1. Frank says

    Fantastic…if more of our “ALLIES” just did these same type of actions, we’d could ratchet up the pressure for full equality! Question is: Are they willing to walk-the-walk, and possibly lose some business? Are they willing to stand up and “really” support us?

  2. TampaZeke says

    My UCC church here in Tampa did this, unanimously, in 2008.

    I wrote the policy and it’s proudly linked on our website ( It’s worth a read.

    We decided to end the practice for good, even if marriage equality is achieved in Florida, because we believe strongly in the separation between church and state and to have our minister act as an agent of the state in a civil matter violates that policy.

  3. Jonathon Edwards says

    This is, of course, great, but hardly ‘breaking news’. I’ve been refusing to sign marriage licenses for years. There’s a whole movement -vocal-of Christian clergy who won’t sign marriage licenses until they are available to everyone. Maybe not even then. Outside of the anti-religious corner of the gay ghetto, this kind of stuff is pretty obviously going on and we don’t need anti-religious goad ing to do it. We do it because its what ‘ Jebus’s would do.

  4. just_a_guy says

    I think it’s great. Perhaps unfortunately, it’s still not a strategy exactly for church growth or vitality; being anti-gay just brings in so much money for churches because gay-hating is so ubiquitious among most church-goers. And most gay people who grew up in a “Christian” church have rejected any sort of formalized Christianity for their own brand of more independent spirituality–or else gone off the deep end of disprespecting themselves immaturely with unprotected permiscuous sex–exactly what the Christianists HOPE gays will do if they don’t directly kill themselves at a young age. So, these churches can kinda really only rest on the fact that they are doing the right thing. Very admirable, brave, and needed. May God bless them somehow.

    To grow gays truly into the modern churches of whatever stripe, churches need to teach kids that its ok if they are gay, and that if they do, they should treat themselves well–and that when they find love, the church will even be willing to marry them, “law” be darned.

  5. luminum says

    It doesn’t help clarify the argument that same-sex marriage is a government realm institution rather than some sort of edict that churches must marry same-sex couples, but the gesture, like the many who have done so before them, is always welcome. It’s great to give attention to religious organizations that really are progressive and civil minded. Well done!

  6. Rob says

    Now that’s interesting. I was raised in a Disciples of Christ church and never thought I’d see one of their churches take this affirmative stand. It’s too bad more stances like this by churches of all faiths and denominations can’t make their positions known to more of the general populace. It might surprise folks to see how many reasonable churches and synagogues there are relative to same-sex marriage.

  7. jamal49 says

    @Jonathan Edwards: Unfortunately, you are right. Gay-hating is still a “growth industry” and a cash-cow for evangelical and other right-wing conservative christian groups. I commend this church, however, for taking this principled stance. It’s Exactly What Jesus Would Do.

  8. Seriously says

    I got chills reading this because as a child, my church youth group in Indianapolis would visit this church and stay overnight during “mission trips” to volunteer at retirement homes, nursing homes, etc… This is amazing news and I remember this church fondly.

  9. SCVMalcolm says

    This has been the policy of All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, CA who will perform religious blessings ONLY of same and opposite sex couples since the passage of Proposition H8. They refuse to act as legal agents for the State, until Prop. 8 is overturned. BTW this is the same Church which was sued by the IRS during the Bush Administration. The entire Church Congregation voted to fight the lawsuit and the Church won!

  10. John says

    When I attended a UCC church back in the 90’s, all the members went through an “Open and Affirming” debate, and then voted to approve the measure. One couple left the church, but many others (straight and gay) joined because of it.

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