1. Matt says

    @rooney, look stupid? she is stupid!!! She missed the point of the whole arguement. Children are children. It is uptight adults that create gender roles and what little boys and girls should or should not be allowed to play with. So the kid asks to put on makeup or wear polish!?? She is a homophobe because she feels he is a boy and boys don’t wear makeup or nail polish. and the underline cause or fear of not allowing a boy child to wear makeup or nail polish is the fear that that child will be gay or less than masculine. Sherry is an idiot cause she has bought into all that crap that boys play with trucks and girls play with dolls. God help her child when and if he comes out to her some day. then what will she have to blame for his gayness? she did all the right things by not letting him play with girl things!!!

  2. john D says

    Clearly little boys should not be wearing pink nail polish.

    A more masculine shade would be appropriate. Hunter green. Royal blue. Brick. Not pink though.

  3. kc says

    Sherri also had to be HEAVILY peer pressured into letting that little boy wear a Superman costume to pre-k for Halloween because she thinks Halloween is evil and kids dressing up for it courts evil or something moronic like that.

    I feel bad for her kid.

  4. Rob says

    Sherry is the master of circular reasoning: a boy shouldn’t wear nail polish because he’s a boy. I can play that game too. Sherry is an idiot cuz she’s Sherry.

  5. princely54 says

    Sherri started on The View as a doofus (remember the whole ‘is the world round, Sherri?’ debacle when she first showed up?) and she’s STILL a doofus. Don’t even go to her for ANY facts. Ever.

  6. daws says

    This is why actors/actresses should be more anonymous. I liked Sherry on 30 Rock and thought she was hilarious. It’s hard to watch her the same way now (as an actress) after all the dumb stuff she says on The View. She made a similar comment (last year?) about not letting her son play with dolls or something because he’s a boy. So ignorant.

  7. GregV says

    Like most people who were brought up by parents in a strict cult, Sherri’s having grown up “protected” from worldy information has resulted in her not having developed a bright mind.
    She’s the Debbie Matenopoulos of the current panel — I think the producers want one who represents the American gal who doesn’t know much about what’s going on in the world.
    Still, I give her the benefit of the doubt about the way she expressed herself in this case because what she said here seems reasonable to me.
    Personally, I think it looks creepy when little girls — let alone little boys — get all whored-up in eye shadow and push-up bras.
    While mommy’s getting her make-up done, I could see letting a kid get clowned up with a Rudolph nose or something, but otherwise, “This is for mommy” seems reasonable. (She didn’t say “because you’re a boy.”)
    Likewise, if I had a boy (or a girl) who saw me shaving and wanted to get lathered up and shaved, I’d likely say, “This is for Daddy.”
    Come to think of it, I wanted to wear my dad’s deodorant when I was 8, and that’s what I was told. Makes sense to me.

  8. the other chris da chocolatebearcub says

    THIS FAGGOT RIGHT HERE, Palto. Exemplifying the worst in the gay community. Please go suck a dick, as you are clearly not good for much else.

  9. anthony says

    How does this unintelligent, moronic, bigoted, non-talented homophobic fraud of an entertainer get a job on a show like this? Pathetic…go away Shepherd, you disgrace to the rights of wouldn’t have your job if people hadn’t stood up for your rights..and you use this platform to spread your ignorant hateful bigotry…for shame…your hero Christ wouldn’t do that !! …ABC…please re-cast SOON!

  10. Snownova says

    In europe pink has been a fashionable color for men to wear for years now. I see really tough looking straight men and teens walk around in pink and purple clothes all the time.

  11. SpunkyBunks says

    It’s witches like her that make me appreciate the h3ll out of my mom. My mom is cool and believes that people need to explore the world because our lives are so short.

    Conservative people like Sherri live unhappy, unfulfilled, miserable lives and make everybody else miserable too. That’s how they operate.

