1. kenny says

    I love Christina and I know she loves us and has been one of our allies for a long time.But… no just no.People like the dearly departed and dear dame Elizabeth Taylor should be the one if she was alive planting her feet there.Not Christina.

  2. Rowan says

    Itssssss Hollywood folks!!!!

    Loyalties? Pah, she’s dead!

    And well Christina……..(what has she actually done then be a bitchy diva???)

    But hey!! FAME!!! I wanna live forever!!!

  3. paul says

    Shouldn’t The Gay Walk of Fame have gay people (not people selling things to to gay people).

    Perhaps it should be People Gay People Like Walk of Fame

  4. Steve says

    Paul, you totally forgot that she made out with Madonna on TV one time like 20 years ago. That makes her gay enough for this thing. Either way, good on The Abbey for creating a fun gay-themed tourist destination.

  5. Jeff says

    Why is gay culture all about divas? Why don’t we celebrate people who aren’t all about make up, glitzy costumes, and being a diva? Please tell me. I don’t like any of that stuff. Am I not “gay” enough? After all, these people are who we celebrate on our Walk of Fames. Sigh.

  6. Brian in Texas says

    What about Neil Patrick Harris, Dan Savage, Bruce Vilanch, Barney Frank, Ellen Degeneres, Adam Lambert, etc.?

    You know, actual gay people.

  7. Bill says

    Rename it the Heterosexual Worship Walk of Fame because we all know that the vast majority of the stars are going to heterosexuals. If you are heterosexual and say you “love the gays” you are golden in the eyes of many gay people. To hell with actual gay people and actually doing work for gay causes.

  8. Jeff says

    I mean, I have nothing against divas. But what is it about some gay people and gay culture that makes it seem like you have to swear an allegiance to Gaga, Aguilera, Minogue, and Spears? Why?

    It interests me NOT AT ALL.

  9. Shelly says

    This is really annoying to me, first and foremost because the Gay Walk of Fame ought to be for actual gay pioneers, but also because I agree with Jeff — I find the whole diva thing just as irritating. But then, what do I know? I’m but a lowly lesbian….

  10. Tagg says

    @ David A – Burlesque went to dvd after 4 months which is the norm for most films. Btw: Its worldwide gross is almost $100 million, not bad after all…

  11. says

    She has marched on Washington for Marriage Equality, she created her own rally to repeal DADT, she has released the first song on radio to include the word Transgender, she has preformed at HRC and AMFAR events, she made her television debut at LOGO’s NewNextNow Award Show, she has partnered with Cyndi Lauper to raise 200 million dollars for the Mac Aids Fund, she had a hit song about her bisexuality, at the 2009 and 2010 VMA’s she thanked the gay community for their support, also at the 2010 VMA’s she brought along soldiers discharged under DADT to bring further awareness to the issue, she then uploaded three videos to youtube urging her fans to contact their Senators to overturn DADT, all this in three years…..oh wait that isn’t Christina Aguilera. That is Lady GaGa.

  12. brian says

    Christina Aguilera’s induction is yet another example of Gay Inc pushing its views onto gay people in general. I’m increasingly of the view that Gay Inc doesn’t care about gay rights but merely about the party circuit and celebrities.

  13. brian says

    Christina bisexual? LOL. She’s about as bisexual as the women who do porn movies. In other words, it’s a marketing ploy.

    To my knowledge, Christina has never dated a woman. She’s as bisexual as Ronald Reagan.

  14. Ike says

    I’m really disgusted at how cynical and mean-spirited my fellow gays are. Christina Aguilera has been a vocal advocate for gay rights her entire career. And those of us over the age of 20 should remember her video for “Beautiful” from 2002 which had LOTS of footage of a gay male couple being affectionate. That was almost 10 years ago, a much riskier move for an artist to make back then, and especially in Christina’s case since that was her big hit single off the album, and people were predicting that without that song her career would have soon been over. So she took a real risk with the success of that album, FOR US, to promote equality. And all you guys, who were probably totally up her ass back in the day, have nothing better to say than all your wishful thinking that her career is over, because you’ve probably all traded her in for your next diva of the moment, Lady GaGa. Bunch of shallow 2-faced a**holes. It’s gays like you that give us all a bad name.

    And P.S. She IS in fact bisexual. There have been plenty of reports from everyday bar patrons who have witnessed her out with girls, kissing girls, and asking girls for their phone numbers. Not that it should matter.

  15. brian says

    Reports from bar patrons on Christina Aguilera’s bisexuality? LOL. I don’t consider that to be an indication of genuine bisexuality. It seems more like the type of behavior you see in females who are recruiting women for threesomes with their boyfriends.

    The scenario goes like this: the boyfriend has a fetish for girl-girl action, he instructs his compliant girlfriend to make out with other women, the girlfriend then mentions to the girl she’s been making out with that she has a boyfriend who would like to have a threesome.

    As for Christina making out with Madonna, it simply indicates how much of a fake she is. Christina didn’t kiss Madonna because she wanted to help GLBT rights, she did it because she wanted to titillate sleazy straight guys, many of whom hate gay guys.

    If Christina deserves a gong, it’s for fakeness, for using female bisexuality as a marketing ploy, and for appealing to gay male-hating straight guys.

  16. Rowan says


    You’re a weak loser who gives gays a bad name. That narcaccistic whitch never wrote frigging beautiful and only snag it because she knew the pathetic gays would swoon and because Perry fancied her so gave it to her to sing instead of Pink.

    Furthermore,when has she ever spoken out for gays when it isn’t to advance her career?

    Again, her career is taking. She is running all over Hollywood with some kid doing drugs and drinking whilst the baby she loves sooo much is being brought up by nannies!

    Wooh, what a gay symbol!!!??

    Did she give any money to no on 8? I keep on saying this but Brad Pitt gave at least 100k towards the fight and why the hell do we not call him a gay symbol? He did this before frigging Ellen Degeneres would even talk about it on her show OR give any money-after she was called out on the blogs.

  17. Tom says

    you people trash Christina for this and that like you know her personally. and yea you people would obviously know whether or not she has dated women because her private life is just an open book eh? /sarcasm
    “ohhh she doesn’t advocate gay rights enoughhh therefore she’s not bisexual and she panders to sleazy homophobic guys”
    Oh by that logic I must not be gay because I sure as hell have not done any advocacy work and I doubt the majority of you guys have either. srsly wtf.

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