Minnesota Senate Panel Advances Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

Minnesota's Senate Judiciary Committee has voted 8-4 along party lines to advance a bill that would place a voter initiative to ban same-sex marriage in the state on next year's ballot.

Minnesota The Minnesota Independent reports:

Sen. Barb Goodwin, DFL-Columbia Heights, said, “I will never in this Legislature, will never vote — even if it means I’m voted out — to put language of discrimination in the constitution.”

“I could not live with myself, and those of you who claim to be good Christians, you need to think about what you are doing here,” she added.

But Sen. Dave Thompson, R-Lakeville, said the issue isn’t about discrimination and civil rights: “Marriage isn’t a right. Nowhere in the federal Constitution or the Minnesota Constitution is marriage considered a right.”

Sen. John Harrington, DFL-St. Paul, said the measure does nothing to support the principles the nation was founded on.

The bill now goes to the Senate Rules Committee.

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  1. candideinnc says

    So the Thugs say marriage isn’t a right; it is a privilege? What made the damned heteros so deserving of the privilege, then, and left the gays out? They don’t “deserve” marriage. They didn’t do anything special to get the tax breaks and legal benefits associated with it. They just THINK they deserve it.

  2. mark says

    So now marriage isn’t a basic right.
    What, my goodness is left?
    Education isn’t a right.
    Health care isn’t a right.
    Marriage isn’t a right.
    Some countries have these basic rights enshrined in their Constitutions.
    Wish I could emmigrate to a nicer place.
    Sad that my grandparents came here, thinking this was it.

  3. ricky says

    The state where Target Corporation is headquartered is about to pass a ban on gay marriage – they must be popping champagne bottles at corporate headquarters.

  4. says

    Marriage is a Fundamental Right! The Supreme Court has said so on numerous occasions – not the least of which was Loving Vs. Virginia. That Republican ass-hole legislator needs to check the facts.

  5. Francis says

    Social conservatives sure have a lot of time to go out of their way to attack the gay community. Guess it’s no surprise the mess we’re in as a country.

  6. says

    This really has nothing to do with marriage rights. It’s just the usual tactic to get the religious base out to vote again – just like in 2004, 2006, etc. Unfortunately it usually works. It did here in CA and lots of other states even in 2008.

  7. Matt Ford says

    Trust me, Target’s CEO and execs are loving this. Their money is behind all these Repub thugs. We have been boycotting Target since last July. I de-Targeted the house and took all of cheap crap back we bought over the years (including a half used Target brand of cling wrap) to the local Target store and wheeled in a cart. Told the customer service person why I was there. I did not want any money back but asked her to please donate or put it in their dumpster. They were stunned and this was before further corporate donations were disclosed and the Lady GaGa bust-up.

    Divorcing Target from my dollars was easy…unlike most of my straight married acquaintances have had over the years. What’s happening in MN is just bad news.

  8. Mark says

    None of the whining i read in these comments actually does anything except waste our time. And whoever asserts that republicans enact bans on gay marriage to mobilize their conservative base is dead wrong. They are passing the ban because this is what the republican legislators want: gays with no rights, gays in silence FOREVER. It never ceases to amaze me that you people don’t seem to understand this simple fact: they hate homos.

    One person in here had it right: this is exactly what happens in a midterm when only the republicans vote. The reason Texas is such a red conservative state despite having nearly 40% of its population non-white is that most of these non-whites don’t vote on election day. I suspect a similar scenario happens in most states. Democrats aren’t passionate like their opponents and end up not voting. Result: an organized minority wins over an unorganized majority.

    You want to beat the organized but evil minority? Stop whining in here! Instead, get your fat ass off the couch on election day and go vote. Simple as that.

  9. Rowan says

    Agree Mark. Spot on.

    The Democrats are SH*T at strategy and implementation. They are also really scared to target the people they seek to help when canvassing.

    Same in the UK

    But of course we’re not as extremist as you guys! And however f*cked up we are here, we believe in some sort of fairness within the constitution.

    It’s all about money for the GOP.

  10. Mark says

    It’s not enough to be first in line at your polling place on election day. You need to make election day a full work day. Did you give your friends and relatives a ride to the polling place? Did you make phone calls reminding people to go vote? The people on the other side do all these things, and with passion. My grandpa used to say “half-ass efforts don’t get you anywhere, you might as well not even have started.” And he was right! I’ve seen republican grassroots efforts in my state of Kansas and they’re so disciplined, so organized,and above all so motivated. If only our side was like that. What a different country this would be!

  11. says

    I just don’t understand why the US can’t do what Canada has done: legalize marriage for LGBT couples and allow institutions that don’t want to marry LGBT couples the ‘right’ to discriminate.

    What’s happened? LGBT people choose pro-LGBT places to get married. It’s literally that simple.

    Besides, how many of you want to get married by an anti-gay individual in a building that stands for bigotry when there are plenty of individuals and institutions, religious and non-religious, that are MORE than happy to marry us?

  12. Diane johnson says

    I say look at the bright side. if you both work and get married you will be in a much higher Tax bracket & pay higher Taxes. You will not have to spend Money on lawyers because you do not need a divorce. Also it is a relief for the churchs because some of them will refuse to marry you anyway.

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