1. says

    why is this frothy mix being given any airtime at all? does ANYONE, left or right, take this fool seriously?

  2. Houndentenor says

    This is interesting because this is Fox and still the question was tough enough that Frothy Mix had to squirm his way through an answer. Oh, and no, in most states gay people still don’t have any employment rights. So Chris Wallace missed that one. (I’ll assume that like most Americans Chris believes that ENDA covers gays even though it still doesn’t.) For years the press let the right get away with their “equal rights but not special rights” BS. Even Fox isn’t buying that one now. I think this is a victory and the more people like Frothy Mix have to squirm through this question the more Americans, even Fox viewers, will see through the lies.

  3. nick says

    Chris Wallace is an even bigger ass than Ricky. Faux Noise will continue to show off Ricky and he will hang himself with his bigotry, intolerance, and ignorance.
    Pass the popcorn.

  4. Russell says

    I didn’t know that law schools had social promotions, but apparently his didn’t want this addle-brained manikin around for more than three years. Look at his brilliant analysis: heterosexuals are privileged to get the benefits offered by our government, LGBTs are not. If only Santorum would take over the DOMA case from King and Spaulding.

  5. Anonymous says

    Teresa Heinz called Santorum “Forrest Gump with an attitude.” Couldn’t agree more! Idiot!

  6. mike/ says

    i thought that the ‘founding fathers’ fought to do away with the privileged?

    and if you take his argument to its extent – he has the ‘privilege’ of being married, not the right…


  7. the_woodrow says

    I can’t wait for the day that one of his kids comes out as gay. He has six or seven, the oldest being around nineteen, so the chances of at least one being LGBT are pretty good.

  8. says

    privileges can be regulated

    1- high taxes on having more than 2 children

    2- means test all benefits, if you make over 100k a year then no ss, cut medicare by 1/2, fine every divorce with an increase in fine amounts for multiple divorces. You make over 300k a year then no medicare

    im sure we can come up with tons more regulations on the privileges of heterosexuality

    privileges after all can be regulated. Things are either rights for all or privileges. privileges without regulations like a right is hypocrisy

  9. candideinnc says

    How can you frame DADT as a matter of privilege? The heteros have the “privilege” of being able to disclose their sexual orientation, but gays don’t? And why are gay people paying so that straight people have the privilege of tax breaks, Social Security breaks, insurance benefits and on and on? Frothy the Clown is just a homophobe.

  10. Jack says

    Chris Wallace (who’s a registered Democrat) did a good job in not letting Frothy mix have any wiggle room. Every time Frothy opens his mouth, he frightens another 1000 (especially among independents) or so voters. People like him and New York’s #1 clown, “the Donald”, divide and subdivide the Republican vote so much, it makes Obama’s re-election that much easier.

  11. Dancobbb says

    Amazing how much ego this man must have that he believes America will elect him President. First off, he’s simply a lousy politician. If he can’t handle the likes of Chris Wallace, he’s hasn’t a prayer.

    Most importantly, this man used rhetorical parallelism when he equated gay marriage with “man-on-dog”… which logically means that he is equating gay men with dogs. What can be more evil or vile than to dehumanize people and equate them with animals. That’s what Santorum did. And I think he deserves all the approbrium and more from the gay and lesbian community. This man is dangerous to the lives of gays. He needs to be called out for his bigotry at every turn.

  12. patrick nyc says

    I have to agree that the frothy mix, Trump, Palin and the lot make it much easier for Obama in 2012. Every time one of them opens their mouth, stupid falls out.

  13. Abel says

    What a mean-spirited and hateful little man Frothy Mix is. The vile bigotry he spouts is indefensible.

    Frothy is a welcome addition to the GOP Clown Car. Along with Trump, Palin, Huckabee, Gingrich, etc., any of these doofuses will ensure Obama’s re-election in 2012.

  14. walter says

    remember google needs us to help keep frothy mix at the top of the santorum search site. do your part to keep it #1

  15. Danny says

    @THE_WOODROW: Especially since people as vocally anti-gay as Froth is are likely gay themselves.