‘Blade’ Reporter Chris Johnson Mugged in Rehoboth Beach

Chris Johnson, a Washington Blade reporter whose articles I refer to quite frequently here on Towleroad, was mugged in the resort town of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware over the weekend by assailants who took his cell phone, the Blade reports:

Chris_johnson Johnson said the attackers jumped him from behind as he walked along King Charles Street while he was headed toward the town’s business section to meet friends at the Blue Moon gay bar and restaurant.

Johnson said a police officer and detective from the Rehoboth Beach Police Department interviewed him about the incident, saying the matter was under investigation. 


Rehoboth Beach gay activist Peter Schott said violent assaults of this kind are “an anomaly” in the popular beach resort town, which has several gay bars and a large gay and lesbian presence.

Johnson is recovering after being released. The attack happened on his birthday. I wish Chris belated birthday wishes for a speedy recovery.

(image michael key/blade)


  1. Francis says

    Sad. We need to do a better job of cleaning up our countries’ streets of the street trash that litters it.

  2. Peter says

    It’s really a shame this happened here in Rehoboth. This incident is pretty rare to happen here in Rehoboth. That part of Rehoboth is pretty but not very well lit and would make anyone walking those streets away from the business part of town a victim. Just because your in a rural area doesn’t mean the same things happen that occur in bigger cities.

  3. mak136 says

    Hope Chris is recovering well. That’s awful tourism news for Rehoboth! I used to describe Rehoboth as being all american type of town that seemed to accept and support gays & lesbian (though this sounds like a mugging and not a anti-gay attack).

    Punks and trash better not be ruining Delaware’s beach areas!

  4. Charlie says

    Be interesting to know if he was talking on the phone at the time. In DC they warn people not to sit talk on their smart phones when sitting by the door in Metro. People grab the phones and run out just before the doors close.

  5. Mike in the Tundra says

    My partner and I have visited Rehoboth several times. It’s a wonderful place, and we always felt safe.

  6. says

    I’m also a frequent visitor to Rehoboth, and plan on visiting several times this summer. I was there over the holiday weekend as well, with my partner, his best friend (a woman), and her wife – and we all had an amazing time. Our friends, who had never been before, were amazed at how comfortable they were holding hands in public – something they can’t do in the small town in upstate New York where they live.

    This incident won’t deter me from continuing my pilgramages to the Delaware beaches, but I will be wary about walking by myself in dimly lit parts of town, the same way I would here at home (DC). I hope that Chris is up and at ’em soon.

  7. TonyJ says

    So, why is Delaware so backward when it comes to gay rights? (Didn’t they recently finally get to civil unions? Is that the best they can do?)

  8. Joe in CT says

    Honey, cancel the plans to visit Rehoboth Beach this year. I’d feel safer heading somewhere truly homophobic, like Jamaica, instead. Yeah, right!

  9. Ann says

    I’m sorry this happened to you and I hope you are doing well. Rehoboth is a great town but recently we have had some muggings in the area. It is very unlikely that this was a hate crime. Just because the victim happens to be gay does not mean the crime was commited for that reason! I don’t think these assholes robbing innocent people care who they are taking money from…men or women, straight or gay, black or white, local or tourst. The other muggings, this year and last year, were not all the same. Some are people out alone who make an easy target and it just so happens that in that area it was sometimes men. Others have been female, some Russian students walking at night alone in secluded areas. I am not gay but I love Rehoboth for its diversity. Gay men and women can feel comfortable enough here to be themselves. It is a shame it can’t be that way everywhere. Rehoboth police need to set these guys up and catch them FAST!!