U. of Michigan Student President Chris Armstrong Sues Former Assistant AG Andrew Shirvell for Harassment


Former Michigan assistant attorney general Andrew Shirvell, who was fired last November for months of anti-gay cyber-bullying of University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong, is being sued by Armstrong for harassment, the Detroit Free Press reports:

Armstrong The current University of Michigan student body president filed a lawsuit Friday saying a former assistant state attorney general stalked him and inflicted emotional distress last year by posting alleged defamatory statements on a blog as part of a “bizarre personal obsession” that included calling him a Nazi, Ku Klux Klan member and a “radical homosexual activist,” according to a lawsuit.

Chris Armstrong, the first openly gay student body president at U-M, filed the suit against Andrew Shirvell in Washtenaw County Circuit Court.

Armstrong is seeking more than $25,000 in damages.

Said Armstrong's attorney: "This guy has behaved so irresponsibly, especially for an attorney. He’s a rebel without a cause. At this point, it’s not about the money. Mr. Shirvell has refused to retract any of his bizarre and untruthful points. We want to set the record straight."


  1. Bob R says

    I agree with Hank. It seems 25K is a small amount. Go for a million at least and then ask for punitive damages, if that’s allowed. Screw this creep to the wall.

  2. Ben says

    When pleading, you often don’t put the actual amount you are seeking. The rules only require you to plead the jurisdictional amount. In this case the amount is $25,000, so you say you are seeking in “excess of” that amount.

  3. says

    Because its a court case, not a state lottery?

    25k is a good sharp slap to an individual making normal amounts of money, IMO. Its also an amount that can reasonably be expected to be actually paid by said individual. Armstrong and his counsel are being smart in not asking for more – to do so would only make Armstrong look as if he were trying to cash in on the situation. It sounds like their damage claim is, more about an inducement to stop the behavior than about ameliorating damages.

    Shirvell has made it clear that sanctioning without tangible consequences means little to him, and only fires up his underdog crusader fantasy. Maybe a fat hit to his wallet will change his behavior.

  4. Mike C. says

    I agree with Spudger, I think the fact that they are only seeking $25K says a lot more, that this is about truth and making Shirvell own up to his conduct, and not about trying to make money.

    If he really is only seeking $25K, I’m sure Armstrong will get very little after attorney fees unless this is pro bono. Aside from the obvious already, this makes him the better man.

  5. jerry says

    his lawyer eeven said ” it’s not about the money” “we want to set the record straight”
    good for tehm

  6. woodroad34wo says

    The damage that will be done by “just” a $25,000 judgement (should Armstrong win), is that Shirvell will have that on his credit history. It’ll will be difficult to get loans, buy a house, and (in some cases)his ability to get a job.

  7. FunMe says

    I was wondering what had happened to the young man. Good for him! Suing that closet case for harassing him.

  8. Danny says

    I doubt if he’s a spurned lover but I’m willing to bet that he’s looked at pics of Armstrong more than once with his hands in his pants. I bet Shirvell talks dirty too.

  9. bwana says

    I hope that psycho nellybelle gets the panties sued off of him. But please don’t be showing them pictures up in here when it happens.

  10. Paul R says

    @Woodroad34WO: Why would it affect his credit history? He was an assistant attorney general, so presumably he was making at least $125K. I’m sure he can pay off a $25K judgment and, based on his past behavior, he’ll stretch this case out so long that Armstrong will be 40 before it’s settled.