News: Apple, Kellan Lutz, Myanmar, The Netherlands, Andy Cohen

 road Apple employees' "It Gets Better" video disappears and then reappears on Youtube.

Kellanlutz  road A shirtless Kellan Lutz just might be the best thing about the upcoming movie Love Marriage Wedding.

 road Ben Cohen on his icon status in the gay community: I don't really see myself as a gay icon but I realize I have this huge following and it's growing every day."

 road Katy Perry hits up Coachella.

 road Gays in Myanmar seek Thai-like acceptance: "'It's not like Iran where they are killed, but gays are a strange story in this country.' Traditionally, the only area where non-heterosexuality has been openly embraced is the realm of "nat" or spirit worship, a form of animism that is intertwined with Myanmar's Buddhist beliefs."

 road The rich keep getting richer.

 road Donald Trump tells Albany radio station: "I have a great relationship with the blacks. I've always had a great relationship with the blacks."

Andy  road Andy Cohen was Grand Marshal at this year’s Miami Beach Gay pride parade.

 road Ten years after the introduction of marriage equality to the Netherlands: "A decade later, of the nearly 75,000 civil marriages that take place in the Netherlands each year, about 1,400 involve same-sex couples. Heterosexual couples did not turn away from the institution of marriage, nor did the world isolate my country. Civilization as we know it did not end. And, as far as I can tell, God did not punish the Netherlands."

 road Update on the controversy surrounding sheriff in Illinois who made "fag Jew boy" comment on Facebook: "The Schuyler County Board voted unanimously to mandate diversity training for all County department heads, employees and all members of the board."

 road Conservative politician and Queensland LNP leader Campbell Newman on marriage equality: "My personal views on [gay marriage] are I am for it but I don’t see myself changing the law, I won’t be pushing for that."

 road Fans boo Cee Lo for showing up late to a show at Coachella.


  1. pretty rat boy says

    Going on 7 years of legalized gay marriage in Massachusetts and the state actually has the lowest divorce rate in America. Go figure.

  2. TampaZeke says

    What do you mean God didn’t punish the Netherlands for gay marriage?

    Did you not hear about Haiti?

    That was clearly punishment for the Netherlands from the same bad aim, poor timing God that destroyed parts of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana with Katrina to punish Massachusetts for gay marriage. God clearly punishes gay supportive places by destroying rabidly anti-gay places years after time, and miles away from the place, of the gay affirming offense.

    It’s SO obvious once you understand the fundamentalists’ God and how She works!

  3. says

    Economic illiteracy strikes again. Tax income from wealthy people dropping does not mean the rich are getting richer. It oftens means they got substantially poorer and thus have to pay less taxes. The Federal Reserve did a survey on the effects of the depression we have been suffering in and found that the incomes of the rich dropped substantially compared to less wealthy individuals. In fact, the rich got poorer at a much more rapid rate than any other group making income distribution more even.

    That ought to please people who stupidly think some equality of income is a good thing. But we are all worse off. Making the wealth worse off at a more rapid rate doesn’t help me in any way. And if it reduces capital investments it means less business expansion and less jobs and could hurt the less wealthy.

  4. TampaZeke says

    Sorry CLS but the super rich expanding their businesses in India and Mexico are not helping ANYBODY in America but wealthy investors. We did thing YOUR way under Bush with tax cuts and corporate welfare to the rich and look where it got us. The rich got disgustingly richer and the poor got shamefully poorer and the jobs went south of the border and to Asia. And your answer to this? We know your answer. Americans should stop whining and work for $2 a week if they want to compete on the world stage.

  5. Mark says

    Andy Cohen is a gay doucheb@g.

    He’s like the rich kid on the block that no one likes but he has the best birthday parties (and his dad owns the company where everyone’s parents work) so no one says what they really think of him.

    Without his position at Bravo he’s about as much as a celebrity as I am. The term celebrity nowadays is just as overused as the word diva. Just because you and your PR machine call you one doesn’t make it true.

    However,the fact that this man is anyone says more about the gay community than it does about him. What’s OUR excuse?

  6. Brent says

    Tampazeke, you simply do not know your facts.
    1. The poor are not getting poorer:
    2. Even if the rich were getting richer that would not imply that they should pay a larger percentage of their incomes because they still could be paying out more on net.
    3. The overwhelming amount of economic literature suggests that competition from foreigners has no significant downward effect on adult wages. There is some evidence that shows that higher levels of immigration into a region have a roughly 0-8% downward effect on wages for native teenagers. There is overwhelming evidence that “shipping jobs” overseas not only helps the wealthy amoung us, but the average man and the poorest of the poor. Consider the fact that we as consumers get lower prices and workers in Third World countries get jobs that are much better than their relevant alternatives. Not only was your point irrelevant, it was also simply wrong.
    4. Making a connection between Bush era tax cuts and our current crisis is like yelling at a crooked painting in a burning building; even if there was some nonridiculous way in which the painting made the fire worse, there are much bigger, more obvious, and more relevant concerns worth investigating as causes of the crisis:

  7. RAY says

    MARK! really nailed it with your description of Andy Cohen! He is one of the most annoying, smug and vacuous “celebrities” around. He pushed himself down America’s throat with his horrible reunion interview shows, then gave himself a latenight TV outlet and now he’s just coasting on the success of the moronic reality shows he produces for Bravo. It’s really sad to see him bask in all the attention. If he is a gay role model for our community, then we are in worse shape than we realize.

  8. Tony says

    Andy, this is the second time in recent weeks that you have posted about Ben Cohen. Both posts referenced his upcoming Acceptance Tour here in the U.S. How about giving us some details (dates, venues) about when and where he will be appearing.

    I notice that Andy Cohen’s gray knit shirt appears to be logo-free. Interesting.

  9. PDX Guy says

    And Bravo still has an agreement with homophobic Target to sell exclusive editions of its DVDs, including the “Housewives” shows starring Mr. Cohen himself.

    I guess the money is too important to give up.