1. TampaZeke says

    The host asks “Why are we still using this word to mean “stupid” when you would get in trouble if you said it in front of a teacher?”

    REALLY? Do you really believe that? Kids say “gay” to mean “stupid” in front of teachers THOUSANDS of times a day EVERY day and teachers do NOTHING!

    Then the other host says “homosexuals”, while asking why people are so ignorant about words and how they hurt.

    And I think Grant, who I LOVE, is being way too kind when he says that he doesn’t hear anti-gay trash talk in the NBA. Come on Grant, don’t make me proud and then insult my intelligence all in the same sentence.

  2. Michael says

    @Tampazeke : He probably doesnt hear anything like that Grant seems like the kind of person who gravitates towards positivity loving people .Therefore he probably doesnt spend much time with those who are hateful or vile. He has a positive compassionate personality I highly doubt he would hang around people of a low caliber who discriminate against others. Thats just my take on it.

    The man is gorgeous and has a heart of gold.

  3. says

    Once again when us African Americans stand against Homophobia…..

    Only 2 comments and on the Donte Stallworth post. Oscar in Miami is complaining about a drunk driving incident saying he got a light sentence because he’s Black and rich??? What does that have to do with his support of this community?

    If this was the other way around with an African American being homophobic these comments would be down the pike saying tnis and that. Once again this community really needs to confront the elephant in the room!

    Our community has some serious issues within!

  4. dh says

    @CHRIS DACHOCOLATEBEARCUB — Okay, Chris, you have a point. All these unexpected allies stepping forward. I’m really taken aback by all of it. It’s making me re-examine my assumptions about race, sports, and machismo.