ESPN New York Radio Host Jared Max: ‘I Am Gay’

Jared Max, one of the best-known voices in New York sports radio and current ESPN New York 1050 morning host of 'Maxed Out in the Morning', came out of the closet this morning after talking about the other sports figures who have come out of the closet this week.

Max Said Max (my transcript):

"Are we ready to have our sports information delivered by someone who is gay? Well we are gonna find out. Because for the last 16 years, I've been living a free life among my close friends and family, and I've hidden behind what is a gargantuan sized secret here in the sports world. I am gay. Yeah. Jared Max. The sports guy who is one of the most familiar faces in New York sports isn't quite like the majority. And while you already knew I was a little different, this might help make sense of it. But more so, I’m taking this courageous jump into the unknown having no idea how I will be perceived…"

Listen to the powerful seven and a half minute segment, HERE.

(h/t Outsports)


  1. Ryan says

    Wow! So many coming out stories these past few weeks. Congratulations, Jared! I hope you’re breathing a bit easier with that weight lifted off your shoulders.

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I got chills listening to that, especially when he transitioned from gay athletes to gay sports reporter to himself. Very moving. Was that all extemporaneous? At the end he sounded surprised he had come out.

  3. Bart says

    How can you not love the last couple weeks. People stepping up and being honest. Each time a brick in the wall of homophobia is yanked from the wall of fear and prejudice. God bless you, Jared. How cool are you?

  4. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says

    He seems a mix of the fraternity brother/chief of staff, out of the “fraternity brother” “professional” and the “chief of staff” archetypes.

    The masculine gay man and his archetype can be explained from the book, The Living Room Mysteries.

  5. Brian in Texas says

    This is amazing and brave of him. I’m an ardent listener of sports talk radio and as you can probably guess it is very hetero-centric. Good to see all of this positive gay news in the midst of teen suicides, violence, and anti-gay legislation.

  6. says

    It’s great to see the momentum gather…..all these examples are of courageous and strong minded people…..
    It gives the lie to those who think us weak !

    So f**k you, Rick Santorum !….you stinking hypocrite.

  7. Krh says

    I think it was a great way he went about it. I was familiar with him on 880 WCBS New York. He did say he just started with ESPN radio a couple of weeks ago.

    What better way to start the new job then to come out on the air. And handled beautifully.

  8. PLAINTOM says

    Those hater NY Legislatures are probably starting to get very nervous. There appears to be more good news for equal rights in NY every day. Well known persons coming out, the Independent Party support, Bloomberg, etc.

  9. says

    Good on him.

    I’m going to make a bold prediction. By this time 2012, we’ll have an ‘out’ member of a professional sports team in America. Things are just moving so fast, I can’t help but feel even a *little* optimistic that some guy will have the courage to come out after all of this, or maybe some out-college player will be drafted.

    Well, actually, we already do have out-lesbians in the WNBA. It’s time for guys to catch up.

  10. James says

    If you are interested in promoting LGBT inclusiveness and combating homphobia at all levels of sports and athletics – including school P.E. programs – join us at the “Athlete Ally” Facebook page. Take the Ally Pledge and find out how to get involved.

  11. gregg says

    I just listened to this, put my drafting pencil down, and started to cry. “It’s really happening!”, I said. I don’t listen to sports but something HUGE is happening, the likes of which I kind of gave up on. For a sports figure like this to do this is like removing the cornerstone of an imagined heterosexual citadel. Keep it up everyone!

  12. Rick says

    Congrats Jared…. Yes, it is a good new world. Everyone can walk more freely in being themselves and we will all be, straight, gay, whatever, the richer in life for the truth. I came out at 57 and love my life, freinds, family more than ever. And it all leads you to a place in your heart where you can now really, really be patient, empathetic and graceful toward others. Sincerely, Rick in Pasadena, Ca

  13. pitluver says

    way to go Jared! i hope, through his story, that minds will be changed that not all gay men are lisping, limp wristed, pink-wearing stereotypes that the media makes us out to be. we are an amazing, diverse community that deserves to be recognized! good for him!

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