1. says

    That was AWESOME and incredible on SO MANY levels!!! What an inventive group of students. Just to think of the amount of collaboration and hard work that went into this is mind-boggling! As a college professor, I cherish that I get the opportunity to interact with students who are smart, talented, and spirited! What a great video! I am unbelievably impressed!

  2. TampaZeke says


    How fun was THAT?!

    I want to go back to school and go to UBC!

    I agree though. Too bad they didn’t do this in the summer or late spring so that the weather and the scenery didn’t look so drab. Vancouver and all of British Columbia are so amazingly beautiful.

    Great job kids!

  3. Wady says

    Amazing. Inventive. It actually brought a tear of happiness to my eyes. Good job, Canada!

  4. jack says

    oh dear, i guess i am going to be the grinch at the party.

    what a tremendous amount of effort went into that. i applaud their enthusiasm, but dear lord, that is the most rhythm challenged group of youth i have seen in my long life. watching enthusiastic young people is a treat no matter what, however, that was so square it may have caused a dimensional shift. bless their hearts…

  5. AJ says

    Aww shuddup Jack! They got a cast of thousands. Complicated Gaga-style choreography is not possible w that many peopele. I was a film student at one point and the amount of sheer gargantuan effort that went into this blows me away. Brought a tear to my eye too. So many different kinds of people getting together to celebrate something so positive should always be applauded. FABULOUS!

  6. DSCinSEA says

    I think this was amazing – not only from a fun factor, but what a cool recruiting tool for the college – if I was a senior looking for schools to go to…this video would make me put UBC-Vancouver at the top of my list. Such detail and fun went into this! Bravo…

  7. Kyle says

    And that’s actually Marianas Trench in the video! Bonus points for getting the actual band to participate…