Governor McDonnell Unmoved by New Poll That Shows Most Virginians Favor Same-Sex Marriage, Gay Adoption


A new Washington Post poll shows Virginians now support allowing gay people to marry and adopt children:

Forty-seven percent of Virginians say gay couples should be allowed to legally wed, and 43 percent are opposed, according to the poll. Fifty-five percent of Virginians say gay couples should be able to legally adopt children.

The results mirror a dramatic and rapid shift in national public opinion about gay rights in recent years. The evolving public opinion could create a challenge in the key political battleground for the commonwealth’s Republicans, who are almost universally opposed to gay marriage, if voters think the GOP is falling out of sync with the electorate.

Anti-gay Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell doesn't want to hear about it:

“The people of Virginia have spoken by a margin of 57-43. They’ve already enshrined in the Virginia Constitution that gay marriage is not permitted, so unless there is another effort to change the Constitution, that matter is settled. That is the law of the land and, look, reasonable people can disagree on these things. That’s what the law is now. That’s something that I support. That was the right decision.”


  1. dms says

    caution about these polls.

    CA polls showed prop 8 easily going down to defeat and then, well, we all know what happened. I am sure pollsters can explain the discrepancy, but while it is encouraging to see these polls, I wouldn’t put much faith in them reflecting reality.

  2. Greg says

    That poll does not show that most Virginians support same-sex marriage. It shows that more Virginians support it than oppose it. For “most”, it needs to be >50%.

  3. Patric says

    We should always note, when speaking of McDonnell, that the Log Cabin Republican Club of Virginia, Chris Barron, Jimmy LaSalvia and other self-loathing quislings signed a letter just a week before his election in 2009 dismissing his very troubling history of homophobia and sexism, endorsing him as somone who would be “a Governor with whom the GLBT community can work in seeking to pass laws that will provide assurance that his commitment to nondiscrimination will last beyond his administration” and expressing “optimism that McDonnell would offer GLBT people . . . the opportunity to work with him to enact laws that will secure for GLBT people the equal rights he has said everybody in Virginia has the right to expect.”

    I guess that’s sort of working out for them the same way which Linda Lingle or Chris Christie or Charles Djou, etc., etc. did and, frankly, I’m sure they have not the slightest second thought about their endorsement.

  4. Mark says

    Governor unmoved? I’m truly shocked! (that was sarcasm for the linguistically challenged readers).

    I could bet my life savings the governor and his ilk would be unmoved even if the polls showed 90% support for gay marriage. What exactly were you expecting from a hardcore conservative whose hatred of gays has been hardened through decades? Maybe someone can help me out here cause I just don’t understand you people: Which part of “republicans hate gays” is not clear for you?

  5. BobN says

    “I am sure pollsters can explain the discrepancy, but while it is encouraging to see these polls, I wouldn’t put much faith in them reflecting reality.”

    The explanation is simple. Polls reach a wider range of people than those who show up and vote. Polls often reflect reality better than vote tallies, because so many Americans fail to vote.

  6. Rin says

    I know of at least half a dozen of my gay friends who did NOT vote in that referendum. I was pretty ticked considering that I not only voted, but walked all around talking to people about why it was mean to write something like that into the SC.

    I’m still pretty bitter about the whole thing.

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