1. Rovex says

    I wouldnt go that far, its just a pointless and not very good piece of tech, like most Apple gear. It does make spotting and avoiding Hipsters easier though, so it has that on it side.

  2. Loren says

    I think that Apple fanboys are missing the point:

    Jackson misfired in framing his thesis. The larger issue which is being missed by focusing on his iPad comments is that unemployment is extraordinarily high but Congress and the President have done nothing this year to fight unemployment.

    Where is the concerted effort to create jobs?

    Instead of focusing on job creation, Congress and the President are focused on the deficit, which while important, should take a secondary position to getting people back to work.

    Instead of being technology snobs and looking for a good self-aggrandizing chuckle, think about what’s really going wrong in our society. No one is working to fix the unemployment crisis.

    As for Jackson’s comments about technology, step back and examine the heart of his example:

    1) The rapid growth of ebooks and the web has caused the loss of jobs in traditional media and their supporting ecosystem.

    2) Most computer devices are no longer made in the U.S. All those jobs have moved to China.

    In the past when new technologies replaced older ones, new jobs were created in the U.S. to replace jobs that supported older technologies.

    This time, most of the jobs are overseas, therefore, those left unemployed because of technological advancement have fewer opportunities to find new employment.

  3. suede says

    who elected stupid people like this guy?

    Lets shut down all tech progress because all tech, in some way or another, is meant to reduce manual labor.

    Why single out the ipad, when barnes and nobles has its nook, amazon has kindles, and there are tons of touchpad devices coming out.

    This guy is unaware of the whole business sector that sprung up around iOS apps, and now mac apps.

    I’m ashamed that this is coming from a democrat.

  4. Hipster says

    I wasn’t sure I wanted an iPad, but Jackson’s pathetic diatribe coupled with the fact that Hermes now makes a handsome leather iPad case has me ready to pull out my Centurion card.

  5. gr8guyca says

    On behalf of all the unemployed quill pen makers, unemployed radio tube makers, unemployed buggy whip makers, and unemployed whale bone corset makers, I completely agree with him.

    Clearly, the way to lower unemployment is to go forward into the 19th century.

  6. deanybeany says

    Wow, seriously? He sounds like an old man who is angry with new technology … If screwing around behind his wife’s back didn’t ruin any national career he might have had, this certainly did.