1. Tim says

    Adam, this was essentially a non-statement. Your SHOCK!could have been turned into a powerful statement. Rather than turning it into your own self-indulgent moment. Either side could read your statement and think you were on their side. For the future I suggest you read up on South Africa’s Sun City and apartheid.

  2. Lisa says

    @TIM Adam first retweeted an article from The Advocate about Dan Choi being beaten and arrested. This tweet came next. I’m sure to anyone with common sense they knew what side Adam was on. Why must the gay community pick at everything Adam Lambert does. Why not support instead of tear down at any opportunity. Ugh.

  3. yonkersconquers says

    Nauseating. Lambert should crack open a newspaper sometime. Maybe on his way to tour Iran?

  4. BobN says

    Twitter lets the whole world know stuff going through your head that you should really not let the world know is going through your head.

  5. rodca says

    As Lisa said, there is no doubt what position Adam was taking (I believe the Advocate Online would qualify as a newspaper, YonkersConquers).

    adamlambert Adam Lambert #majordamperonthings

    adamlambert Adam Lambert
    So shocked that this happened today at the same hour and same city as I was performing in. #majordamperonthings

    TheAdvocateMag The Advocate by adamlambert
    Choi Beaten, Arrested in Russia: After an attempt to march in Moscow for gay pride, a group of several activists…

    Dan had been tweeting Adam, His last tweet:

    ltdanchoi Dan Choi
    I salute you, @adamlambert for being a beautiful voice of the voiceless.

  6. Traci says

    Lisa: Great post, and don’t worry, Dan Choi himself appreciated Adam’s comment. Dan Choi tweeted back to Adam saying that he “salute[s] (him) for being a beautiful voice for those without one.” I think Dan Choi’s positive response to Adam’s statement regarding his beating and arrest pretty much obliterates any impact the naysayers were trying to assert!

  7. yonkersconquers says

    i’m not sure that it does that, frankly. a gay performer playing Moscow – under the continuing and well known circumstances – is thoughtless, at best.

    lambert didn’t give voice to the voiceless. he played a pop concert and left the stage. that may have inspired indirectly, but it’s a question for him to expand on, and no one else.

  8. Steve says

    I dont think the gay community is picking on Adam Lambert here. It seems to be two totally separate happenings, turned into a “news” story about Twitter. I thought there would be more substance to this story.

  9. says

    What is wrong with the people that are being so negative on these comments? Adam acknowledged a horrible event as being just that! His words were appreciated by those that needed to hear of his support (particularly the victim) & for the others that don’t get it…..who cares! He is obviously suportive of gay rights & against homophobic violence.

  10. IAN F says

    @YONKERSCONQUERS, the argument that a performer should not play in homophobic countries has been hashed out before. Each country is different. This particular festival is mainly a hard rock fest and Adam received many threats. He has also played in countries where being gay is a crime. Very few countries give full rights to gay including the US. Isn’t it better to bring some visibility so young gays can see an openly gay man succeeding and maybe help sway some fans to our side? I say we need all the openly gay actors/performers we can get along side the activists until it becomes a non issue.

  11. Red says

    “What is wrong with the people that are being so negative on these comments?”

    We know many gay men love to eat their own, or, without good reason, attack other gay men. This is one of the most baffling paradoxes of the gay community. Dan Choi who has struggle against homophobia feels inclined to genuinely appreciate the support from someone like Adam, rather than attack them for their accomplishments and/or faults.

  12. gallant says

    while lambert was being well received at a “hard rock” music festival across town, other folks were being beaten and arrested. This IS shocking and his words offered it as juxatoposition in my mind.
    Adam did his own bit of activism by performing at this show. It is strange to think that while forces were preventing the pride march, security forces were in place at Maxidrom to protect an out gay singer and his fans from possible violence.

  13. says

    Wow! It’s hard for me to believe that some of these comments are so nasty. Adam has been a positive voice in ALL communities and has performed in countries that are truly homophobic, someone mentioned ours, USA, and attitudes and opinions are changed daily. Although he never claimed to be a spokesperson for the gay community, his very presence on this planet has opened up minds to embrace various lifestyles. Also, are some of you naysayers putting your ass on the line like he does when he performs in some of these “scary” countries?

  14. Cami says

    We will never achieve full equality when we spend so much time and energy tearing our own apart.

    What some of you holier-than-thou perfect people fail to realize is that most of Lambert’s 1million+ followers on Twitter probably had NO idea of what was going on in Russia until he tweeted twice (inc the Advocate piece). By being there and showcasing the contrast between his successful concert, he raised awareness amongst more than 1 million people. When’s the last time any of you accomplished that?

