1. yuninv says

    So, how bad is it that I’m going to vote for the DINO Presidential Candidate based solely on the fact that he’s not a psychopath, which is what the Republicans will field.

    I am so disappointed by the total lack of Change.

  2. johnny says

    Dear President Obama,

    I know this is going to sound like I’m nit-picking, but PLEASE quit using the word “folks”. It’s not 1945 and we’re not sitting in front of a pot belly stove in our overalls listening to you on the radio.

    People, individuals, group, citizens… but NOT folks.

    Thank you.

  3. sparks says

    I’m disappointed in several STATES who have either denied us marriage equality or imposed preemptive restrictions on it, but federally speaking (where it will count most in the long run), the LGBT community is in a better situation today than it has ever been in this country.

    Do you think DADT would be on its way out right now if we’d had a republican president these past two and a half years? Would there have been dozens of gay and lesbian appointments to high office and on federal benches? Would the Matthew Sheppard Act have been passed? Would there now be a path paved towards the repeal of DOMA?

    It’s been less than 3 years and we’ve already seen some fantastic steps for LGBT rights and protections — EVEN in the face of an economy and wars abroad that other presidents would likely have used as an excuse for total inaction on social issues.

    I will vote for Obama again. Change IS slow, but if he can facilitate as much progress for LGBT citizens in a second term as he will have done by the end of his first, I foresee a time in the near future when our most fundamental rights will no longer be dictated by state lines.

    My disappointment in Obama thus far has been the lengths he goes to compromise with republicans on budget and health care issues. But I shudder to think what would happen with another republican in the white house anytime soon, given the combined voice of teabaggers and evangelicals… within two years we’d have an even longer list of anti-gay laws and constitutional amendments to work against.

  4. John says

    I will reluctantly vote for him because the alternatives will be much worse. However, Obama has disappointed on almost every level. Won’t much enthusiastic flag waving and campaigning from this corner.

  5. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    To the commenters who ‘will vote for him anyway’ please understand Obama and the other dims already know that; your vote is taken for granted. This announcement isn’t to get your vote, it’s to get your MONEY. Let Obama and the dims know they won’t get your money this time because they’re too damned timid (and/or cynically playing politics with our lives). Money is their drug and they need another fix, and you’re the enabler they’re counting upon to give it to them one more time.

  6. says


    a non-vote/abstaining to vote is a vote

    a vote of support for repubs

    proof of point 2010. All polls show the repub sweep was due to people not voting (particularly registered dems not voting at all

  7. George says

    I get annoyed when he seemd so willing to compromise with unreasonable Republicans as well. But overall, when I look at the accomplishments made over these past 2 and a half years, I’m actually impressed. He’s gotten more done than any President in a long time. And between adding Kagan and Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, ending DADT, and ending the gov’s defense of DOMA, he’s more for LGBT rights than I even expected.

    Plus, he biggest disaster I can imagine for our equality is having a Republican appoint the successors to Ginsberg or Kennedy on the Supreme Court.

  8. Ken says

    I will vote for Obama again because even though he made a lot of good change happen for gay Americans and took forever on most issues, he still did a lot for us. Hate crimes bill, and gays in the military, and Anti bullying legislation were huge hurdles. I think about this a lot. The fact that it took a long time for the change to happen but it still happened and is happening. So even though he’s working slow he is working and things have gotten better a great deal as far as gay issues are concerned.

  9. says

    then bosie just stamp ur ass REPUB whore

    2010 repub sweep was due to people not voting not repubs selling a whining argument

    Don’t vote and just deliver more power to the repubs

    A non vote is a vote of support for the status quo/ repubs

  10. Damien says

    Ken, I’d like to toss the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act on that list. For those who didn’t think it was important two years ago, it certainly seems like a big deal in light of Walmart’s sex discrimination case now being taken to the US Supreme Court.

    Obama was slow, but very productive. He’s gotten a ton of stuff done – even if you disagree with some of them. I’m not 100% on board with his Healthcare Reform, but I admit that so far the parts that have been implemented are better than what we had 2 years ago. And I’m completely torn about the Libya situation.

    Being politically center-left myself, it doesn’t bother me if Obama takes that position – so long as he stays mostly left on civil rights. Already, that’s much better than the current GOP alternatives.

  11. says

    Oh yeah, Obama 2012. While the rest of you are busy siphoning votes for anti-gay teabaggers because you’re mad the political process isn’t giving you every last thing you wanted, I’m going to help our last line of defense get re-elected.

  12. Damen says

    A- Its good the video is unispiring right now. Obama is still President, and this is more of a fundraising launch than a campaigning launch.

    B- Obama has done more for gay rights than any other President in history.

    C- If any of you want to see Prop 8 overturned, DOMA overturned, or have any amount of judicial success in the next decade you better vote for Obama because we have a slew of aging justices on the court (Kennedy, Ginsberg, Scalia) than may retire soon.

  13. David says

    If you, like me, aren’t stoked about voting for Obama again, and there probably won’t be a Republican candidate that you support, VOTE THIRD PARTY! With the two party system, it will always be a gridlocked back-and-forth between the right and left intent on undoing the previous administration and fomenting partisan rancor. Vote Libertarian or Green or Constitution or Whig or Socialist or Centrist or Prohibition or Whatever You Please. Just vote for someone that espouses your views, not a shell filled with ideology without the ears to hear his or her constituents’ will.

  14. Derrick from Philly says

    Nixon, Reagan, Papa Bush and Baby Bush.

    The above demons remind me that I will vote Democrat for the rest of my life.

    Oh, I left out Gerald Ford because he was a good guy…not much else, but a good guy.

  15. says

    Everyone following Towleroad should be actively supporting the President’s re-election. If you’re not griping or you’re dwelling in self-involved despair or shooting yourself in the foot supporting anyone else. No other politician has done more to advance LGBT justice. Change takes time. The man is taking the country in the right direction. It may not be good enough or fast enough for you, but ask yourself- what have you done to move the ball forward? The campaign needs grass roots support. Enough bitching, make it happen.

  16. says

    Some of ypu ungrateful faggots are just that UNGRATEFUL!
    But remember those white republicans are waiting to stick it to your asses FOREVER!

    So vote 3rd party. You’re actually voting republican!

    Just keep in mind you’re NOT hurting the Obama’s in the least!

  17. Matthew says

    There is no way I could consider not supporting Obama. He has really gone after some huge gay rights legislation! DADT and DOMA, are we so quick to forget?!

    Although it’s a long shot, on the the Republican side I’ll do what I can to support Fred Karger because, seriously, what a dream ticket to vote either for Obama or a gay candidate. No matter who won, I think it would feel like somewhat of a victory to me.

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