Texas Firefighters Fired Over Nude Male Photo Collage


Two Victoria, Texas firefighters have been fired over a nude male photo collage displayed at Victoria Fire Station No. 2. Victoria is between Houston and Corpus Christi.

The Victoria Advocate:

About 10 photographs were joined together in a montage that included a scantily clad crotch shot, a shot of one nude man kissing another nude man's body, a cartoon of two men kissing, a shot of one nude man looming over another with his hands on his shoulders, a bare-chested man and a shot of a man's scantly clad rear end.

The montage also includes face shots of two Hollywood actors. After a complaint was filed with the city last month and an internal investigation conducted, the two firefighters were fired, according to a city news release Wednesday. The city released few details about the incident so it is undisclosed exactly where the images were displayed. The Advocate is waiting for reports of the investigation requested from the city under the Texas Public Information Act.

The city Communications Director and the head of the firefighters union are refusing to comment on the case.

Provocative photographs of men led to firefighters' dismissals [victoria advocate]


  1. says

    According to the “Victoria Advocate”, it sounds like the dismissals were under undertaken to protect the Fire Dept from a sexual harassment law suit, but, frankly, I think we need to see the photos to decide for ourselves. I’m just sayin’.

  2. Eric says

    Sounds like the firing was deserved to me, whether the pictures were of men or women. I can’t imagine bringing something similar to my workplace and not expecting some form of punishment. Maybe it was intended as a joke, but work is work and there are certain things you don’t do there…

  3. kujhawker says

    This is the case of not enough information. We dont know if this a case of harrasmenet where guys where taunting another guy by trying to call him queer. Or some gay guy assert his right.

    I know of a guy who worked in blue collar place and he grew tired in the locker room of some of the photos and posters put up. So he did the same with semi nude men to assert is own right to be just as crass as the straight guys.

  4. dizzy spins says

    Just about every firehouse has cheesecake calendars or nude photos of women in the locker room. There must be more to this story that we’ve heard so far–most likely that the collage was put up to tease someone else, not for the pleasure of the firefighters who were axed.

  5. says

    Totally agree…there’s definitely more to this story. Nevertheless, firing them for the pictures is likely a bit of a stretch. Couldn’t they have been told to just take them down and reprimanded?

    On a lighter not, Victoria is a great little town. They have a ton of these old Victorian houses that had been restored and maintained for decades. Worth a drive through if you ever get the chance.

  6. Chuck Mielke says

    I’ll agree with “KUJHAWKER” that we lack information. Were these images posted in a workplace where similar images of women were posted? Were they posted in a place subject to viewing by all coworkers, or in a locker or other presumably private space? Were the people fired presumed responsible for the postings, or were they the people who complained? Who actually complained, a member of the public, a coworker, or a city official of some sort? In short, it’s an interesting story about which we know too little; I look forward to a follow up.

  7. anon says

    Was this a random photo? I thought the fireman created it themselves out of photos of the men there, which would be a bit much. However, if not defamatory, they should publish the photo online for judgment.

  8. GregV says

    The same newspaper now has a more detailed account here:


    Apparently, it was a practical joke in the locker of a guy who was amused by it and then crumpled up the photos and threw them out.
    But they were printed on the computer of a different fire house, and someone there called to ask about photographs being printed of “homosexual activity.” (His choice of words tends to suggest an anti-gay bias).
    Then, they were fished out of the garbage (even with chewing tobacco spit on the crumpled photos by that time).

    The guys involved say that horseplay and practical jokes are going on all the time, many far more egregious than what they did.

    They’ve been terminated, and their appeal has no far been rejected.

  9. ratbastard says

    Modern day corporate culture demands you be bland, PC and totally inoffensive. Guys, in especially certain difficult, rough environments, of course dick around with each other. It’s a way of bonding and letting off steam, cutting tension. But get just one un-amused corporate-trained manager or supervisor unfamiliar or unappreciative of such behavior [or who’s looking for drama to make a name for themselves] or a fellow employee who’s pissed off about something, , and you’re in trouble.

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