  15. Beverly says

    OMG! Are you people for real? Adam gets hate from EVERYONE! I would thk the gay communitee would support him rather than join the homopobic communitee!?! Adam endangers his own life to go where it’s not safe because of his sexuality! He’s trying to pave the way for others in a way he as a performer can! He doesn’t have to do this! I personally was scared to death for him! He never said he was a “poster boy” for any group, but if he can help the cause, he was happy! Only male I’ve seen hold his boyfrien’s hand on the “red carpet” too! All you naysayers should be SO ASHAMED! You are only helping the redneck haters hate on YOU even more! GROW THE HELL UP!!

  16. Jean says

    Pretty safe for those putting Adam down when the man getting beat up at the rally tweets Adam thanking him for his support???? What’s w/that?

  17. rodca says

    Lets get real here. There were two negative posters here. How can you ascribe these posters opinions to the the entire “gay community”? Honestly, fellow Adam supporters you do more harm than good. Think about it.

  18. BEAU says

    Adam did the show for the fans, knowing there could be trouble for him, and/or his fans. Any respectable performer will tell you the show must go on. Adam did his job, just as Dan Choi was/is doing his. They don’t call it a “Battle for Equality” for nothing, people! Russia is famous for squelching political views, which is why they banned the rally, but, they approved the parade. It sounds like a really small step, but for Russia, it’s HUGE.

  19. Rick says

    @RED You posted: “We know many gay men love to eat their own, or, without good reason, attack other gay men. This is one of the most baffling paradoxes of the gay community”

    I think the reason for it is that many, many gay men still hate themselves and hate men, in general–both gay and straight–and that hatred results from their own sense of masculine inadequacy. When they see other gay men succeed at something or see straight men that they lust after but cannot have, it just brings those feelings of inadequacy to the surface and they go on the attack.

    Can you imagine how these same people would have reacted if that had been Lady Gaga instead of Adam Lambert and she had done exactly the same thing he did? They would have been falling at her feet with praise–because she is a woman rather than a man, not for any other reason.

  20. Very Sad says

    I dont understand the negativity towards Adam Lambert either. He is living his own life the way he sees fit. Sometimes being an example does not mean words. He LIVES his life as an example. And why this site or any other gay site continues to have people to bash him is unreal. He has opened my eyes to the gay lifestyle and has caused me to change some negative attitudes that I once had. I would think gays would be appreciative of what Adam has to endure on a daily level and be supportive. Not continue to bash him. How many of you bashing him would be able to stand under the pressure, the threats, the hate posts, day after day. Ugh. I wish gays would rally around Adam and support him instead of finding frivolous reasons to tear him down.

  21. JLM says

    The important part is Adam Lambert went to Russia and did a concert just being himself – the Rock/Pop dude and it made an impact to some of the Korn and Prodigy fans who think gay music isn’t cool. We as Mr Choi said “Adam Lambert I solute you to giving a beautiful voice to the voiceless”. And just the week before Adam Lambert showed up on the red carpet at the American Idol finale holding the hand of his boy friend on the red carpet. When have you seen two men holding hands on the red carpet??? Not!!

  22. peggyt says

    I dearly love Adam Lamberts singing and looks…there has never been one who sings and has beautiful features since Elvis Presley…..
    I am not against him and his boyfriends going to different events, but you don’t see straight people holding hands very seldom…His business but there is a time and place for every thing…..
    I wish they would talk about Adam and his music instead of his boyfriend being in a lot of pictures….Go Adam…ready to hear your new music that you are writing…Last year at this time my daughters and I was going to see you in concert 9 times and you were great….

  23. Sally says

    I’ve been following Adam since his AI days. I truly believe that he didn’t mean it like, “OMG, how can this happen while I’m here” attitude. Y’all are reading too much into his statement. He was expressing his emotions to his fans on twitter.

    I think Adam has united a diverse group of people with is music and presence.

    Rock on Adam!

  24. Leigh says

    Adam Lambert is a very courageous man. He is out and proud and is the target, therefore, of the most disgusting vitriol. And being Jewish, he is a double target for the haters who have shown up at his concerts. The gay community should show its support for him as they’ve largely failed to do. Just look at the major gay organizations after the AMA concert-ready to dump him because they get money from ABC – changed their story three times. Vilified and lied about on Fox. Comments on blogs, articles, and reviews – beneath contempt. And yet he remains the wonderful guy he’s always been. The idea that this brave guy should be criticized by those who have never shown courage like this is pathetic.