    The NBA, college basketball and society in general foster a lot of self entitlement for athletes. Why should we be surprised they act like this with most of the nation throwing gobs of money at them and holding them on a pedestal as “heroes.”

  26. Jeff Atwood says

    Why are we condoning someone for “beating up” someone else, even a bully? This just perpetuates a culture of violence against people with whom you disagree. Is this Kobe Bryant’s trying to signal that he’s masculine and heterosexual since he is defending (with his fists) gays? This is the wrong message from the wrong person at the wrong time. Violence is not the answer to violence.

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