Towleroad Guide to the Tube #866

SPIN DOCTOR: GOProud's Chris Barron offended to be mistaken for the lead singer of a 90's alt rock band who wakes up with a joint in his hand every morning.

COUSIN OLIVER: The lost Brady Bunch episode.


ANOTHER ROYAL WEDDING: Jimmy Kimmel looks at Piers Morgan's infatuation with Simon Cowell.

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  1. ted says

    Your headline is a lie. If this had happened to the leader of stonewall democrats, the headline would have been “Stonewall Head mistaken for “. The GOProud guy was not offended intrinsically at who he was mistaken for – any more than he would be for not being recognized or mistaken for someone else. It was a genuinely funny moment, and he handled it with appropriate aplomb. Your headline just makes the GOProud guy look bad, when the real story should have been “Fox New Has Gay Conservative On RedEye!”

  2. Gregv says

    @Ted: I don’t know why you’re so defensive about the GoProud guy. He said he feels like “killing himself” at the suggestion that he looks like the other Chris Barron, whom he implies is in inferior physical shape. His words are consistent with the headline.
    Do you honestly think he would have reacted the same if his co-panelist had mistaken him for Brad Pitt or Rob Lowe?

  3. Matt says

    No one asked Barron if he worked out or how many times a week, etc…
    Yet he has to throw out that completely irrelevant blurb just so people know he works out six times s week. What a pathetic turd!
    So pathetic I can’t even feel appropriately embarrassed for him.