  12. Elceibeno08 says

    Sherri is unconciously trying to protect her son from ridicule and biggotry that prejudiced grown-up will surely inflict on little boys who like “girly” things. Grown ups are the ones who perpuate prejudice, biggotry, hatred you name it

  13. Elceibeno08 says

    I agree, Sherri is the least smart one of them all. In my opinion she represents the street-smart girl who will do what she has to do to survive, even if it doesn’t make sense. Quote her ” I don’t know if the earth is round or flat,nit’s not important to me. Feeding my kids is important”

  14. Hollywood, CA says

    I cringe every time she opens her mouth. And she knows she’s wrong because she becomes so upset when you question her antiquated views. I see Sherry’s future: Second divorce, gay soon, diabetes, and a lonely life.

    That poor kid of hers doesn’t have a chance.

  15. Matt says

    You make a valid point of somethings are for grownups and not for little children, but children like to emulate their parents. It hurts no one if you let a boy try on makeup or nailpolish or a little girl lather up like daddy. It has zero meaning. I wouldn’t make it a regular ritual per se because i too don’t like to see small children made up like hookers on those ridiculous shows like toddlers and tiaras but for experimenting and bonding time, again, not a big deal. Sherry did in fact say, to her son, that no he couldn’t wear make-up because he was a boy. She did not say because it was for mommy.

  16. anon says

    Children like to experiment and role play and do different things so that they can learn what they like and don’t like. You can think of it as phases that they go through.

  17. glitter says

    i don’t understand the big deal. if sherry doesnt want to paint her sons toenails that is her decision. if that son grows up one day and decides he wants to paint his nails then fine, but till then sherry is his parent and she makes the law. i dont think its ignorance, it just how it is, you cant condemn her for that.

  18. says

    Sherry sherry sherry, you are rich and please for pete’s sake have some real hair wigs made for look stoopid, wigs are supposed to NOT LOOK LIKE A WIG..just sayin i’m an old hair stylist, not even rich but when i wore hair pieces…THEY WERE REAL HAIR..she suck’s and poor Jeffrey what a mess of a woman.

  19. Will says

    @Glitter: it’s because she said “no, you’re a boy, so you can’t paint your toenails.” That’s a homophobic/transphobic comment, and is just perpetuating a mentality that has screwed a lot of people over. If she had simply said “no, this is just for mommy” then whatever, but by making it a gender argument, she was feeding into the wingnuts who started this whole “controversy.”

  20. Todd says

    I think it’s ridiculous that everyone is drawing so many conclusions from the fact that Sherri Shepherd doesn’t happen to think it’s appropriate to paint her young son’s toenails pink (or any color) or that she doesn’t allow her young son to wear her makeup. I whole-heartedly agree with her. It doesn’t make her a bad mother, nor does it make her stupid. She is a parent who sets boundaries for her children. As the child gets older, he will make his own decisions.

  21. Jai says

    “She is a parent who sets boundaries for her children.”

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! She admits to undressing in front of the boy! Talk about setting boundaries.

  22. JVKL says

    If any boy including Shepard’s son wants to wear pink nail polish than let him. It ain’t gonna hurt anyone.


    You do not have to think og it has a ‘phase’.

    Shepard’s son as well as any other boy can wear pink nail polish if they like. Gender is not black-and-white.

  23. mark says

    people put way to much stock in this manly man/girlie girl nonsense. actually, nailpolish was made originally for men, the ruling class and then in the 1920’s was taken over by women. roman generals wore lip and polish on both hands and toes as regimental colors. the fact is is that society as a whole puts men in very narrow boxes and women are treated as 2nd class and get more leeway but not the taken seriously routine. there is no reason a guy can’t color. we like color on our cars, buy motorcycles based on color but can’t do our nails on a drab bit of body canvas? nonsense. no one ever has given me an answer that was logical except because or it’s gay which is even more stupid. gays like other guys, so wouldn’t it stand to reason that they’d like more masculine appearance??? the overt feminine acting gay is theatrical not based on reality. it just seems to have been assumed and taken as truth. it’s not.

    besides, although we know there are gsy africsn americans you do realize that whole culture is do homophobic out of hip hop and demeaning to its women , which proves my above point.

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