1. nick says

    Sister Sarah- you are backing a man twice divorced and a failure at business -filing bankruptcy twice? I am shocked and appalled –maybe she can see his combover from her front porch

  2. jack kough says

    please please please stop covering every move of these inane people!! who cares what they have to say?! they’re idiots and exist only because they are given constant media coverage.

  3. Keith says

    This coming from the under-educated loud mouth who makes up words that previously didnt exist to express herself? Member of a political party who spews vitriolic hogwash about family values, yet has a daughter that gets pregnant not only at a very young age, but also not married at the time. (old school term “out-of-wedlock”). Trump doesnt need your help or your input. He’s a grown man that can take care of his own campaign. Do the USA a favor, shut your mouth, put on some hunting clothes and go hunt a bear..(preferrably with a water pistol and a raw steak hanging around your neck, with honey glaze over it). Or a least take a bit of advice, old school saying…”It’s better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”…SHUT UP…your 15 mins of fame has come and gone!

  4. Keith says

    ONCE AGAIN, proof positive that mentally Sarah Palin is “NOT the sharpest tool in the shed”, in other words mentally challenged in the intelligence area…ALL Opinions are “biased” they are expressions of what YOU think…thats why they are called “opinions”…why do we have to endure this retarded gal? Her mother needs to have a talk with her, and tell her “Honey…you are embarrasing me and yourself..time to close your mouth and go home…”

  5. G says

    Let’s see her produce Trig’s birth certificate. Oh, that’s right, she can’t. Or won’t. Because then everyone would know that Bristol is the child’s real mother.

  6. Skooter McGoo says

    And once again only FOX viewers care to hear what “Snow Snookie” has to say. Bet she has a gun ready to shoot a bear that might attack her while she sits in a field. And is she Jewish now?

  7. Boone says

    Doesn’t she have a small child with Down’s Syndrome? “Mom of the Year” is in the news almost daily. WHO is taking care of her special needs child? Certainly not the princess of the Family Values Club. Family values my asz. Gay and lesbian couples take MUCH better care of their kids.

  8. says

    Sarah Palin must be hopping mad knowing that she could have come up with the issue of Obama’s birth certificate herself. She has publicly supported Trump’s attacks on Obama but I don’t think she is sincere at all. There will definitely be a lot of disputes within the Republican Party when the real fight begins.

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